Adjective Excercise Essay

Adjectives – Comparison – Exercise 1 Fill in the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives ComparativeSuperlative 1old____________________ 2bad____________________ 3difficult____________________ 4large____________________ 5 good____________________ 6big____________________ 7easy____________________ 8much____________________ 9little____________________ 10interesting____________________ Adjectives – Comparison – Exercise 2 Fill in all the gaps with the correct forms of the adjectives 1__________longer__________ 2____________________worst modern____________________ 4____________________nicest 5____________________nearest 6____________________flattest 7popular____________________ 8__________happier__________ 9many____________________ 10____________________cleverest Adjectives – Comparison – Exercise 3 Fill in the missing words into the gaps. Mind the first two words in each task 1strong – stronger; good – __________ 2coldest – colder; happiest- __________ 3nice – nicer; bad- __________ 4angry – angrier; much- __________ 5more boring – boring; sunnier- __________ more interesting – most interesting; worse- __________ 7hard – hardest; new – __________ 8most expensive – expensive; cleanest – __________ 9fast – fastest; old- __________ 10shortest – short; most difficult – __________ Comparison of adjectives with as … as Use either as … as or not as … as in the sentecnes below. Ex: Ben Nevis is __________ as Mont Blanc (not/high). Answer: Ben Nevis is not as high as Mont Blanc. |1 The blue car is __________ the red car. (fast) | |2 Peter is __________ Fred. not/tall) | |3 The violin is __________ the cello. (not/low) | |4 This copy is __________ the other one. (bad) | |5 Oliver is __________ Peter. (optimistic) | |6 Today it’s __________ yesterday. not/windy) | |7 The tomato soup was __________ the mushroom soup. (delicious) | |8 Grapefruit juice is __________ lemonade. (not/sweet) | |9 Nick is __________ Kevin. (brave) | |10 Silver is __________ gold. (not/heavy) | Comparison of adjectives in sentences

Put in the adjective in bold from the first sentence into the second sentence in its correct form (comparative or superlative). Ex: I have a fast car, but my friend has a ______ car. Answer: I have a fast car, but my friend has a faster car. |1 This is a nice cat. It’s much __________ than my friend’s cat. | |2 Here is Emily. She’s six years old. Her brother is nine, so he is __________ . | |3 This is a difficult exercise. But the exercise with an asterisk (*) is the __________ exercise on the worksheet. | |4 He has an interesting hobby, but my sister has the __________ hobby in the world. |5 In the last holidays I read a good book, but father gave me an even __________ one last weekend. | |6 School is boring, but homework is __________ than school. | |7 Skateboarding is a dangerous hobby. Bungee jumping is __________ than skateboarding. | |8 This magazine is cheap, but that one is __________ . | |9 We live in a small house, but my grandparents’ house is even __________ than ours. | |10 Yesterday John told me a funny joke. This joke was the __________ joke I’ve ever heard. |

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