A Value For Money Essay

The original construct of Do n’t Ask The Price – It ‘s a Penny was a mark put up by Michael Marks who was the laminitis of the concern and he was a Judaic immigrant and had his concern set up first in Leeds as a market stall and the chief job that he faced was the English linguistic communication. But shortly Michael Marks changed that disadvantage towards his success by presenting Do n’t Ask The Price – It ‘s a Penny construct where he provided the widest scope and best quality merchandises that he could happen for his clients.

Though the construct was originally created to over come the linguistic communication barrier which was a hinderance for concern but I turned out to be a retailing mantra whose strength grew from the first clip it was introduced. It non merely provided a solution to the linguistic communication job but besides attracted and captured client imaginativeness which made it a popular construct.

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When looking at the construct in todays universe it gives us a new thought it worked admirations at those clip as it was the first construct of its sort which captured peoples imaginativeness as it was new and costumer cognition on merchandises as a whole was non every bit in-depth as it is today. The figure of manufacturers for a peculiar merchandise have become so many that one general construct like that of Michael Marks will non work good and in todays market the monetary value of a merchandise besides determines the value so conveying down the monetary value of many merchandises could backlash and in todays competitory market communicating plays a critical function therefore by detering by non inquiring the monetary value could supply to be unfriendly.

VALUE FOR MONEY is a planetary construct that is supplying costumiers with the best value for their money. Marks and Spencer provides this installation for their costumiers in many different methods. Recognition cards are provided which provide really low involvement on money borrowed through the card. Charge cards are besides provided which makes shopping with Marks and Spencer more easy and much more rewarding by supplying ternary points on the card when used for purchase. Marks and Spencer besides provide travel insurance and loans at low rate of involvement. Marks and Spencer allow their clients to buy stocks and portions so they can bask the returns provided and let them to be a portion of Marks and Spencer.


Marks and Spencer have a assortment of identifiable strategic resources which have proved to be really utile in run intoing of import client success factors therefore maintaining the clients happy and besides by supplying profitable long term returns for stockholders. These strategic resources are

Physical resources:

The broad scope of goods provided for clients under one roof which is a great value for money and coupled with this the presence of their ain trade name merchandises which besides provides the encouragement necessary. The mentality of the shop besides plays a really of import function in pulling the clients and there should be clean and clear shows of merchandises in the shop which would make an easy ambiance for the clients.

Intangible resources:

The image that Marks and Spencer portrays to its clients should be maintained at all cost this image is seen globally by all clients. The cognition that the staffs impart is besides really of import as they have to be accurate and be several towards clients will desire to return. Vast client cognition and committedness service are besides really of import constructs that form one of the most critical links that keeps up the client influx into the organisation.


The construct of expertness on procedure is viewed really closely as it is performed at regular intervals for illustration changing or taking expired nutrient merchandises. This besides includes the smooth direction of supply concatenation which makes sure there is ever the right sum of stock and there is smooth running of the organisation.

Strategic Vision:

This is the planing of the organisation harmonizing to the resources the proper allotment and finding of these will take to the smooth operation of the organisation and strategic vision looks at what and whom to be green goodss and how to boom on what is being produced. This construct is really of import as it looks at the cardinal characteristics of the organisation.

Marks and Spencer is a good known retail trade name which is one of the largest retail organisation in the whole of UK. It portrays a clear image and manner which is the organisations repute. It is governed by protective corporate rules which makes it a tightly knit organisation.


SWOT analysis

Strength: M & A ; S non merely provides what a retail merchant usually provides but besides a batch of other installations for their clients like recognition cards and charge cards which give the clients a batch of advantages and besides other facets like publishing stocks and portions which can be bought by the clients.

Failing: M & A ; S for the past few old ages has seen the CEO of the company being switched to many different people this when viewed from outside the organisation proves to be a mark of failing

Opportunity: M & A ; S have provided chances for people both inside and outside the organisation they have provided their employees with different functions such as caput functions, administrative functions. Opportunities for their clients are given by supplying stocks and portions which can be bought by them.

Menace: M & A ; S have had menaces all through the clip of its being the most common menace is from the inordinate competition for resources and clients this menaces can besides posed by utility goods.

PESTEL analysis

POLITICAL – Political factors have ever had an influence on all organisations but after the free trade understandings and the euro integrating the markets have opened for British organisation to convey in the capital to eastern Europe for illustration Tesco is supposed to hold around 60 hyper-stores in Hungary.

ECONOMIC – Economic rates are most likely to fluctuate particularly as economic systems around the universe are still retrieving from the blow that started a few old ages ago. Retail industry was besides to a great extent dented by the economic faux pas ups but one time once more the industry is coming back.

SOCIAL – This sort of alteration trades with client gustatory sensation and penchants and this holds both menaces and chances as alteration in gustatory sensation could give the chance that the peculiar merchandise.

TECHNICAL – Technology has ever made minutess better and faster for illustration sale of apparels over the cyberspace is a really large and successful market and engineering has ever made minutess easier.

LEGAL – All retails and organisation have to be approved by the wellness and safety and in instance of retail all resources that are used for production should go through all legal trials.

ENVIRONMENTAL – The natural stuffs used in production should non harm the environment and besides natural stuffs from farm animal should be treated with legal attention as if non looked after so it will turn into a menace.


A. M & A ; S ‘s direction scheme involved variegation of broad assortment of merchandise ranges along with all the other merchandises maintained M & A ; S ‘s ain trade name St Michael was seeking to be used expeditiously. Almost all merchandises carried the M & A ; S symbol or their trade name St Michael but at the beginning of the millenary the company wanted to stand for the trade name name in

a more outstanding manner and this was clip from which the name of their ain trade name St Michael was easy being dropped off. One of the most efficient work done by M & A ; S

was they started to introduce at the same clip upgrading and adding value to the merchandises at manus. M & A ; S ‘s other alterations where when they found already established shopping edifices excessively little they made the necessary alterations and they created infinites in edifices by traveling out stock rooms to do them bigger and reassign the stock to wear-houses outside the metropolis.

The strategic alterations mentioned in the instance that made this growing scheme possible are

CONSTANCE IMPROVEMENT IN DISPLAYS To do the merchandises more user friendly and to increase the figure of merchandises in shop the construct of “ gross revenues per square pess ” was introduced and was successful.

ELECTRONIC POINT OF SALE ( EPOS ) . Information engineering was used to lift degrees of productiveness and the usage of IT in manner section worked admirations as their staff wage was merely a portion of their turnover and this caused them to gain better net incomes than their rivals.

THE DEVELOPMENT OF SUPPORT FINANCIAL SERVICES, Puting up unit trusts and M & A ; S where responsible for making the 3rd most popular recognition card in the UK which was their charge card and the concern was sold subsequently.

INTERNATIONAL GROWTH in many states around the universe is turning at a medium stage and there were errors made during this procedure gross revenues have non been making where the were suppose to. M & A ; S tried and failed to sell the ace market concatenation the male monarchs it owns in America.

menaces from possible entrants Porter explains that 5 force jointly affects the concern and menaces from possible entrants is the primary onslaught on any established concern and the factors that makes it the first of porter is the possible entry of high capital being brought into the concern and the client assurance on the possible entrant are the deathly brace that can interrupt an constituted concern.

menaces from replacements this is another most likely of the menaces as for illustration if M & A ; S produce branded nutrient merchandises that could be sold by other retail merchants.

dickering power of providers this sort of menace is low at the market as there will be other providers in the market who will be willing to sell a T the monetary value which was dropped. M & A ; S in peculiar do non do contractual understandings with their providers but act harmonizing to common understanding which could do serious jobs.

dickering power of purchasers this type of menace is where M & A ; S or any other organisation in the nutrient retailing industry is the strong one as there are many alternate providers this is the ground for such a aggressive monetary value rate.

competition force this exist where there is entry of a concern. Rivalry is when all the other 4 forces start their several effects on the concern. when there is a menace of permutation and the effort to command the market by purchasers and providers the above could be said as the ground for competition normally being in the center of the diagram.


A. The factors that caused Marks and Spencer to skid down in gross revenues are

‘Taken its oculus off ‘ this became a job when M & A ; S did non concentrate on the field it had to this was one the of import causes for the diminution of M & A ; S. M & A ; S ‘s attitude changed which made them over reliant on their ain image which in bend lost its clients.

Become excessively reliant on providers this can be tracked back from the start of the organisation as their slogan was non to hold a contractual understanding but a common one which did non work really good and as M & A ; S became excessively reliant with providers particularly UK based this lost the competitory pricing scheme which in bend drove down the figure of client.

Allowed borders to increase bit by bit, this was what drove M & A ; S to travel against what it stood for, at the clip of its beginning the mark next to the goods read Do n’t Ask The Price – It ‘s a Penny this was what M & A ; S was all about but after 1990 ‘s after the borders increased destroyed the long kept money image of M & A ; S.

Lost some of the manner component this was an issue when the mean age for apparels from M & A ; S was well high which made it clear that even the vesture line was skiding down in gross revenues which finally dented M & A ; S ‘s net income.

My grounds for the diminution are from the beginning of the organisation the non contractual trades with the providers could hold been avoided which would hold brought the contacts to paper which would hold been much better to pull off.

My following point is that the manus over of the organisation to a non household member for the first clip should hold been pushed back to after two old ages i personally think that would hold stopped the M & A ; S ‘s 1990 ‘s diminution.


As the new director I would wish to propose the undermentioned two strategic attacks are

Ansoff ‘s Growth matrix and Balance Scorecard

Ansoff ‘s Growth matrix consist of four constructs they are

Market incursion

This type of scheme dressed ores on the concern selling the goods at manus into the bing market by the usage of this scheme we can increase the already bing market and do certain the merchandise has got a good clasp on the market. This type of scheme can besides reconstitute a mature market by driving the competition off the market. The same can be used to increase the use of bing clients by presenting trueness strategies.

Market development

The above is when the concern decides to sell the bing merchandises into a new market.

Exporting bing goods to new states to seek out their market and this scheme can besides be put to utilize when seeking to travel through new distribution channels.

Merchandise development

This scheme is when new merchandises are introduced into the bing market. This construct helps in developing the merchandise even better for a better clasp for it to take on the beginning phase of the merchandises life


In this type of construct a new merchandise is introduced into a new market topographic point. This construct is considered hazardous as the concern lacks experience in both the market topographic point and every bit good as the merchandise life rhythm.

Balance Scorecard

Balance scorecard is a direction planing and strategic system to supervise the public presentation and ends of the organisation. Balance scorecard has changed from its early life as a simple public presentation measuring system to a to the full working strategic planning system. It is customizable system which can be suited to any type of concern and as it is tuned to follow a peculiar system therefore supplying us with accurate consequences.


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