According to the financial report of Abbott Laboratories Essay

Based on any listed company of your ain pick discourse how the primary qualitative features identified in the ASB ‘s Statement of Principles relate to the content and presentation of fiscal statements.

The purpose of the fiscal study is to give information about the persons ‘ fiscal public presentation and place that may be utile to a broad scope of users for measuring the public presentation of the persons ‘ direction and for doing economic determinations.

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According to the financial report of Abbott Laboratories Essay
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Primary Qualitative Features


The information provided in the fiscal statement should be relevant to the anticipation of future events or relevant in assisting confirm past events. If the information is non relevant so there is no point in bring forthing the information. The relevant information has the ability to act upon the economic determinations provided in clip. Relevant information has predictive value since it helps users to measure or measure past, present or future events. The collateral value of the relevant information makes the users to corroborate or rectify their past appraisals and ratings. Predictive and confirmatory values make the information more relevant if these values are taken accurately.

Harmonizing to the fiscal study of Abbott Laboratories:

Gross from license merchandise is measured for the period earned.

Gross saless figures comparing of assorted merchandises with old period is relevant information as it can increase the information of stakeholders about profitable merchandises and tendency of alteration in market of these merchandises.

Company has provided assets categorization of short term and long term which create relevancy to stakeholders. Separate revelation of good will enable user to measure assets utile for concern and output to concern.

Tax computations given in the balance sheet highlight existent part to authorities, allows authorities to gauge its income.

Related party revelation indicates stockholders assorted different companies and individual on whom company is fundamentally depend.


The accounting information should be dependable and free from important mistake or prejudice. The information is dependable if the user can trust on the information wholly while stand foring the information. The information provided should be impersonal from any influence to accomplish a preset consequence.

Harmonizing to the fiscal study of Abbott Laboratories:

Historical information is available and company is able to maintain it in dependable signifier.

Inventories are recorded on FIFO footing which make value of stock at more realizable sum.

Company has provided estimated life of belongings.

Company has provided footing of acknowledging foreign currency net incomes and assets.

Debtors ‘ categorization make statement dependable as users can happen right value of future hard currency influxs.

Debtors are verified by hearers which helps clients and providers to demo their existent payment due to / from company.


Comparability helps the users to mensurate the alterations with clip on the public presentation of peculiar activity illustration gross revenues. Comparisons of the public presentation of the concern with the public presentation of its rival can be done. Fiscal public presentation and fiscal place can besides be compared.

Harmonizing to the fiscal study of Abbott Laboratories:

There is alteration in method of accounting of securities in Boston, which earlier was recorded at cost. Company has shown the gross recognized in fiscal statement attributed by alteration of policy to do fiscal statement comparable.

Separate revelation of SFAB 158 allowed stockholders to determine existent income from operations.

Merchandise cleavage has enabled users to compare public presentation of company for different merchandises.

Amortization of good will in fiscal statement can falsify the existent image of current twelvemonth operations ; by showing the value of amortisation during the old ages can let users to compare runing net incomes before extra-ordinary points.


The accounting information should be simple to be understood by the individual who needs it. It should be presented in an apprehensible manner sing the capablenesss of the user.

Harmonizing to the fiscal study of Abbott Laboratories:

Disclosure of Joint venture understanding and its consequence on fiscal statement create understanding sing consequence of gross recognized.

Company gave interruption – up of its debts which enhanced comprehensibility of users sing company and impact of alteration in portfolio of debts.

Company has provided wide vision of its hereafter programs which give user understanding about company concern and its hereafter.


The materiality in the information makes the information relevant or irrelevant. If peculiar information is lost from the fiscal study it would change the complete determination of the user. Materiality is hence a threshold quality. If the information is non regarded as stuff, it should non be included in the fiscal study since it will merely do the user more baffled for taking any determination.

Harmonizing to the fiscal study of Abbott Laboratories:

Significant consequence of judicial proceeding disbursals which can hold big impact on militias and net income of the company. Company has disclosed the information at appropriate topographic point, as sum is material for doing determinations by stakeholder.

Cash and bank balance and its tongue up in different Bankss give image of dependences on hard currency of the company and liquidness place.

( B ) Critically assess the trouble in fixing a set of utile fiscal statements, which exhibit all of the primary qualitative features identified in ( a ) above. How good do you experience that your chosen company has achieved it?

Troubles in readying of utile fiscal statements

Company has recorded most of assets on quoted monetary value of similar assets or liability, but for remainder they have recorded value of remainder of assets on the footing of discounted hard currency flow method or Black School theoretical account. However, company was able to gauge just value of remainder of assets on the footing of discounted value of plus at current monetary value as this will besides cover the obsolesce of the assets.

Company has non provided adequate information sing net income part from different states, users of information was non able to happen the net income of different states and they can acquire better thought of future market and expected growing in company net income related to growing of company concern in assorted states.

Company has waited of probe for entering environmental cost. All effects will be straight on one old ages ‘ income merely. Company could acknowledge cost on old old ages on the footing of proclamation of new regulations. It reduces the utility of fiscal statement and there may be certain other costs which are yet to be booked in books of histories.

In instance of planetary organisation, acceptance of unvarying accounting policies is hard. In instance of this state of affairs, company can do rapprochement statement to do all statements in an order.

Companies holding subdivisions in different locations have assorted fiscal old ages. Company is required to do batch of rapprochements to set all statements in one fiscal twelvemonth. Company can keep quarterly statement of all states despite non holding statutory demands, so that we can hold comparable fiscal statements.

Information sing its client merchandises and market portion of them can do fiscal statement more utile as stockholders can hold thought sing company growing compare to its rivals as good.

There is immense alteration in involvement rates and currency values in 2008, statement can hold distorted image in instance of certain inauspicious combinations. Company fiscal statements are non really much useful in some instances as there is large impact of all these alterations in the twelvemonth. Presentation of figures after seting all these points fixed can make much better image. It is small hard exercising as it is hard to account these alterations as concern rhythm scenario or impact of extraordinary points outside the organisation.

Company has non shown hazard chance analysis as it is hard in Pharma Company. But there is large hazard in this nature of concern. Small errors in the merchandise can impose heavy punishment on the company and can do fiscal statements irrelevant for the hereafter.

Different users are of fiscal statements like clients, stockholders, bankers and general populace. Company is expected to supply information in a mode apprehensible to all of them. Company should supply statistical informations for elect category and general information i.e hereafter programs and manager ‘s studies for general populace.

Disclosures are sometime utile to the rivals besides who can misapply the information about the company and its costing every bit good as future merchandises. Company can conceal information by unwraping similar things in its AGM alternatively of printing that in hearer statement.


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