Action Speak Louder Than Words Essay

I strongly believe that actions speak louder than words. Because when a person do something, everybody who is around will judge the results of the action and will conect the action to the person who did it. One good example of it is the politician who is involved in a political scandal. Regardeless the politician can proove his inocence, the most of people will conect the politician’s image to the escandal, and maybe don’t support him in the next election process.

Another point which has to be observed is that people speaks about many things and someones speak a lot, all the time, about things that are no true. That’s why the socyet are getting used to not believe in words, but in acts. Because acts are more dificult to be unreliable. The acts, always leave results and the the results are the best exemple of the reliability of the acts. I’m going to give one good exemple of how an act can speaks louder than words: once in my life, I was trying to get a new job and had to do some selection tests. Because there was only 1 vacance and 10 candidates.

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Action Speak Louder Than Words Essay
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The test selections included some group dynamics, and one of those dynamics were as follows: the the test aplicant asked to every candidate who really spoke english and all test takers answered that we really spoke english. So, the test aplicant, continued making other questions in our mother leguage ( portuguese). After 30 minutes, the test aplicant left the room and didn? t come back. After 10 minutes, another woman come to us and talked in english: “The test will continue in the room number 1546, at the 5th floor, in about 5 minutes. Who uderstood me, please leave this room right know and go to the new room where the test will be placed”.

After the woman left the room, only 3 candidates went to the room 1546, at the 5th floor. By this exemple, is very easy to understand how the actions talks louder than words. Because, although all the candidates sad that they really spoke english, only 3 of them really understood the information that the test would continue in another room. I can over this essay, supporting the idea that actions is more reliable then words, saying that is easier to relly that a person is really capable to understand the topics discussed in an american university analysing the person’ toefl exam results than only if the person say that he is capable.


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