A winter storm Essay

Pavel Ryabichev Professor Price English 55 sep-16-2013 A Winter Storm There are days of happiness, and there are days of sorrow. The day I witnessed my first winter storm, was a day to remember. It was a cold, unforgiving winter in eastern Europe on my grandparents’ farm, where I spent most of my time. But this winter was not like any other I’ve ever experienced. Waking up that morning I was anxious to get outside and play with the snow, make snow angels, and start snowball fghts with my granddad.

As the little me was getting dressed and excited to get outside, my granddad spoke . He told me that there wasn’t a chance of me ever getting out that door within the next three hours. Dumbfounded, I looked at him and said “watch me! “, he laughed and watched me race to the door. Being the scrawny little 65 pound boy that I was, it took me all morning, and into the afternoon to dig my way through the snow barricaded doors. It snowed so much that night that our windows on the first floor were covered almost to the very top.

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A winter storm Essay
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The only way for anyone to get from the house to the barn is to create snow tunnels, and half crawl beneath the snow. Or at least that is what I imagined myself doing. The snow was ay to powdery to dig tunnels, but we still had to dig pathways to get around. One night I woke up shaken by my granddad, telling me we need to get up, get dressed, and get ready for a night I’ll never forget. He always loved the crazy, and deadly weathers of mother nature. I knew this because he had this grid on his face, it lit him up.

He nearly leaped for Joy. We rushed outside, I took one step outside and the next thing I knew I was face down in the snow, ten feet from where I originally was standing. The winds were so strong you could see the tractor tilt onto two wheels. It was a Joyous and wonderful moment I shared with my granddad. After I helped him close all gates shut, he told me to go get the dog. Out of my love for animals I quickly rushed to go get my dog. As I reached into the dog house, the dog started biting me.

It was being very over protective of something. It was later after a 15 minute struggle, is when I noticed that there were little puppies in there with her that she was keeping warm. Shortly after I saw one of them not moving, I screamed as loud as a little boy can scream to my granddad to quickly get them inside. It was a on and off battle all night for the little guys’ life. Finally after a rough and unforgiving ight my body caved and drifted to a deep sleep of sorrow, there was no way he was going to live.

As the morning sun made its way through the window and into my eyes, I woke up to a small little squealing sound next to my ear. Turns out the little puppy that was practically left for dead, also fell asleep in my arms with me. He found warmth and survived, Just like the rest of them. That winter was really a time to remember, it was the first time as a young boy that I was given the unfortunate gift of experiencing happiness and sorrow all in a matter of hours. Or so I thought. A winter storm By PaulywAgJrLucki


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