Advantage of Technology Essay

It has been widely noted that, with the growing use of mobile phone and email, the world are becoming more smaller than before. Many persons hold optimistic attitudes towards the delevelop the technology of communicate, and to the present world. As for me , i fully agree with them. And the transformations i anticipate are as fllows: First of all, with the progress of the process of globalization, people of different races and who are lives in different countries may trying to learn more different culture from each other.

The communicate of tehnology give them opporunity to help each other to understanding. In addition, the advances of technology have made our lives more comfortable and healthier. For intance, mobile have made our time more flexible. Instead of our work being confines to a certain period of time and a fixed olace, people can now talk to each other while travelling or simply stay at home. Thirdly, the technology of communicate have made our life more interesting.

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Advantage of Technology Essay
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We can now make friends with people all over the world through the internet, and feel that we are now living in a global village. finally, ordinary people gain easy access to the information they want through the use of technology of communicate. In theIT ages , the time people spent at more is more than before,the moblie phone can promote sensibility communion. To sum up, what we must do is make sure that technology of communicate bring us more benfits than problem. If properly used, such as moblie phone are essential for improing life in the 21st century.


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