Adoption of "Excellence" Practices in Consultancy Firms Essay


An Excellence pattern can be mean by a pattern that reach a certain in agreement quality criterion. A company can be consider as excellent if they satisfy their clients by good work efficiency and ever be on clip. An Excellence pattern in a building company are able to maximize the work efficiency and rate of successful. There are many pattern could be apply on a building company as to do it more successful. As my sentiment, using good quality direction is an excellence pattern.

Econcos Consultant Sdn Bhd – History and Background

Econcos Advisers Sdn Bhd is the member of Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, United Kingdom which established in twelvemonth 1997. However, Econcos adviser was name after the used of name as Perunding SL which is a partnership company. Econcos adviser was established as a organic structure corporate measure appraising house in August 27, twelvemonth 2004 which aim to in line with planned concern enlargement. Econcos Consultants Sdn Bhd offer a broader measure appraising expertness and better services to their valued clients and clients. Econcos Consultants Sdn Bhd was founded by four experient surveyors, which are Sr. Yong Siew Loong, Sr. Wong Seat Sin, Sr. Ong Kong Joo, and Sr. Chong Tze Hen.

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Adoption of "Excellence" Practices in Consultancy Firms Essay
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The company theoretical account of Econcos Consultant is little but it is developing and spread outing throughout these few old ages and wish to engage more measure appraising expertness. For now, Econcos Consultant consist by little group of qualified and experience staff. These staff are able to supply excellence services on managing civil, substructure and edifice plants.

Econcos Consultant gather assorted single expertness and experience to construct up an active consulting house. The following are a few rules that promise by Econcos Consultant:

  • Experienced and qualified measure surveyor will supply services with high satisfactory degree
  • Safeguard involvement of client and supervise the cost of outgo contrary to budget that been set up
  • To do certain client to accomplish best value of money and obtain optimal return from their investing

Econcos Advisers Sdn Bhd was set up association with a few Asiatic part companies in order to supply better services to client. These are the companies that associate with Econcos Consultant:

  • A-Z Construction Consultancy – China [ Shanghai ]
  • Currie & A ; Brown Pvt Ltd – Bharat
  • Campbell Shilinglaw and Partnesrs Ltd – Viet nam

Econcos Consultant Sdn Bhd – Servicess


  • Construct Feasibility Study including Cash Flow to anlayse and measure the potency of proposed undertaking
  • Preparation of Preliminary Estimates and Cost Plan
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities and other stamp paperss necessary for the naming stamp
  • Preparation of Tender Reports and Contract Documents in coactions with the specializer Advisers.
  • Evaluation of Works in advancement for interim Valuations/Certificates including measuring of fluctuations
  • Prepare Final Account for whole plants including the incorporation of the Final Accounts prepared by the specializer Advisers for their plants.

Particular services:

  • Audit Construction Costss
  • Value the Engineering works before or after stamps presenting
  • Survey on the economic systems of surrogate designs and fix life rhythm bing for each of them
  • Contract Auditing included relevant budget and outgo
  • Monitor and attest undertaking histories, such as loan intent
  • Measure the Contract Claims
  • Client’s Representative on Design and Build Contract

Econcos Consultant Sdn Bhd – Projects Involved

Econcos Consultant have non involve in a big figure of undertakings due to little company theoretical account. However, Econcos Consultant acquire to affect in a few undertakings from assorted scope included low rise or high rise Residential, Commercial, Industrial, educational and Civil Engineering and substructure. Econcos Consultant involve in more Sunway residential undertakings because Sunway group is one of the biggest client for the company.

Residential-High Rise

19-Storey Condominium [ 4 Blocks ]

Bandar Utama

24-Storey Service Apartment and 1 Lv Penthouse [ 2 Blocks ]


Service Apartment [ 2 Blocks ]

U1, Shah Alam

Office Building [ 1 Block ]

U1, Shah Alam

30-Storey Service Apartment

Jalan Klang, KL

Residential-Low Rise

77 Unit of measurements Pancho villas:

Sunway South Quay

2-Storey Villas [ Type C ]

Sunway South Quay

3-Storey Villas [ Type D ]

Sunway South Quay


128 Unit of measurements 3-Storey, 4-Storey Shop and Office

Kota Damansara, PJ


Acid Regeneration Plant

Ton DRI Plant

Hot Roll Coil Storage Yard

Corporate Headquarterss


3-Storey Kindergarten and Training Centre

Mutiara Damansara, PJ

Civil Engineering and substructure

Gallons Elevated Water Tank

Jalan Meru, Klang

Econcos Consultant Sdn Bhd – Software usage

  • Microsoft Excel and Binalink solution-BQ faculty:

Use to make taking-off, prepare Bills of Quantities and Lump Sum Bills of Measures

  • DWG Viewer:

Manual step for Plan Area, Perimeter, Vertical Area, Vertical Partition and Linear Measurement on CAD drawings.

Unitech QS Consultancy Sdn Bhd – History and Background

QS Consultancy was founded in twelvemonth 1997, Unitech QS Consultancy was a prima and independent multi-disciplinary including building cost consultancy and direction pattern which probably be preferred by most of the clients since it was established. Unitech QS Consultancy provide dependable expertness to delegating professional services in order to do the best determination for clients. Unitech QS Consultancy able to obtain and garner reputes for quality services and maximise client’s value systematically through direct engagement actively in assorted undertakings.

Unitech QS Consultancy emphasise consist of a few of nucleus value which is supplying first-class client attention by constructing a good relationship with assorted client, maintain strong finding and passionate to make the best and further a cohesive and caring working environment. Furthermore, Unitech QS Consultancy frequently train for larning spirit because non-stop is of import as things change through clip. Unitech QS Consultancy besides promote beforehand invention and information engineering in the service their offer.

Unitech QS Consultancy Sdn Bhd – Services

  • Measure Surveying and Cost Management
  • Undertaking Management
  • Design & A ; Build Management
  • Investing Appraisals and Feasibility Studies
  • Due Diligence and Condition Assessment Survey
  • Construction Loan Monitoring
  • Construction Cost Audit
  • Insurance Evaluations and Loss Adjusters Assessment
  • Dispute Support Services


Unitech QS Consultancy Sdn Bhd – Projects involve

Unitech QS Consultancy non merely affect in major undertaking in Penang, but besides with other provinces as shown below. Unitech QS involve a batch in High rise occupant, commercial and industrial undertakings. Unitech QS besides involve in other scope of development such as assorted development and public & A ; administrative. Unitech QS seems to be holding a good concern relationship with IJM land because they participated a batch for IJM land’s undertakings. The following shown a few of undertakings than take part by Unitech QS Consultancy at the yesteryear.

Residential-High Rise



The Spring [ IJM Land ]


Tanjung Beach Condominium


Nusmetro-The Arte

Kuala Lumpur

Reka Indah-Meridian [ IJM Land ]


Public & A ; Administrative

Wisma Yeap Chor Ee Restoration


St. George Church Restoration


Labuan Clock tower



Tesco Old Klang Road

Kuala Lumpur

Suria Jelutong Service Suites [ IJM Land ]


Metro @ Genting Kelang



Zoomic Technology


Dell APCC1


Crown Relocations Malaysia

Negeri Sembilan


Ministry of Education


Highlands International School


Healthcare and Hospitality

Maria One


Royal Hotel

Kuala Lumpur

Mixed Development

Sunshine Tower


Belieview-all season


Pearl Regency [ IJM Land ]


Landed Residential

Bayu Ferringhi


Taman Idaman Penang [ IJM Land ]


Unitech QS Consultancy Sdn Bhd – Software usage

  • QS Cad – Site work

Earthwork Measurement

  • QS Cad-Basic, MB3, QS Cad-Rebar

Architectural, Civil, structural and reinforcement saloon measuring

  • Estimator Pro

Constructing up of single Ratess for Tender Pricing, stuff programming

  • E-tender, QS Editor Viewer

Download Pricing and upload/Submit the Tender via cyberspace or Cadmium

Rational and justification of Unitech QS Consultancy Sdn Bhd excels in “excellence” pattern for

Enhance Econcos Consultant Sdn Bhd public presentation by following “excellence” patterns

Econcos was successfully obtained the MS ISO 9001:2008 acknowledgment for the Quantity Surveying Consulting Services for the Construction Industry as refer to the appendix A below. However, this is still non plenty because there are still a batch of betterment to be done.


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