Accenture as an innovative and leading organization Essay

Established in Sept 2001, ‘Accenture ‘ is regarded as one of universe ‘s most advanced and prima organisation in Information Technology Enabled Services ( ITES ) . Uniting alone experience, comprehensive capablenesss across all industries and concern maps, and extended research on the universe ‘s most successful companies, Accenture collaborates with clients to assist them go high-performance concerns and authoritiess. Accenture planetary enlargement web delivers in Consulting, engineering, and Outsourcing. Its current CEO is Pierre nanterme.

Accenture originated as the concern and confer withing division of accounting house Arthur Anderson. Anderson confer withing adopted its current name ‘Accenture ‘ on 1st January 2001, which means ‘Accent on the hereafter ‘ . From 1st Sept 2009, the company has been incorporated in Ireland with its planetary central office located in New York. It is universe ‘s 3rd largest confer withing house every bit good as being a planetary participant within the engineering consulting industry, with a tagline ‘High Performance. Delivered. ‘ Accenture is a Fortune Global 500 company, and a planetary trade name of rank 53, with a trade name value US $ 7.5 billion. As of 2010, the company had more than 200 locations in over 120 states.

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Accenture as an innovative and leading organization Essay
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Accenture in India began its operations back in 1987. It was the first planetary direction confer withing organisation to get down an operation in India. Today, India is the place to the Accenture bringing Centres for engineering and BPO. It is besides a Global leader in engineering and system integrating. It besides provides services like engineering R & A ; D, endeavor solutions and Business Intelligence

Cardinal Facts about Accenture Services India Pvt. Ltd. –

India is the largest geographics for Accenture.

Accenture has 18 installations across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi.

Accenture clients in India include seven of the top 10 companies listed in the Economic Times 500 rankings.

Accenture in India has a strong and turning pool of SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and information direction and Testing professionals.

AccentureA Delivery Centres in India are SAS 70 Type II certified and Core IT Structure is BS 25999 certified.

Accenture operations in India are assessed at CMMi Level 5, PCMM A®version 2.0 Level 5, ISO 27001. ( Scribd, 2007 )

Strategic Management

Mission Statement- To assist our clients go high public presentation concerns and authoritiess.

Vision Statement- To go one of the universe ‘s prima companies conveying inventions to better the manner the universe works and lives.

Core Values- Client value creative activity, One Global web, Respect for the person, best people, Integrity and Stewardship.

( Accenture, 2008 )

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is omnipresent and forms a conventional even indispensable tool in any strategic planning attack SWOT has as its strength. It clearly distinguishes between where your organisation is today, and where it could be in the hereafter. The fact that it is so omnipresent and so is really familiar, its intent and classs are good known. Additionally it considers both internal and external factors and when good used, can efficaciously equilibrate the both ( Robson, 2004 ) .

An appraisal of chances and menaces form portion of an environment scan whilst an appraisal of strength and failing are portion of capableness auditing of the organisation. SWOT analysis is highly familiar to concerns of the nucleus analyst. It ‘s virtually a conventional attack to the consideration of-

What are our weak or strong merchandises, divisions ; attitudes etc. Are at that place any spreads or chances we can travel for anyhow? Are at that place any danger/threats we truly necessitate protection from? ( Peppard, 2002 )

Strength could be organisation ‘s specializer selling expertness, a new and advanced merchandise or service, location/geography of the concern, quality procedures and processs and any other facet which adds value to the merchandise or services. On the other manus ‘Weakness ‘ can be a deficiency of expertness, uniform merchandise compared to its rivals, hapless quality of goods and services, damaged repute etc. ( Bob de humor, 2004 ) Opportunities may include a developing market such as cyberspace, amalgamations, and joint ventures or strategic confederations, traveling into new market sections that offer improved net incomes, a new international market, or a market vacated by an uneffective operator. ( Michael A Hitt, 2007 )


Accenture has got consulting-driven expertness, peculiarly on strategic undertakings. Partner-driven market attack facilitates relationships with C-level determination shapers. The Accenture concern is structured around five focused operating groups ( consisting of 17 industry groups ) . Horizontal platforms in direction consulting and system integrating provender invention capablenesss ( Folo, 2006 ) . It was formed with confer withing arm of Anderson Worldwide, so broke from it in 2001 as it went public. It had grosss of $ 23.3 billion in 2010 and net income borders of 6.7 % . It enhances its confer withing capablenesss with acquisition of the George Group in 2007 Mentioning to Appendix 1, this confer withing goaded expertness falls under PESTEL ‘s technological factor.

Accenture makes usage of the re-usable information theoretical accounts, centralized information depositories, and standardised procedures as per the industry group viz. Chemicals & A ; Natural Resources, ISU, Health & A ; Public Services. The scheme relies on planetary studies are research that identify the best patterns of other industries, the findings of which helps set up its thought leading and inform it services.

Its partner-driven attack to gross revenues that ensures the development of concern relationship. Accenture has got strong selling plans aimed at concern clients. Its confer withing base thrusts strength in its overall design and execution scheme, its ‘High public presentation ‘ . This scheme builds a powerful cognition depository for Accenture to leverage. It can complement its engineering expertness with quantitative informations and usage cardinal findings in its go-to-market attack. It has a coherent scheme from strong thought leading to confer withing and bringing. The concern theoretical accounts for the industries are referred to, whenever demand arises. Client ‘s outlooks are taken into history. The cardinal countries are found out to concentrate on depending on the geographics and past experiences.

Besides Accenture believes in concern focal point, which brings a data-driven attack to placing and implementing best patterns. It has got a long history of concentrating on intersection of engineering and concerns. Accenture grew really strongly in 2008 despite the economic crisis without cut downing the work force much. Alternatively they implemented a scheme where the working hours were increased from 8 hours to 9hours. So finally the sum of work, which Accenture used to present on daily footing, was increased instead than cut downing the work force ( Cognizant, 2008 ) .

The large asset for Accenture is its ‘continuous betterment procedure ‘ . It has set up a unit called GPTW ( Great Place To Work ) which helps employees maintain off the emphasis. Arranging merriment games within and/or outside campus, wellness check-ups, and biotechnologies Sessionss for employees is a normal modus operandi.

Talk about Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) , Accenture has besides been making great part to society, and all philanthropic in its cause. Many societal activities are performed within Accenture to assist the society, which includes blood contribution cantonments, donating apparels to hapless, sing orphanhoods and administering dainties, Sweets etc. ( Accenture internal Newsletters, Oct 2010 ) .


One of the major failings of Accenture is that, it relies to a great extent on confer withing. Besides, Accenture favours large-sized transformational undertakings, and non bite-sized service undertaking capabilities. Its heavy partner-driven attack to gross revenues does non scale easy to the mid-market. This has been a big-time failing in many of the biggies in confer withing and services industry. Accenture has ever been aiming large undertakings and large clients. The diamond clients include DuPont, BHP Billiton, Vodafone, Barclays, and BofA etc. It brings on large net income borders for the organisation. On the other manus, its other rivals like Tata Consulting Services Pvt. ltd, concentrate on little concerns excessively. So it takes out a ball of clients from these mid-sized markets. These mid-sized markets may non supply large border of net incomes, but it decidedly helps branding the concern and stabilise. They besides help little houses improve their concerns. Besides the size of Accenture can be a failing. It might take slower to respond to client ‘s demands and wants every bit good as industry fluctuations. ( Mendel, May 7, 2009 ) So Accenture should connote the scheme where the little graduated table concerns, particularly in India, acquire services from it, imply advanced solutions to boom these concerns to set themselves into the large places.


Accenture has really good placed itself as a trade name. It had moved to rank 53 as a planetary trade name. So the trade name value, repute for concern public presentation, and stableness resonates with clients in weak economic conditions. Accenture holds a leading place in North American market, and its confer withing expertness sets it apart from smaller rivals. It continues to leverage its high-performance research to place new chances in hot tech markets like SOA, SaaS, and cloud computer science. Its strong trade name and repute for stableness and thought leading should function it good in the weak economic environment ( Chris Andrews, Jan 22, 2009 ) . The scheme for chance can be aiming small-scale concerns and supplying services to mid-sized market. In geographics like India, where IT sector is flourishing, will be a great market for IT major.


Intense competition is the biggest menace, particularly from IBM. Other rivals in most of its concern spheres are Computer Sciences Corporation, Deloitte, Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro and Infosys. Premium offering may non vibrate with mid-market clients, making chance for mid-tier of service supplier. It will vie ever against the graduated table and geographic diverseness of the larger IBM planetary Business Service ( Bartels, January 12, 2009 ) . The current cost-cutting environment does non impart itself to the company known for its premium services and pricing. This is because, by and large many organisations react to recession by cutting discretional disbursement, cut downing scheme consulting work, and seting big transformational undertakings on clasp. These market alterations could impact Accenture more than its rivals, chiefly because the company is less known for its ability to manage bite-sized undertakings. Some of these challenges could be mitigated by the fact that clients will return to a strong trade name like Accenture ‘s ( Cognizant, 2008 ) .

A ( Note: The narrative is based on Forrester study `SWOT: The Development Of IT Service Providers To Business Technology Competitors ‘ . Methodology is, Forrester invited IT big leagues to take part in SWOT analysis to take part in the research by replying 21 inquiries on strength, failing, chances, menaces. Each seller had the chance to discourse with Forrester and discourse the consequences with Forrester analysis before publication. )


Today Accenture is a planetary direction consulting, engineering services and outsourcing company is now traveling to place new concern, engineering tendencies and developing solutions to assist clients around the universe to come in in new markets, better operational public presentation and present their merchandises more efficaciously and expeditiously. Accenture is seeking to develop good work environment and immense trade names across the universe. Its model for alining a client ‘s people, procedure and engineering in support of its overall scheme for client organisation to work to heighten concern public presentation. It is one of the largest consulting houses in the universe every bit good as being a planetary participant within the engineering consulting industry. Accenture ‘s current clients include 96 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three quarters of Fortune Global 500. With the uninterrupted invention and rapid transmutation has been Accenture ‘s history.


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