About Canadain Shopping Centers Geography Essay

Shopping centres are a twentieth century version of the market place. Composed of one or two edifices that house independent retail shops and services, shopping centres in Canada have undergone major alterations since the 1960‘s. They were ab initio developed utilizing the consequent development scheme, where shopping centres were built after lodging stocks. However, the 1960 ‘s saw the thought of coincident development being more widely accepted. At this point section shops emerged and acted as ground tackle renters in most shopping centres. Towards the 1970‘s these sort of shopping Centres were located in ‘greenfield ‘ zones- comparatively inexpensive land at the intersection of two major freewaies. Referred to as ‘Catalytic ‘ shopping centres, their purpose was to excite growing and development around the part.

The 1980 ‘s and 1990 ‘s saw major alterations in Canada ‘s retail construction. Shoping Centres began to emerge as both retailing and recreational installations. Schemes like enlargement, redevelopment, re-tenanting, remixing and infilling were pursued by developers and were combined to better bing installations in the Centres. However, the success and growing of power and smart Centres like Wal-Mart was followed by a arrest in shopping Centre development. In fact, the gap of Vaughn Mills Shopping Centre in 2004 marked the first major promenade being built in Canada since 1989.

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About Canadain Shopping Centers Geography Essay
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Market Focus of Cloverdale Mall

A survey of the maps and an observation of Cloverdale Mall around 5pm on a Friday gives us an feeling that the market focal point of the shopping Centre are senior citizens and people who a have comparatively moderate degree of income or upper in-between category. The mean brooding values of the environing land country are dominated by lands which are worth less than $ 525,000 which besides indicates the type of market the shopping Centre is aiming. From the maps we see that most people in that country have an mean household income of less than $ 120,000. This suggests that people in the country would prefer traveling to promenades which are low-cost and sensible.

Cloverdale Mall is regarded as a community shopping Centre. Zellers, Winners, Kitchen Stuff plus, Home Hardware and Metro are the 5 chief ground tackle shops of the promenade. These ground tackle shops play an indispensable function in bring forthing gross revenues for other shops in the promenade. Cloverdale Mall is one of the oldest enclosed shopping countries in the west terminal and it is located at the corner of Highway 427 and Dundas which makes the mall extremely accessible. Transit besides improves handiness of the promenade. The promenade was built on a brown field land as can be seen on the map – it is surrounded by Resource and Industrial countries every bit good as residential countries.

The promenade does non hold an appealing atmosphere. Its interior and shops looked dull and worn-out. This sort of design and layout will non pull the young person but are preferred by the senior coevals. The promenade ‘s consecutive tracts suggest it is an old promenade. Newer and elegant promenades presents have curved tracts which enable clients to shop through every shop and pass more clip traveling till the terminal of the promenade. The usage of floor infinite is non wise as a batch of shops were cramped up. The promenade had a batch of bingo Centres which are chiefly demanded by aged people. There are a assortment of shops but due to the big figure of aged people sing the promenade it is non a surprise that there are many wellness service Centres. Scotiabank is the lone bank nowadays as it is more attractive for senior citizens in the economic system. It had all kind of different services that need to be in promenade such as Drivers & A ; Vehicles Licensing, UPS shop, LCBO and Petro-Canada. Although the promenade was filled with upper middle-class people, you could still descry one or two rich persons in shops like People ‘s Jewelry makers.

A batch of the shops had monolithic gross revenues traveling on. Gross saless would change from 30 % to 80 % in some shops. Having gross revenues is besides a negative mark for the promenade as they are seeking to acquire rid of their stock before a new season starts. Peoples in the promenade wore insouciant frocks and no 1 truly bothered to look well-groomed like they do in some high profile shopping Centres. It was non the ideal topographic point for households as childs would non bask the promenade as it lacked amusement. Detecting people by placing what they were purchasing and transporting we could reason that the promenade largely consisted of Europeans. The nutrient ironss focused on European culinary art which is apprehensible because the North and East Europeans dominated the population in that country around the promenade as evident on the map. This is why there was no diverseness when it came to nutrient. The nutrient tribunal itself was excessively little and non good organized. Free parking was available around the shopping Centre. The parking batch had autos from trade names such as Honda, Toyota and some exclusions such as a BMW and Mercedes.

The Threats and Opportunities faced by Cloverdale Mall

There are many chances for the shopping Centre in the hereafter to spread out and to alter its market focal point. Right now their chief focal point in on upper in-between category and aged people, but if they want to maintain turning in the hereafter they would necessitate to put and pull a younger crowd. For that to go on the shopping Centre needs to alter their current layout and design to something which would appeal to the younger coevals.

Movie theaters, bet oning zones, athleticss stores such as Nike, Adidas and other kind of amusement installations would acquire their attending and entice them to the promenade. The shopping Centre besides needs to alter its tracts from heterosexual to swerve 1s as they would increase the clip spent by people shoping through the shops. If the shopping Centre wants to spread out, it can construct an excess floor which would enable it to convey in more stores. This may pull the younger coevals while maintaining a clasp of their current mark. Food tribunal is besides an of import factor ; the current nutrient tribunal is below standard and needs betterment on a big graduated table. More nutrient ironss needs to be brought into the promenade along with different types of culinary art such as Chinese, Thai and Indian. Adding large box retail merchants or ground tackle shops such as Walmart would besides increase gross revenues of the promenade and better handiness. Re-tenanting will besides assist the promenade in assorted ways.

Vicinity alterations can play a polar portion in the hereafter of the promenade. Suppose the resource and industrial country is replaced by schools and Parkss, it would make an influx of childs into the promenade. This scheme would be helpful for a really long clip as holding schools around the country would vouch influx of immature people in the promenade for old ages to come. Developing nearby countries and making more residential countries nearby will besides increase gross revenues of the promenade as people would come and get down life nearby. Senior citizens have a low mobility so up theodolite communications can besides profit the promenade as it will be more accessible.

Along chances come menaces and there are many menaces for this promenade. Other retail shops or power Centres ever pose a menace for this sort of promenade. Power Centres are much more efficient and cheaper to run and their monetary values are difficult to crush. These can take clients off from the shopping Centre and may take to bankruptcy of the promenade. The shopping Centre is surrounded by industrial country as seen on the map. If this country is expanded in the hereafter so there will be a immense cut in figure of shoppers traveling into the shopping Centre because of the location and deficiency of handiness. This will hold a negative impact on the shopping Centre and hence may coerce it to close down if needed. Having aged people as mark audience is besides a bad thing ; they are non the highest Spenders. They spend more clip in the promenades but purchase less. This is because they have a batch of free clip and can roll around stores throughout the twenty-four hours and purchase something in the terminal. So an index of ageing people make fulling up the promenades throughout the twenty-four hours could be a deceptive usher.

Taking all factors into contention we can state that this installation has an unsure hereafter. This is chiefly due to the mark market they focus on. They need to alter their market focal point in order to last in this economic system. Depending on the aged people is non the ideal manner to run a concern and it needs immediate alteration if it wants to win and go on in the long tally.


Changes in the retail economic system occur with alterations in a population ‘s features. Today ‘s population is really nomadic and prefers power nodes and smart Centres over the traditional enclosed shopping Centre. Such tendencies are consequences of shopping being transformed into a one halt shopping experience by power Centres like Wal-Mart.

Furthermore, with the development of forte shops and ‘big box ‘ retail merchants in about all vicinities, the market is going really saturated. New issues like the effects of ‘over-storing ‘ , belongings rights issues, the impact of e-retailing and privateness issues related to development of big databases that gather information on single clients and buying forms of a group will act upon the operation of the retail system in the hereafter.

Therefore, although traditional shopping promenade formats are having heavy competition from the latest urban retailing format, they are still visited by a large proportion of the population. They non merely run as market places but besides map as cultural and recreational Centres.


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