Achieving Objectives by Planning and Managing Work Effectively Essay


In 5 old ages clip, I wish to be a Senior Engine Systems Designer in Formula One. The type of company is likely to be a Formula One racing squad. The organizational aims will be to win races and go universe title-holders ; my personal aims will be to go the universe ‘s best engine systems interior decorator. The relationship between these will be that the administration will put aims for the employee to work to, so hence the employee must put personal development aims to co-occur with the administration ‘s aims.

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Achieving Objectives by Planning and Managing Work Effectively Essay
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Harmonizing to Beverley Williams1 ‘Organisational, or corporate, aims need to be set in order to set up the way and aims or ends of the administration. Every individual member of staff demands to be cognizant of the organizational aims and to understand how separately they play their portion in accomplishing them. ‘

With mention to the occupation description ( appendix 1 ), individual specification ( appendix 2 ) and self appraisal ( appendix 3 ) here follows a personal development program to reflect my current accomplishments and failings: –


Key Tasks

Resources required

Date for completion

Date for reappraisal

Improve Communication Skills:

Public speech production

Write studies

Presentations to groups at university

Microsoft PowerPoint

September 2010

October 2010

Reading more articles to see how studies are written





Review every month

Spend more clip in the library


Review every month

Develop Team Working Skills:

Addition assurance

Group work

Take on hard undertakings

Volunteer to be rugby kit executive


September 2010

Get involved with formula pupil


Review yearly

Enhance Planning Skills:


Organise files and talk notes

Booklets and splitters

Memory sticks for backup

August 2010

September 2010

Improve Written Skills and attending to item:

Be able to compose studies good

Spelling and Grammar

Writing Reports

Microsoft word

August 2010

September 2010

Proof Reading my work and look intoing it for grammar

Microsoft word

August 2010

September 2010

Attain Good cognition of rushing auto constituents and systems

Learn cardinal constituents of the auto


Cardinal constituents

Visiting auto workss

Visiting Trade shows

Formula pupil


Review yearly

Achieve a High Degree of Proficiency in CATIA V5

Learn to utilize catia V5 to a high criterion and design paradigms

Catia V5

High Spec Personal computer

Attend Workshop


Review yearly

Most of the above undertakings will be completed whilst go toing university, but to make my full potency I need to be looking outside the box and attend events, voluntary and ego learn to accomplish the aims. For illustration to better on my presentational accomplishments I could inscribe on class such as ‘Successful Talking Skills’ but this would be & amp ; lb ; 105.75 for the one twenty-four hours, so hence I will hold to look for a cheaper option. One option would be to seek for on-line tips on presentational accomplishments, a site such as ‘ ‘ has given me tonss of advice for case ‘Record yourself showing ‘ although he quotes ‘If you do n’t hold a picture camera usage a sound recording equipment ‘ I developed a method of utilizing the webcam on my laptop to enter myself showing.

Another cardinal undertaking is to achieve good cognition of rushing auto constituents and systems, my chief manner of acquisition and developing this is to acquire involved with the expression pupil programme5, this will give me an penetration into the proficient countries of design and industry of a race auto, it will besides assist my squad edifice accomplishments and the manner the auto has to be presented, this will assist my showing accomplishments.

To reexamine the program I will be go toing the expression Renault series at Silverstone in September6 and go toing the autosport international racing auto show7 at Birmingham NEC in January.

Undertaking 2

Achieving aims by be aftering and pull offing work efficaciously

To accomplish aims efficaciously, you must first work out what your aims are. Without be aftering or pull offing work, people work hard but do n’t accomplish their ends. To accomplish their ends this study will look in deepness at three countries which will assist them go better leaders. These are how to be after and pull off work, how to develop productive working relationships and how to guarantee a healthy, safe and productive working environment.

How to be after and pull off work?

One of the chief methods to be after and pull off work is clip direction tools such as a clip analysis sheet ( see appendix 4 ). Without this if you do non hold good clip direction it could take to emphasize, unproductive yearss and last minute hastes to run into deadlines8. The benefits of utilizing such methods allow you to accomplish control over activities – proactive instead than reactive and complete of import undertakings on clip. Another method which could be used is to pull up an action program and to rate occupations in order of their precedence. As Brewster explains ‘Most of the planning you do as a director is merely a affair of believing consistently and utilizing your common sense.

Every program contains three cardinal ingredients: Objective – what you need to accomplish. Action programme – the specific stairss required to accomplish the right aim. Financial impact appraisal – the consequence of the action on gross revenues, turnover, costs and, finally, net income. ‘ 9 As we all know the mean twenty-four hours does n’t travel to be after, merely when you ‘re in the center of something an break occurs, so it is of import to let for some trim clip to be included in your programs to let you to catch up when the unexpected happens. To summarize: get down off with a long term action program, place chief aims and agenda these into day-to-day undertakings go forthing eventuality clip to cover with unplanned issues as they arise.

How to develop productive working relationships?

Choosing the right leading manner will let your staff to be more motivated and productive. In contrast an bossy leading manner, where the leader dictates order without audience can demotivate staff and do them experience non portion of the squad. A more popular manner is the democratic leading manner where as ‘Learn Management 2 ‘ says ‘A democratic director delegates authorization to his/her staff, giving them duty to finish the undertaking given to them ( besides known as authorization ). Staff will finish the undertakings utilizing their ain work methods. However, the undertaking must be completed on clip. Employees are involved in determination devising giving them a sense of belonging and motivation persons. Because staff feel a sense of belonging and are motivated the quality of determination devising and work besides improves.’10. To set up good working relationships with directors, co-workers and squad members you need a combination manner such as John Adair ‘s action centred leading theoretical account.

His theoretical account is a good manner to follow to carry through and develop a good working squad. He states ‘Good directors and leaders should hold full bid of the three chief countries of the Action Centred Leadership theoretical account, and should be able to utilize each of the elements harmonizing to the state of affairs. Bing able to make all of these things, and maintain the right balance, gets consequences, physiques morale, improves quality, develops squads and productiveness, and is the grade of a successful director and leader. The three parts of Adair ‘s Action-Centred Leadership theoretical account are normally represented by three overlapping circles. ‘.

In order to keep criterions of work and behaviour that achieves aims such as guaranting that the squad works good together, each squad member knows their function and that every member understands the common end. Armstrong ‘s amounts this up be stating ‘One of the most of import undertakings of squad working is to do the best usage of the capacities of the squad so that all its members will work together good in order to accomplish and present superior degrees of public presentation ‘.

How to guarantee wellness and safety and productiveness in the working environment?

The chief duty of a director is to do certain the administrations hazards have been assessed, systems are in topographic point and have reasonable control measures that are established and maintained. All staff should be adequately trained and competent in their wellness and safety duties. Another duty is to compose a formal wellness and safety policy that employees must read and subscribe, this should incorporate information about any possible jeopardies from chemicals or other substances used by the company. They should besides put up exigency programs and supply the necessary warning marks.

A on the job environment poses many hazards, for the safety of the work force the leader must hold an grasp of the work being carried out. The worker is besides responsible for his/her ain wellness and safety in the work topographic point hence working with the leader a elaborate hazard appraisal can be carried out. All hazards have to be officially recorded and most companies use a standard signifier called a hazard appraisal ( see appendix 5 ). On a hazard appraisal signifier you must first place the jeopardy and how this may impact members of the work force, and so if anything has been carried out and its effectivity. Besides included in the signifier is what farther action is necessary and by whom and when and besides if it has been completed.

Following the hazard assessment several actions may be required they range from clean uping up the work country to major restructuring of how procedures are carried out. A full graduated table care program may be required and the costs will hold to be budgeted for. It may besides take to holding to make a COSSH hazard appraisal or Fire hazard appraisal which may affect outside resources.

In summary a successful company will accomplish its ends by holding a good motivated, good informed staff in a healthy and safe working environment. This is merely possible if there is a good structured program and room for development for which a committed leader can implement throughout the work force.


Appendix 1 – Occupation description2

# 1Appendix 2 – Person specification1

Position Title:

F1 Engine Systems Design Engineer

Job Mention:



Woking, Surrey


& A ; lb ; NEG

Contract Type:

Permanent wave

Date Posted:


Start Date:


# 2Job Detailss

Esteemed Motorsport company in Surrey is looking for an Engine Systems Design Engineer for a fixed term contract ab initio until Christmas.

Chief duties:

• Conceptual and item design of Engine Systems on a F1 Racing Car such as fuel, hydraulic and chilling systems.

• When required, to help in design work related to monocoque, bodywork, maneuvering and transmittal constituents.

• Design of gigue and tooling constituents for industry and testing of constituents.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

• Degree in Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering or similar

• Good cognition of rushing auto constituents and systems.

• Excellent cognition of metallic and composite stuffs and fabricating techniques.

• High Level of Proficiency in CATIA V5

• Proficiency in VPM

• Basic Personal computer skills – word / excel

• Experience within in F1 or similar environment

• Proven experience in the design of engine systems

Personal Properties:

• Self motive.

• High inaugural degree.

• Good job work outing accomplishments.

• Good communicating accomplishments.

• Attention to detail.

• Ability to work under force per unit area and to tight deadlines.

To use for this place, campaigners must be eligible to populate and work in the UK

Matchtech Group Plc is moving as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy.


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