Abortion Controversy: Pro-Choice persuasion Essay

A word that everyone has heard and said at one time or another. It Is debated all over America, from two distinguished sides, from two different viewpoints, from two delved opinions. Pro-choice or pro-life? That Is a decision for every woman to decide for herself. Women deserve the right of self-determination. They ought to be able to choose what is best for themselves and their future. A life-changing decision is often the result of a woman and an unexpected pregnancy. Imagine not being able to choose what is right. What is right in the eyes f the government is not always right for the woman.

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Abortion Controversy: Pro-Choice persuasion Essay
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Women would be told they must give birth to the baby. It is true that everyone makes mistakes, and a woman should not be forced to endure anything that will drastically change the rest of her life. Depending upon the situation as well as the people at risk, the woman should be able to decide on her own what would be best for her future. Picture this: a fourteen-year-old girl Is abducted and raped. After vaulting a doctor, they Inform her that she Is pregnant. This girl Is only fourteen years old. She Is put onto a situation that was definitely not her fault, but will become her burden.

The young girl would have to care for that baby her entire life. Of course, if she were able to receive an abortion, there would be much less pain involved. Rape victims, as well as women who find themselves unable or unfit to raise a child, should have the right to an abortion. Even if abortion became illegal, they would still happen. Secretive, illegal, so-called “back-alley” abortions are extremely unsafe. Thousands of women have died due to Illegal abortions. They are both unsanitary and threatening to a woman’s health.


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