achievement of my life Essay

ACHIEVEMENT OF MY LIFE Every person have their own achievement. When looking back to my life, it is so hard to believed that I had achived something in young age. In my 20 yearsold now, there are many things that I have achieved and that make myself so proud for it. Maybe my achievement is a simple for people but not for me because without this achievement I will not become a better person like now. My achievement that I remember almost s I had perform my first umrah on April, 2011 at the holy land, Mecca.

I was really blessed to Allah because give me this opportunity to do umrah almost 2 years ago in young age. Until now, I still remember everything happen in Mecca and Madinah. Just imagine that, before this I Just saw Masjidil Haram and Masjidil Nabawi throw a picture but when I could saw it in front of me it was a amazing feeling. First time I saw the Kaabah, I cry because I not believed that I could be there. For me Kaabah, Mecca, and Madinah are was so beautiful and at there I really can felt that I so close to Allah.

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achievement of my life Essay
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At there 1 saw thousands of Muslim in different races and colurs praying at the same time. Everyone buzy do their own ibadat. The most experienced that I still rememver is when a group of young boys helped we to walk on HaJarul Aswad and touched it because at there so many person want to kiss the HaJarul Aswad. Besides that, at there also I promised to myself after back to Malaysia I want to change myself o be a better muslim.

What I promised at there I do it. Myself now not like before this. Everyday I will try to be a better muslim. My experiences with my umrah is a really spiritual and memorable almost. I learned so much about Islam , and how to be a better muslim at there and after I back to Malaysia. Now, I really miss all memeroble at there. I really hope that one day I will back there to do my second umrah or perform haj] in my young age. InsyaAllah…


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