Abe Consumer Finance India Essay

Case Summary

This instance discusses about an issue that have a possible to alter the clients ‘ perceptual experience of a company, which is extremely regarded for continuously introducing and valuing its clients.

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Abe Consumer Finance India Essay
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ABE Consumer Finance India

On 20th May 2005, it was yet another busy forenoon for Mr. Kumar, doing calls and converting his clients to purchase the personal loan which his company sells. Kumar is a merchandise selling executive of the ABE Consumer Finance India. His work starts 10 in the forenoon and can widen even up to 8 in the dark. Kumar ‘s occupation involves working under utmost force per unit area. He sells personal loans for the bing clients of the company. He makes telephone calls to his clients to inform them about the inside informations of the loan that has been offered by his company. He ne’er misses a opportunity to sell at the slightest purpose of the client ‘s involvement in the merchandise since the day-to-day mark fixed by his director ranges someplace between 1 hundred thousands and 1.5 hundred thousand rupees.


ABE GLOBAL INCORPORATION was founded by a affluent American man of affairs Mr. Jamie Fox during 1950s in America. Initially, the company manufactured electrical goods. During 1960s, it diversified into fabricating electronic family consumer durable goodss. Subsequently, the company flourished during the undermentioned old ages. It was regarded as one of the esteemed establishments in America. Soon ABE GLOBAL INC., amassed immense net incomes under the able leading of Mr. Jamie Fox. ABE GLOBAL INC., found new growing chances in foreign lands excessively. So it started its operations in the European, Asian, and Australian states and soon its operations spreads around 80 states. ABE GLOBAL INC., has shown a net income after revenue enhancement of $ 8 billion registering a compounded one-year growing rate of over 40 % for the past 10 old ages. ( See EXIHIBIT 1 for the state wise dissolution of net income ).

Keeping its doctrine of fulfilling the family demands of the general populace, ABE came out with an advanced thought of financing its merchandises. To accomplish this, ABE floated a particular subordinate called ABE CONSUMER FINANCE LTD. This has led more and more people belonging to the center and lower income group purchasing ABE GLOBAL ‘s merchandises. This has helped ABE to a greater extent in keeping the growing rate and thereby making out to the local multitudes in different states.

The tradition of changeless invention and bringing of values to the clients was maintained by all the CEOs who followed Mr. Fox for the past 57 old ages. Soon, ABE GLOBAL is headed by Mr. Alex Mathews. Mr. Mathews took over the reigns of the company in 2005. Mr. Mathews is one of youngest Chief executive officer and has received the BEST CEO AWARD for the twelvemonth 2006.


ABE Consumer Finance India Ltd., is the entirely owned subordinate of ABE GLOBAL INCORPORATION in the Indian subcontinent. It sells loan merchandises aiming the in-between income group to fulfill their purchasing demands of family consumer durable goodss. It found the way to the Indian market when the inundation Gatess were opened station globalisation. It is about 10 old ages now since ABE started its operations and still finds the Indian market really moneymaking. The Indian arm shows an one-year gross of over two billion dollars which is over 20 % of its planetary gross revenues ( See EXHIBIT 2 for Indian gross revenues figure ).

Soon, the Indian operation is headed by Mr. Henry Smith. Smith is an Master in business from Harvard University. Smith is a extremely ambitious individual. He is immature, energetic, and an active CEO whom ABE has of all time found in its history. He personally designs all the new and advanced fiscal strategies for ABE. Keeping with the high outlooks of his employer, Smith has brought out a new fiscal merchandise for the market. At this clip, he is aiming the bing clients of his company.


Smith ‘s new merchandise is entirely based on the trust the company has on its bing clients. It chiefly takes into history the good payment records for the loans which they had antecedently availed. Based on the hazard rate, the company fixes the involvement rate for the merchandise. The involvement rate ranges from 1.25 per centum to 2.33 per centum on a monthly footing. The loan has a fixed tenor which means one time a loan has been availed, it should be paid back in fixed equated monthly installments ( EMI ). The tenor period normally ranges from a lower limit of 12 months to a upper limit of 36 months. The repayment period is normally decided when the client avails the loan and it adds more flexibleness in footings of refund. The EMI has an insurance constituent and the loan has one clip treating charge attached to it which means the client has to bear the costs of insurance and treating charge. The insurance sum is paid with the EMI whereas the procedure charge of 3.5 per centum for availing the loan is deducted from the existent loan sum. ( See EXIHIBIT 3 for a theoretical account of loan inside informations chart )


Smith has designed an sole ad run to pull the clients. With the aid of the company ‘s database about its clients, the job of making the clients has been eased. The company forwards a personal Mailer to each and every client informing them about the loan. The work does n’t halt at that place. The company employs sole selling forces to sell the loan. A typical selling executive would do telephone calls to the clients reminding them about the Mailer and giving farther information about the loan. Thereby, ABE keeps itself in changeless touch with the clients. This proves to be an efficient scheme for ABE which is apparent from the gross revenues figures for the twelvemonth 2006.

Once the client evinces involvement in the merchandise, he is asked to see the ABE office. At ABE office, the client is verified for genuineness and asked to finish a set of formalities. Once he is cleared for blessing, the loan is sanctioned to him in two yearss clip. This is one of the nucleus competency of ABE wherein the acquisition of a client is done in a affair of yearss.


Today, Mr. Kumar, our selling executive, is confronting a tight corner state of affairs which he has ne’er experienced. A client, who has completed all the formalities for acquiring a loan like subjecting the checks, necessary cogent evidence and securities, is unwilling to accept the loan sanctioned to him. Kumar is really disquieted sing the attempt he put in to convert him. The bone of contention is that the client is non satisfied about paying a treating charge of 3.5 per centum for the loan sum.

Kumar has tried his degree best in seeking to convert his client but all in vain. The client was really peculiar that he was unaware of the high processing charge. When Kumar brought this information to the notice of his director, he was called in for a reappraisal of the state of affairs to happen out what went incorrect. Together they found out that while briefing about the inside informations of the loan to the client, Kumar did non give much importance to the processing charge. As a consequence, the client was kept in dark about the treating charge rate and the costs associated with it.

At the beginning, Kumar and his director were worried about whether they would able to retain the client, the deductions of this peculiar incident on the company, and the image of the company. Furthermore, both the parties stand to lose their valuable clip and the cost spent in the whole procedure.

Learning Aims

To discourse about the importance of moralss, transparence and fairness in concern communicating

To understand how the unity of the sales representative / selling executive affects the client ‘s perceptual experience of a trade name or a company

Target audience – Post Graduate pupils of Business Administration

Course focus – Business Communication / Consumer Behavior / Corporate

Social Responsibility

Case continuance – 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours

This instance was developed based on the theoretical account given in the appendix.

Exhibit 1

Country-wise dissolution of grosss and net income for the twelvemonth 2006 ( dollars in 1000000s )



Net incomes before revenue enhancement

Net income after revenue enhancement

United states




United kingdom
















Exhibit 2

Region wise dissolution of gross revenues in India for the twelvemonth 2006 ( Rs in 1000000s )




Net incomes before revenue enhancement


Net income after revenue enhancement


Northern India & A ; Capital




Eastern India




Central India & A ; Deccan




Southern India








Exhibit 3

A typical loan inside informations chart

Customer name

Loan sum


Interest rate

per month


( months )



Loan sanctioned *


Random-access memory


1.25 %






1.88 %






2.33 %




*Loan sanctioned= loan sum – processing charge @ 3.5 % of the loan sum


The writer ( s ) certify that this instance has non been published or under consideration for publication elsewhere.

*K. Sri Gayathridevi, Sr. Lecturer, PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore, India.

electronic mail: gayathri.kandavelu @ gmail.com

I am presently a module member at one of the top B-Schools in Tamilnadu State in India. I ‘ve been in the instruction field for the past 12 old ages. I have published many articles, 4 instances and research documents in magazines, intelligence documents and National and International Journals. Besides I have presented instances and research articles in National and international conferences within and outside the state. I have conducted about 50 preparation plans for pupils, instructors and corporate on Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Leadership Skills, Team Building, Interpersonal Communication, Telephone Etiquettes, E-mail Ettiquettes and Written Communication. I have attended 4 months intensive Faculty Development Program at IIM-Ahmedabad, the figure one B-School in India and several other plans in taking Business Schools in India. My countries of involvement and research are Business Communication and Managerial communicating. Presently making my doctorial research on the subject ‘Kinesics Pattern Study of Gross saless Personnel in Retail Clothing Sector ‘.

*Dr. D. Sudharani Ravindran, Prof and Head, Marketing, PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore, India.

electronic mail: sudhas100 @ yahoo.co.uk

Professor and Head for Marketing ; I started my calling as a Consultant and after more than a decennary of experience shifted to faculty members. I obtained my doctorial grade in Management from Bharathiar University in 1998. I have an experience of 10 old ages in instruction and 7 old ages in research. My countries of involvement include Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Marketing. I have besides conducted Management Development Programs in those countries for company executives. I was the Secretary of ( PSGMAA ) PSG Management Alumni Association from 2003-06. I am steering Ph.D. Scholars in the countries of Marketing and Supply Chain Management. I was the accountant of Exams of PSGIM from 2002 to 05. I was awarded an AICTE undertaking on Community engagement in ‘Water Supply Management and Revival and Sustainability of Water Resources in Tamilnadu ‘. I was besides the Coordinator for AIMA, PGDM class from 2007- 10.

**KP Naachimuthu, Lecturer, PSG Institute of Management, Coimbatore, India.

electronic mail: kpnaachimuthu @ gmail.com

Mr. K.P. Naachimuthu was antecedently associated with Centre for Organization Development ( COD ), Hyderabad as a Research Fellow ; Sona College of Technology, Salem, TamilNadu as a Lecturer ; Indian School of Business, Hyderabad as Research Assistant. He has over 30 publications to his recognition in reputed National Journals and Newsletter. He has compiled / authored and co-authored 4 books. He has constructed, standardized and published two psychological trials. He has besides presented several documents in National and International conferences / seminars in India. He besides has coordinated national degree seminar & A ; conference. Other than his regular instruction at Sona he besides handled categories for MBA Distance Learning Programme of Anna University ( Chennai & A ; Coimbatore ) and Periyar University.

He is a resource individual for managing Sessionss on Premarital Counseling jointly organized by Central Social Welfare Board, New Delhi & A ; YMCA, Tiruppur. He was a Resource individual for the donees of Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana ( PMRY ) developing organized by Community Polytechnic, Salem. He has been bestowed with a Gold Medal from Institute of Education, Research and Development ( Kolkata ) for his research and publications enterprises in Management subject ; and Dr. Ram Gopal Soni award of Best writer from Indian Psychometric and Educational Research Association ( Patna ). He is a laminitis member of the quarterly diary Global Management Review, Sona Journal of Marketing Research, and Editor for Sona e-Mag ( monthly electronic Magazine ).


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