Accountings - Wal-Mart Germany Expansion Essay

Wal-Mart Germany Expansion


The company chosen on which to carry on a mini instance survey for this paper is Wal-Mart, and in peculiar the paper will try to concentrate on a figure of issues that Wal-Mart late faced in respects to Information Technology and Systems, and how, if engineering had been right implemented and used, could hold probably saved Wal-Mart a batch of money, net incomes and a loss of repute.

The instance survey will concentrate on a decoding precisely what went incorrect with Wal-Mart’s effort at enlargement into Germany, and what function information systems should hold, or did hold, in the venture. The paper will besides try to spot whether the predominating perceptual experience that Wal-Mart owns a competitory advantage, in portion due to the information system presently in usage, is true.

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Accountings – Wal-Mart Germany Expansion Essay
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If it is discovered that such perceptual experiences are prevailing so the paper will discourse what will go on to Wal-Mart’s competitory border if that if the system is non continually upgraded and enhanced.

In order to make a mini instance survey on a company the size of Wal-Mart it would be particularly of import to understand the exact issue the survey should turn to. An international company the size of Wal-Mart would be an improbable campaigner for such a survey if all the issues a company such as Wal-Mart faces on a day-to-day footing were to be addressed in one paper.

That is non the instance of this peculiar paper, nevertheless, what is the instance is that Wal-Mart, the behemoth international retail merchant, believed that enlargement into a foreign market such as Germany would instantly take the company to accomplish the same type of success the company has experienced in the United States.

The determination was fraught with hazard, and finally Wal-Mart suffered licking. An article in “The Times” on July 29, 2006 stated the undermentioned ; “Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retail merchant, suddenly pulled out of Germany yesterday….In a demeaning admittance of licking, Wal-Mart said it would sell its 80 ( 85 ) German shops to the rival supermarket concatenation Metro and book a pre-tax loss of about $ 1 billion on the failed venture” ( Wal-Mart, 2006 ) . A one billion dollar loss for any company is immense, even if the company is Wal-Mart.

This scenario could probably hold been avoided if certain initial schemes and constructs had been discussed, implemented and adhered to from the beginning. The full state of affairs taking to Wal-Mart’s death in Germany can non be blamed on the deficiency of a good information engineering system, but surely a strong and feasible system could hold alleviated some of the jobs experienced by Wal-Mart, and in the terminal could hold been a make up one’s minding factor on whether the venture would ( in the long tally ) be profitable or non.


A recent article touts the fact that “the development of E-commerce has revolutionized our manner of making concern around the globe” ( Victor, Jih, 2006, p. 68 ) . Possibly Wal-Mart could hold foreseen the fortunes taking up to the fiasco and changed the way the company was going. Another expert in the field of concern late stated, “Learning how to construct stronger relationships with clients is frequently recommended as a manner of guaranting the endurance of houses in the face of turbulent or extremely competitory market conditions ( Webster, 1992, p. 1 ) .

Constructing relationships with bing clients is lone portion of the mystifier, but it seems to be a portion that Wal-Mart did non take earnestly plenty in Germany. Wal-Mart believed that it could purchase its manner into a market, transfuse its plan on the citizens in that market and so continue to rule market portion utilizing the same attack, every bit good as the same engineering, the same information systems and the same manner of distribution that led to so much success in the United States and other markets.

In 1997-98 Wal-Mart entered Germany, which is the world’s third- largest retail market by buying two price reduction retail ironss. For $ 1.6 billion dollars Wal-Mart purchased Wertkauf and Interspar. Interspar was non a really strong retail merchant as their shops were largely run down and located in countries that were non that great. Wertkauf, on the other manus, was a profitable concatenation that was well-known and liked in Germany.

A distribution system to present merchandise to these shops was already in topographic point, although neither of the ironss used an on-time bringing system. What Wal-Mart should hold been sing is how to spread out its retail concern in Germany by utilizing an attack that is both seasonably, efficient and cost effectual, similar to the system presently in usage in the U.S. , and possibly ab initio that is what was intended.

In the provinces, Wal-Mart epitomizes the excellence of an ‘on-time delivery’ system that is based on tracking the sale ( s ) of every lone point at every individual shop. That information is so electronically transmitted to a place central office location. From there the information is transmitted to assorted locations so that the merchandise can automatically be replaced. One expert states nevertheless that, “These yearss, it ‘s a rare company that is n’t worried about how to acquire its merchandises delivered on clip.

Harmonizing to a new survey, concerns are happening it harder and harder to run into on-time bringing promises to clients because of obstructions runing from truck-driver deficits to surging fuel prices” ( Emigh, 2004 ) . The article went on to adopt the fact that many concern leaders are doing alterations in the engineering they use in order to relieve some of those jobs. The article related how surveies have shown that, “most current users of transit direction applications plan to widen their bing Transportation Management Systems ( TMS ) ” ( Emigh, 2004 ) .

It is sensible to presume that Wal-Mart may hold missed an chance in Germany by non holding the proper systems in topographic point to take advantage of the concern environment they would meet at that place. It is besides a reasonably sensible stake that Wal-Mart’s rivals are watching as Wal-Mart makes raids into other markets, and most likely cheered the fact that Wal-Mart failed so miserably in Germany.

Many of those rivals are fearful that the competitory advantage that Wal-Mart has so successfully attained in the United States can be extended and enhanced as Wal-Mart grows of all time bigger. What the rivals have noticed is that Wal-Mart’s competitory advantage is dwindling, and that may give the rivals hope for the hereafter.

Wal-Mart’s monetary value advantage is one factor in their growing although one retail-marketing adviser late reported that, “Key rivals are happening ways to contract the monetary value spreads plenty to render them mostly unobtrusive, said Chris Hoyt, a Scottsdale, Ariz. , retail-marketing consultant” ( Neff, 2007, p. 61 ) .

A strong, feasible Wal-Mart has been a fact in the concern universe for a long clip, and many of its rivals would love nil more than a cleft in the Wal-Mart’s armour that could be their gap. Normally, Wal-Mart implements a all-out monetary value war in every rival market it has entered in order to run into their committedness to its’ consumers and to continue it’s legendary, “every twenty-four hours low price” pledge to consumers. This expression is highly successful in the US and in other markets, in Germany this was non the instance as most if non all there rivals were able to support their places as the cost and monetary value leader in Germany.

From Wal-Mart’s position it is likely imperative to detect what went incorrect in Germany, what the company could hold done to hedge any errors and possibly, most significantly, if implementing any information systems or engineering different than what is presently in usage could hold alleviated any jobs or concerns.

To detect this information, research will hold to be conducted that will let for analysing a assortment of different factors in order to find how those factors affected Wal-Mart’s aims and concern program sing enlargement into Germany.

There are a few factors that should hold been considered. For illustration, when spread outing your concern geographically, as in Wal-Mart’s state of affairs, the followers are some of the inquiries that a company should reply:

  • Does the concern operate with rigorous procedures, guidelines and criterions which can be replicated easy in a different environment?
  • Will you hold to implement major alterations to the concern in order to be successful in a new environment?
  • Is a physical presence necessary in the new location or can your presence be represented by other agencies?
  • Is it profitable or executable to vie with the bing rivals in the geographic part you are sing?

As was mentioned before, another factor to see was possibly Wal-Mart was unable to organize an ‘on-time’ bringing system efficient plenty to guarantee that the most popular merchandising points were ever on manus, or possibly there were countries that could hold been outsourced that were non. A figure of companies have been successful in outsourcing services that can be accomplished in a more cost effectual manner by making so. Many of these same companies implement a nucleus squad construct.

“The nucleus squad construct has been shown to supply important nest eggs, reduced downtime, increased production and improved efficiency while keeping high quality and safety standards” ( Maintenance 2007 pg 28 ) . A nucleus squad construct allows for a little lasting force to manage all jobs on-site, including the integrating of outsourcing and the engineering required, non merely by those outsourcing entities but by the assorted sections as good.

The nucleus squad construct can be used to guarantee that the IT experts all speak the same technological linguistic communication piece at the same clip denominating duty for the different operations. Using a nucleus squad construct besides alleviates some of the frights that employees face when acquisition of possible outsourcing, particularly since outsourcing has received so much bad promotion in the media as of late.

One expert said that strategically outsourcing other activities “including many traditionally considered built-in to any company – for which the house has neither a critical strategic demand nor particular capabilities” ( Quinn 1995 ) was a good thought, and it likely is a construct that Wal-Mart could hold used in Germany, and may see in any future ventures.

There is a prevalent perceptual experience that outsourcing is a bad thing and therefore it might behove Wal-Mart to stress to their employees the benefits derived ( by the employees ) by outsourcing. Harmonizing to one recent survey there is small for the employees to fear refering outsourcing.

“The consequences show that although service outsourcing has been steadily increasing it is still really low, and that in the United States and many other industrial states ‘in sourcing’ of services is greater than outsourcing” ( Amiti, 2005, p. 308 ) . The nucleus squad construct helps to stress the fact that many companies are outsourcing by in sourcing, and hence alleviates the frights of the employees.

Additionally it must be kept in head that outsourcing can be a large blessing to the company’s bottom line. “A recent article portrayed this state of affairs good, saying, “it is evident the 1000000s of Indian and Chinese applied scientists, package developers and service suppliers can make all this ‘sophisticated stuff’ every bit good as or better than the Americans at a ten percent of the cost” ( Prestowicz, 2004, p. 40 ) .

A ten percent of the cost can be a immense nest eggs depending on the demands of the company in respects to package and systems care. Whether the information systems have to be wholly designed, created and implemented by utilizing outsourcing capablenesss is at the behest of the company directors. The determination will hold to include non merely the internal workings and operations of Wal-Mart, but would besides hold to take into consideration the external market chances available.

Since Wal-Mart, in this instance survey, is already sing outsourcing a part of its engineering demands and services, the company should likely see the usage of e-commerce as good. Integrating e-commerce possibilities in the informational systems design makes sense. While incorporating e-commerce and informational systems into the overall strategy in come ining a market, particularly a market like Germany which Wal-Mart had ab initio had such high hopes for, would be a natural extension of the retail market, and one that could hold assisted Wal-Mart vastly.

A note of cautiousness in this respect was issued late by one expert, who stated, “Companies that province they are users of e-commerce may in fact merely have a promotional web site instead than a fully-fledged, synergistic, transaction-based interface” ( Fillis, 2007, p. 445 ) .

The inquiry becomes a affair of whether e-commerce would hold been an effectual and profitable complement to Wal-Mart’s retail concern, at least in the sense that would hold assisted Wal-Mart’s efforts at deriving a bridgehead in the Germany market. The reply derived from this instance survey is that every complementary event may hold added up to plenty of a net income to at least continue in concern, instead than turn uping the collapsible shelters and taking a billion dollar loss.

Another consideration for Wal-Mart when implementing informational engineering systems that are traveling to be worked on chiefly by outside beginnings is the privateness issue that can be breached through on-line beginnings or villainous systems developers.

Identity larceny is presently a big societal job, and stairss need to be taken by companies to guarantee the safety and privateness of the persons who work for or with the company. There are characters in the universe who would wish nil better than to steal personal information from a company’s informational system ( s ) .

One adept speaks of the airing of information to those who need to cognize and those who do non, in the undermentioned mode ; “information may merely come up in a legitimate comprehensive background cheque, but in a more baleful scenario, it may weave up in the custodies of a remotely located individuality stealer without the consent or control of the individual the information identifies” ( Ciocchetti, 2007, p. 55 ) .

This type of state of affairs is likely particularly unreassuring when come ining a market in a foreign state. Precautions can be established that will help in turn toing this issue, including, but surely non limited to ; infixing firewalls into the system that prohibits those without authorization from accessing information, every bit good as implementing processs that all employees understand the effects of if they are caught ignoring them. Wal-Mart’s internal operations, due to both their size and complexness, would hold to take into consideration the myriad of personalities involved in implementing such processs, and an illustration would hold to be set from top direction all the manner down to the local retail director.

It is particularly of import to hold a standardised plan that holds all employees responsible for their ain actions. Integrating engineering into any concern requires that human interactions and picks be as above board as possible, chiefly because engineering can be manipulated since it knows non the manus that manipulates it.

Integrating engineering into about any concern determination can bring forth benefits the company, employees and consumers. At times those benefits can be the difference between bring forthing a net income, and taking immense losingss. Another facet of fight that the instance survey will show is the fact that Wal-Mart has been so efficient in presenting the merchandise most desired by the client at the exact clip the client wishes to buy it. This has been accomplished in the United States and in other markets by utilizing engineering in a really efficient mode.


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