Access to Education: Basic American Value Essay

Guide for the Mid-Term Exam Education of the Exceptional Child spring 2010 Overview Access to Education- basic American value What did special education mean in the sass? – Home instruction, not every student, only those who could afford it Impact on evolution of education in the sass- Parents organizing groups Define exceptional- deviate from the norm Social movement in the sass and sass that paved the way for special education- Civil Rights Movement Conditions for services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)- a disability, need for special education services Intent of the

Americans with Tattletales Act (DAD)- create a fair and level playing field Major provisions of the DAD- transportation Define and give examples of Inclusive education paradigms for students with disabilities- Push-in(full inclusion) Pull-out(partial 1-99% of the day) What services does special education include? SAD- Specially Designed Instruction, free no cost to parents, services provided in all settings Requirements for services under the IDEA- Principle that IDEA Is based on- ALL students are able to benefit from education Provisions of IDEA- 1. Parental safe guards 2. PEP 3. No discriminatory assignments IDEA nondiscriminatory and multidisciplinary assessment- team approach, testing native language What are the components of nondiscriminatory assessment?

Parental rights if they do not agree with a schools assessment of their child- conservation writing prior to evaluation/ question placemen/ make recommendations/ if parents disagree 2nd evaluation by independent evaluator at school’s expense Purpose of the Individualized Education Plan (PEP)- provide appropriate education experience/ promote efficient communication/ continuity In the delivery Differentiate between full and partial inclusion- full-100% general education partial- 1-99% Differentiate between formal and natural supports Identify the major components of an PEP Identify team members responsible for developing an PEP Least restrictive environment (LURE) -? what is it and be able to identify examples Transoms services How have we perceived the potential of individuals with disabilities for many years? – significantly underestimated When does transition planning have to start (identify student age)? – age 16 (PA 14) Which supports does a successful transition require? – both formal and natural supports transition- a coordinated set of activities that are outcome oriented For whom do we transition plan? – children graduating from the school system In which areas do we transition plan? Independent living- neighborhood& living, leisure+recreational activities to engage In spare time. Post- secondary education- trade school/ college. Vocational/career- explore possible to realize? – They don’t have the school system to fall back on Identify purposes of the Individualized Transition Plan (TIP)- To identify personnel who are responsible for completing the plan and identify timeliness What should a transition process include? A focus on functional skills to enhance independence in adult age What are the principle components of an effective transitional process? – 1 . Educational programs linked to valued post school outcomes 2. Cooperative system 3.

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Access to Education: Basic American Value Essay
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