Achieving True Happiness Sample Essay

The inquiry “why are we on this planet? ” is one that everyone at some point in his or her life ponders about. For some it might be household. others success or faith. but at the root of it all. if we are non happy. what is the point of inquiring? “Happiness” can be defined as a mental province or emotion in which we are content with everything in out milieus and brushs. In the essay. “Born to Be Happy. Through a Turn of Human Hard Wire. ” writer Richard A. Friedman explains felicity in a really interesting manner. He states that chemicals the encephalon produces. such as Dopastat and 5-hydroxytryptamine is the causes of felicity and other emotions. That may be a manner of generalising the causes scientifically. but for something so complex and cryptic such as felicity. it becomes the facets in your life that enable you to accomplish true felicity. They can be summed down to day-to-day satisfaction. societal satisfaction. and personal satisfaction. Those three constituents cover every subdivision of your life ; holding all three evident in your life with good balance between each of them will enable you to accomplish true enduring felicity.

In his essay. Friedman. negotiations about a rare circumstance of a adult female that lost her occupation and hubby died from malignant neoplastic disease. but was still ever abnormally happy. The adult female was lucky to be born with a joyous disposition. which in its most utmost signifier is called hyperthymia. Despite life’s bad lucks and any bad event. hyperthymic people remain energetic ; they are considered the psychiatric mirror image of people who suffer from womb-to-tomb mild depression called dysthymic depression. Over two thousand old ages ago. Hippocrates proposed that a mixture of four basic things determined human disposition. Those were thought to be “blood. emotionlessness. yellow gall and black bile” . Today that theory is now replaced with chemicals your encephalon green goodss called neurotransmitters.

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Achieving True Happiness Sample Essay
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Modern twenty-four hours scientific discipline shows that emotional degrees are based on the sums of 5-hydroxytryptamine and Dopastat in your encephalon. Worlds for the past two thousand old ages have experimented seeking to animate those chemicals your encephalon green goodss. like cocaine. which overloads your encephalon with Dopastat. or rapture. which releases 5-hydroxytryptamine. Both drugs are unsuccessful in making a stable lasting. positive emotional degree. They cause the encephalons neurotransmitters and receptors to acquire benumbed. doing you desensitized to those chemicals. which your encephalon of course produces. Friedman concludes that there are no recreational drugs that can animate the stable. happy mental province of hyperthymic people. For everyone else. accomplishing felicity is non every bit easy as it is for that adult female. It is hard and takes changeless work throughout your life.

For the remainder of us who were non lucky plenty to be born with hyperthymia. we have to look at the three facets I mentioned earlier. The first chief facet is day-to-day satisfaction. This can interpret to basking the simple things in life. maintaining a clear head. and a positive attitude. This might intend happening felicity in activities we enjoy. and hobbies we like to make. It can besides be every bit simple as looking up at the stars after a long. nerve-racking twenty-four hours and marveling at the world’s beauty. Life and felicity are non determined by one event ; it is the combination of all the small things that happen along the manner that make it worthwhile for us to maintain traveling.

This ensures that when adversities come our manner. we will non be easy discouraged or affected. I one time had this neighbour a few old ages ago that would ever be smiling. Day after twenty-four hours whenever I would see him he would ever be happy. I shortly began to believe that felicity was the lone emotion he was able to experience. One twenty-four hours I come place to see a for sale mark on his house. I would subsequently happen out that he was traveling through a divorce. and his married woman was taking the house and the childs. On his last twenty-four hours populating at the house he comes to state adieu to us. and I asked him how are you still smiling after everything that has happened? He replies stating that he woke up healthy this forenoon and that there is still a long route in front of him ; things will acquire better. We have to take everything one measure at a clip. and merely be happy that we are alive. The issue of unhappiness comes approximately when we do non appreciate what we have and look for felicity in things we do non hold.

The following chief felicity subscriber is societal satisfaction. One of the chief causes of depression is loneliness ; the antonym would be holding societal credence and acknowledgment. Worlds are the most societal animals on this planet. We are invariably seeking fondness. attending. and credence from others. When we reach a certain age we look to acquire married. and a few old ages subsequently we bring childs. We can hold all the success and celebrity in the universe. but at the terminal of the twenty-four hours if you are entirely. what is the point of that illustriousness? Rapper and artist Kanye West says in one of his vocals. “My friend showed me a image of his childs. and all I could demo him was images of my cot. ( intending houses ) . He said his girl got a trade name new study card. and all I got was a trade name new athleticss auto. ” He is speaking about how all the people around him have households and childs. and although he might be celebrated and rich. there is cipher in his life he can portion it with. Having people we love to portion our day-to-day lives with is one of the basic signifiers of how we can accomplish true felicity.

Daily and societal satisfactions are a few ways that are indispensable to a life of felicity ; nevertheless the most of import facet is personal satisfaction. This means that whatever your ends and dreams are. you work to carry through them to the best of your abilities. This is different for everyone ; there is no set expression. One person’s end or dream might be as exciting and hard as going a professional jock. or it might be every bit simple as going a little concern proprietor. This does non intend that the professional jock will be happier than the little concern proprietor merely because he or she did something more hard or honoring. Personal satisfaction is whatever you hold beloved to your bosom. and working to accomplish what you want to make. non anyone else. Becoming a physician because your parents want you to will intend that you will be doing great sums of money. nevertheless if you are waking up mundane detesting your occupation. and your life. that is non the manner to travel. Achieving true felicity through personal satisfaction is turning your dreams and desires into world ; whatever they may be. every bit long as they are yours.

Happiness will ever be one of the greatest wonders of this universe. Human emotions are the most complicated things to explicate. because they are something we feel. It is non a physical point. Something that might convey felicity to one individual could hold no consequence in another ; there are no common variables to travel off of. No affair how educated a bookman might be. or how much research a scientist might hold done on felicity there will ne’er be a felicity pill that provides changeless life long happiness without side effects. However day-to-day. societal. and personal satisfaction can be an indispensable expression we can implement in our lives that can assist us acquire on the right path to accomplishing that long term felicity. It is something all worlds crave to hold evident in their lives.


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