Aboriginal Resistance Essay

Aboriginal Resistance BY soulktngl 23 Puthiyaveetil, Sreerag Maximum hatred can be caused from an insignificant reason, and racism is one of the main reasons that plays a role in the distrust between people. The Aboriginals and the governments around the world have been constantly fighting for many centuries and they are still fighting today. Moreover, the Aboriginals created resistances which consist of Aboriginal tribes protesting to get their freedom in their respective countries. Unfortunately, the governments would not give them their freedom, which caused a lot of riots, deaths, and caused the governments to lose a ot of money.

In Canada, there were many Aboriginal tribes such as the Metis, the Mohawks, and many others that were reduced in numbers because of the government. Before, if one were to walk outside, they would see many Aboriginals, but now Aboriginals are barely seen. This proves how cruelly the governments have been acting towards these people. The dishonesty of the Government of Canada in dealing with Native land claims, and the racism inflicted upon the Native people, can be recognised in the Oka Crisis, the Ipperwash Crisis, and the North-West Rebellion.

Equality is the state of being equal especially in status, rights, and opportunities, which is one of the most important rules in running a country, but in Canada, the Oka Crisis portrays the Government of Canada’s racist and dishonest behavior towards the Aboriginals. On Julyl 1, 1990, the town of Oka, Quebec, wanted to expand their golf course by taking down a cemetery owned by an Aboriginal tribe called the Mohawks. The Mohawks protested peacefully by barricading themselves in the golf course. However, it turned into a riot with the Quebec’s Police Force (SQ), and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.

C. M. P) charging in. There were a lot of casualties, including the death ofa police officer named Marcel Lernay. This riot ended in September 26, 1990, with a victory for the Mohawks. In 1986, part of the Mohawks land was taken away by the people of Oka by a private bill and turned it into a golf course. (“Oka Crisis,” 1989) This proof suggests that even before the Oka Crisis, the government took more from the Aboriginal’s land. This shows the distrust between the Mohawks and the government, and it also shows how the government takes uthority of someone’s land and never intended to give it back.

In addition, Massari (1990) states that there were racial conflicts between the R. C. M. P and the Mohawk warriors. Massari is asserting that even during the chaos, the government is racist and created more conflicts. The government should not be fighting against the Mohawks because it cost the government $180 million for reparations, as well as the death of a police officer. This could have been prevented if the government agreed not to expand the golf course right at the beginning.

The dishonesty and racist character of the Government of Canada, caused an unnecessary riot at Oka and for the same reasons, the Government of Canada also caused conflicts between the Stoney Point Natives tthroughout the Ipperwash Crisis. During the Ipperwash Crisis, the Government of Canada were racist and dishonest to the Native people. In September 1995, a group of Aboriginals called the Stoney Point Natives were protestlng to protect tnelr lana wnlcn was a Durlal ground, D Government 0T Canada wanted to use it for a military camp, so they forcefully took their land.

Later on, the Stoney Point Natives protested for their land claim, but the government rejected it which caused a riot and resulted with the death of Dudley George, leader of Stoney Point Natives, and an inquiry to be summoned. According to Mike Harris, the premier of Ontario, he said “l want the fucking Indians out of the park. ” (“Ipperwash Inquiry,” 2007) This quote refers to when the inquiry was summoned for the government to pay for Dudleys death, and from his quote, the word “Indians” is racist to the Stoney Point Natives.

Mike Harris swore in front of any citizens at Ipperwash and to the Stoney Point Natives. This is not how a premier is supposed to act towards his citizen. In addition, the Government of Canada said that they were going to give back the land after the war ended, but it was withdrawn. (“Ipperwash Inquiry,” 2007) This evidence suggests that under the War Measures Act 1912, they could take land and use it for war, and it is to be returned after a war, but in this case it was not.

To promise to return a land, but then later decide not to give it back is unfair, which created a huge riot and cost the overnment between $150 OOO- $400 000. This could have been averted if the government returned the land to the Stoney Point Natives. Therefore, when dealing with Native land claims and treating the Stoney Point Natives, the Government of Canada is Just dishonest and racist, which is ssimilar to how they treated the Metis of the Red River Settlement.

Although Canada is supposed to be a multicultural country, the North-West Rebellion depicts the Canadian Government to be dishonest and racist in the early formation of the century. The Canadian Government have een taking land illegally from Rupert’s land which was owned under an Aboriginal tribe called the Metis. Due to the fact that the Metis had no power over the government, a man named Louis Riel, who is also a Metis, came to charge and went against the government.

He created his own government, a Red River Resistance which consists of Metis and other tribe members such as Big Bear, and led them to a rebellion against the government’s betrayal. According to Louis Riel, “Scott wasn’t the sort of man who cultured civil relationship, so he screams racial insults to the uards. ” (Asfar & Chodan, 2011, pg. 57) This quote implies to when Louis Riel created his own Provisional government, there were people who opposed to it and one of them was Thomas Scott, so Louis Riel sent him to Jail.

Unfortunately he was executed due to his racist behavior towards the guards. In addition, in 1980, Daves states that even though the Canadian Government passed the Manitoba Act, which was to keep their land and customs, the government lied and built a railway through their land. The evidence suggests that after Riel made his own government, and ade negotiations with the government to pass the Manitoba Act, but soon after Riel was exiled for executing Thomas Scott, the government betrayed their trust and built a railway.

The way how Scott is racist to the Metis and the Canadian Government is dishonest to the Metis, proves how the government should not be involved or fighting since it caused a rebellion which endangered many lives all because the Metis Just wanted to protect their land and cultural beliefs. This could have been evaded if the government cooperated and negotiated properly to the Metis and came to a decision here everyone is treated equally. As a result, Louis Riel lost the rebellion, was nangea ana tne government Is s Ill t Olsnonest ana raclst to tne Metis.

I ne Oka Crlsls, the Ipperwash Crisis, and the North-West Rebellion demonstrate the dishonesty and the racism of the Canadian Government in settling the land claims with the Natives. During those three major events, the Canadian Government took Native land without their permission and decided not to give it back. This caused tremendous problems such as creating barricades (making a battlefield), a rebellion, and a peaceful protest one amok, which caused the government to lose a lot of money for reparations.

This could have all been avoided if only the Canadian Government would treat them with respect as they would for regular citizens and allow the Aboriginals to follow their customs including as to giving back their land. Unfortunately, to make it even worse, the government introduced the Indian Act, which the word “Indian” is already racist. Even though Canada might seem to be peaceful and multicultural on the outside, in the inside, Canada is racist and dishonest when dealing with the Native people.

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