Accounting treatment for inventory and loans Essay

Runing Head: Fiscal Accounting Work 1

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Accounting treatment for inventory and loans Essay
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Part A


  1. Determine whether or non Large Mart would lawfully be allowed to alter its stock list cost flow premise from FIFO to Weighted-Average-Cost, and what ( if any ) legal demands would restrict Large Mart’s ability to do this alteration.

Large Mart is lawfully allowed to alter its stock list accounting system from FIFO to leaden mean cost method. Harmonizing to International Financial Reporting Standards, an entity shall alter its policies merely if the alteration consequences in fiscal statements supplying dependable and more efficient information about effects of minutess, events or conditions on entity’s fiscal place and hard currency flows. The alteration should be adopted retrospectively pregnant accommodations should be made as if the new policy has ever been in being ( Hussey, 2010 ) . Disclosure should be made on the ground for alteration in policy, sum of alteration for current period and anterior periods.IRS allows one to take an stock list accounting policy but requires the entity to utilize it systematically twelvemonth to twelvemonth.

However, the IRS mandates the company to use stock list alterations method. In such a instance, the IRS must be informed in order to get permission for revenue enhancement twelvemonth when the initial execution of the new method of stock list cost was done ( Elliott & A ; Elliott, 2008 ) . As such, it is required that Form 3115 of the IRS be completed and submitted at the beginning of the twelvemonth when the alteration was initiated ( Elliott & A ; Elliott, 2008 ) . The alteration should be attached to revenue enhancement return for the twelvemonth in order for the alterations to take topographic point. More so, the concern must hold been ongoing for at least one twelvemonth.

  1. Discuss what impact ( if any ) a alteration from the FIFO cost flow premise to the Weighted-Average cost flow premise would hold on the fiscal place ( balance sheet ) of Large Mart. PLEASE NOTE: You are Not required to cipher the sum of impact of this alteration on the balance sheet. Alternatively, delight discourse the POTENTIAL impacts of such a alteration in general.

First in first out

FIFO usually considers that the stock list bought is the stock list that should be sold foremost. As internal operations of the company continues, the FIFO calculates the existent cost. This is of import for merchandises that have a comparatively shorter shelf life, such merchandises are food markets. As such FIFO allows realisation of both cost and net income incurred on a merchandise. This besides applies in the fabrication industry because FIFO helps in accounting for the cost of the natural stuffs every bit good as the cost incurred in selling every merchandise and therefore the net income ( Elliott & A ; Elliott, 2008 ) .

If FIFO is used but the stock list is damaged or destroyed in any manner, one should cognize precisely the loss in order to account for its value. Nonetheless, FIFO gives the merchandise cost for each merchandise manufactured. If the natural stuffs for the two units vary, so each of these units will hold different cost. If the cost of marked up to acquire the merchandising monetary value, the units will hold changing selling procedure ( Elliott & A ; Elliott, 2008 ) .

Average Costing Method

The monetary values can be set based on the mean stock list cost by increasing the monetary value of the norm. This allows for a lower net income border for expensive stock list. Despite the fact that there will be a lower net income border, this will be addressed by the higher net income border on the side of lower-cost stock list. This is specifically good for companies that are used to blending their stock lists as they come.

This method is applied for mean net income degrees every bit good as mean nonexempt income. It besides works good in delegating the mean cost of production of a given merchandise every bit good as when the stock lists are assorted this non possible to delegate a given cost to a unit.

One chief disadvantage of the mean costing method is the commixture of the stock list and hence doing it hard to account for every merchandise particularly merchandises which cost higher ( Elliott & A ; Elliott, 2008 ) . In the event that some stock list bought has to be returned, the mean will be inaccurate utilizing this method. As such, the bing stock list may be sold for a lower monetary value grade in order to do a sensible monetary value. Further to this, in the event that some stock list is to be disposed by using price reductions, it should be based on the mean cost. Notably, some will be sold at a loss because their purchasing monetary value will be higher than others. In this event, the full stock list must be sold in order to acquire the norm cost back.

Impact on The Balance Sheet

FIFO usually reports higher stock list in current assets and therefore a higher current ratio. In the period of worsening cost of stuffs. FIFO leads to a higher cost of goods sold, lower net income and accordingly lower income revenue enhancement. The stock list method that is employed by a company in the event of a profitableness ratio, the balance sheet is affected. As a consequence, the current ratio is higher, ( the current ratio is computed by spliting the current assets with the current liabilities ) ( Elliott & A ; Elliott, 2008 ) .. On the contrary, a company using the norm weighted cost on the other manus studies an mean stoping stock list. This produces current ration. More so, the stockholders equity is higher in this instance under FIFO method since the norm weighted method outputs a average plus base ( plus less liabilities leads to a higher FIFO ) . In add-on, other balance sheet ratios to see include, plus turnover ( gross revenues divided by assets ) , return of equity ( net income divided by average amount of assets ) , and stock list turnover ( COGS divided by the average stock lists ) ( Elliott & A ; Elliott, 2008 ) .


a )Explain how Large Mart must account for the depreciation of the equipment that was used in the edifice of the new machinery AND explicate why this intervention is required.

Large Mart should handle depreciation as a concern disbursal for the twelvemonth and therefore bear down it to the net income and loss history. This is because it was incurred in the class of enlargement of concern. Since the depreciation disbursal belongs to 4 months of concern, every month is allocated an disbursal utilizing the consecutive line method ( Hussey, 2010 ) . This is necessary so that the right disbursal of depreciation is charged every month

  1. Explain how Large Mart must account for the loan every bit good as the payment of involvement during the clip that the new machinery was built AND explicate why this intervention is required.

Large Mart should account and enter the burden in general leger. First, it should debit the vase for the sum of burden which were given out by the company every bit good as the recognition short-run notes which are collectible for the part that is non to be paid during that fiscal twelvemonth ( Hussey, 2010 ) .Because the entire sum of loan is due to be paid back in less than a twelvemonth, there is no demand for long-run note collectible. Normally, there will be occasional monthly payments. When these payments are made, two variables to be considered are involvement and rule ( Elliott & A ; Elliott, 2008 ) . Principle refers to the original sum borrowed while the involvement is the cost incurred as a consequence of the adoption which is calculated based on the outstanding sum each twelvemonth. Entries are usually made by debiting notes collectible for the rule sum ( Hussey, 2010 ) . As such this is achieved by debiting involvement disbursal for the sum collectible and crediting for the entire payments.

Part B

  1. ( 0.5 Markss )

1/5/201x Dr Computer a/c 5000

Cr Cash a/c 3500

Cr Discount received 1500

To enter purchase of computing machine in hard currency

2/5/201x Dr. Cash a/c 3500

Dr. price reduction received 1500

Cr Computer 5000

To enter return of computing machine to seller and forfeiture of price reduction

2 ) ( 1 grade ) –

Cost of car= 45000 + 1000

= $ 46000

11/5/201x Dr. Car a/c $ 46000

Cr. Creditor/Vendor a/c $ 46000

To enter purchase of a auto on recognition

20/5/201x Dr. Car a/c $ 48000

Cr. Creditor $ 46000

Cr. Cash ( painting logo ) $ 2000

To enter purchase of auto and bringing

1/6/201x Dr. Creditor a/c $ 46000

Cr. Discount received $ 2300

Cr. Cash $ 43700

To enter payment to creditor.

3 ) ( 1.5 Markss ) –

Before reappraisal ;

Cost of the car= $ 48000

Depreciation =48000-2000


= $ 6571 per annum

After reappraisal ;

Cost of the auto = $ 46000



= $ 6286 per annum

Reappraisal therefore has an consequence on depreciation as it has decreased depreciation disbursal from sh. 6571 to sh. 6286 per annum

To enter consequence of reappraisal

1/7/201x Dr Car a/c $ 46000

Dr. Loss on reappraisal $ 2000

Cr. Car $ 48000


Elliott, B. , & A ; Elliott, J. ( 2008 ) .Fiscal Accounting and Reporting. New York, NY: Financial Times Prentice Hall.

Hussey, R. ( 2010 ) .Fundamentalss of International Financial Accounting and Reporting. Michigan: World Scientific.


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