Adult Education Essay

Dealer’s passage, “Education consists In the growth of understanding, insight and ultimately some wisdom. Only in mature soil, soil rich with experience, can ideas really take root”, (Adler) my first reaction was to defend childhood education based on my work history and education. Children learn through play and through play they have experiences which are very much a part of their education. These are experiences that last a life time from their Intellectual development to heir social-emotional growth.

I felt that the author was criticizing the education of young children by saying children are only trainable or schooled not educated by life experiences. After reading the entire article, I have come to the conclusion that we are all trying to achieve ultimate wisdom or education through life experiences with the strongest foundation being early training and social-emotional development. Adler states that children are more trainable then adults. Through my experience I have found this to be true in many aspects.

Children are able to learn and speak a second language Just through Interacting with peers that speak the foreign language, This process usually depends on the child and the level of language skills they already possess. Concepts and skills are learned through play and interactions with peers and adults. These experiences are the building blocks that set the foundation of the education for the child. Adults attempting to learn a foreign language must spend several months, If not years, mastering the language If they are able to learn It at all.

New skills tend to come easily to adults that have had formal training such as preschool, elementary and secondary school. “What is the ultimate goal toward which every part of schooling or education Is directed? It Is wisdom. ” (Adler) When children enter an early childhood education program their parents are looking to the staff to educate their child. Parents want their child to learn concepts such as the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors. A large portion of their early schooling or training is learning how to interact with other children and adults.

Social-emotional growth and development Is very Important to every child In our society. If children are delayed in social-emotional growth and development it is hard for them to grasp the concepts that are set forth in the program. Ultimately social skills and education go hand in hand for all people. A good foundation for children is to be in a loving, nurturing and stable environment. Children must be In an environment that promotes empathy, assertiveness, problem solving skills and self expression. These skills give children confidence and they become eager to learn.

It is the responsibility of each adult to make sure that children have this foundation for future educational growth In all aspects of their lives. This will Insure that children are able to reach their potential and able to achieve desired wisdom. A strong foundation In all areas of growth and development will insure the child grow to be productive and educated 1 OFF cults canceller, won are neglected, souses Ana nave no parental guidance nave a lesser chance of a strong social-emotional foundation. These children will sometimes row up with trust issues, problems learning and irreversible social issues.

These children are not able to concentrate at school, which causes them to do poorly during their formal training or schooling. Child abuse and neglect can have an impact on an adult’s quality of life in many fundamental ways. It makes basic day-to-day activities, such as eating, sleeping, working and study, very difficult for many people that have this history behind them. Child abuse and neglect can also affect a person’s mental health, physical health, and current relationships with the people around you.

Not being able to trust the world around them causes them to have a poor quality of life. The education and experience they received as a child has been in mistrust and betrayal. Adler states that he admits that children are containers of different sizes and they do not all have the same capacity. Children are like sponges that soak up information good or bad. With training and redirection from the negative experience in the forms of therapy and counseling children can become well rounded and highly educated adults. We would all like to be a little wiser than we are-to have a little ore understanding, a little more insight, a little more comprehension of the human situation, of the conditions of our lives, of the world in which we live; to know better the difference between good and evil. ” (Adler) This understanding will does not happen quickly and it takes many years of experience to become wise. Sometimes it takes many trials and tribulations for people to work through the bad or evil life experiences. Education and becoming wise really does come with time and experience.

Adults are ultimately responsible to provide good experiences for hillier so they too can be well rounded educated adults. Well rounded educated adults have the ability to trust, love and care for others. They also have the ability to move on from the hurt and pain that others may have cause them. Educated and wise people will be able to share the goodness of the world with the young and impressionable. My hope for the future is that the young and old alike continue to be educated and continue to help each other have great life experiences. Cited Works Adler, Mortimer. Adult Education . Print.

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