Academic and Personal Goals Sample Essay

This twelvemonth I experienced some major life alterations that caused me to re-evaluate my life. I finalized a drawn-out divorce proceeding ; I lost my occupation. and I moved to San Diego. California. These events may hold caused some people to experience hopeless. but they motivated me to do some life alterations. I enrolled in the BSBA plan with a concentration in accounting at Walden University in order to complete the grade I started 8 old ages ago. I have learned that end scene is of import in order to accomplish success in life. For me to achieve the hereafter that I see for myself and my household. I set academic and personal ends. In this essay. I will discourse my academic ends and my personal ends. I will besides discourse how these ends connect to my degree plan. My academic ends are important to the accomplishment of some of my personal ends. One personal end is to get down my ain accounting house for little concern proprietors. Before I can accomplish that aim. I need to concentrate on my academic ends.

First. I need to larn to compose a college degree paper in APA format. In the yesteryear. I learned MLA format so to exchange the presentation was unusual to me. To my benefit. every category at Walden University has composing assignments. which will let me to pattern composing decently. Besides. there are legion resources in the Writing Center to assist me accomplish that end. With pattern and reviews. I know that I will go a better author and college degree documents in APA or MLA format will be 2nd nature to me.

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Academic and Personal Goals Sample Essay
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Second. I need to go more adept at pull offing my clip. The deadlines set Forth in my academic plan aid me remain focused on that end. Consequently. the deadlines besides support another end ; to accomplish a class of B or better in every category. Learning to better pull off my clip will be a benefit to me academically. professionally every bit good as personally. In my anterior employment. deadlines were highly of import. but I ne’er learned how to pull off my clip decently. This caused me to hold trouble wining at work and every bit of import at place. As I consistently complete each category. I will work on my ability to run into my deadlines every bit good as manage my clip to include choice clip with my household.

Last. I need to complete my bachelor’s grade in accounting. With merely 10 categories left. I am presently on the route to finishing that aim. Using my grade audit as a usher. I will take at least two categories each one-fourth in order to graduate by December 2013.

In decision. although life may take a bend that is different from what we planned. there is ever a benefit in end scene and planning for your hereafter. My academic and personal ends enable me to hold a way to follow. My academic ends of larning to compose a college degree paper. better pull offing my clip. accomplishing a class of B or better in every category and obtaining my bachelor’s grade from Walden University are the stepping rocks in the way that I have set for my hereafter. Achieving these ends will enable me to carry through my personal ends of get downing an accounting house and disbursement quality clip with my household. I conclude that my successful completion of these ends will assist me to achieve the hereafter that I see for myself and my household.


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