Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Internet nowadays

It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t heard of the Internet as  the number of users in the global network is growing every day. Is it good or bad? To answer the question, that can be used in your essay paper, take a look on positives and negatives of the Internet.

Nowadays, people continue to create and promote sites, wherein the top is only the best, which gradually facilitates the transition of the number of websites to quality. Every day, the Internet is getting better, more functional and more stable, but no doubt, that there are positives and negatives of the Internet.

In the beginning, sites were created by enthusiasts. They made several pages linked  between each other; it was more like pages than sites. But over the time, such outstanding personalities as Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Paul Durov, Artemy Lebedev, and Michael Shakin began to create excellent Internet resources, which help people in all spheres of life. The Internet Hall of Fame can be continued, but each of them made the Internet the way we know today, with all advantages and disadvantages of the Internet, as well as benefits of using the Internet by people.

It’s hard not to find access to the Internet, as it’s available almost everywhere: you can connect it using a modem, a Wi-Fi router, a USB modem, 3G and 4G networks, from a TV, a computer, a mobile phone, a smartphone, an electronic book – every day the number of devices with the Internet information is growing.

We can’t live without the benefits of using the Internet. It’s available for children, students, and all people any time you want. You can communicate with people from the other countries through the Internet. It can help children and students to find information for any essay. But, unfortunately, there are not just benefits of using the Internet. Just read on, and you’ll read about the disadvantages of Internet and advantages of the Internet.


Advantages of the Internet

Topic about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet is huge. Let’s start with Internet advantages:

-The Internet is a priceless repository of human experience and useful information. People can use its content for their purposes.

-It’s an unlimited communication, which includes correspondence, voice communication, video communication. You can find and communicate with your classmates, fellow students, colleagues through the Internet.

-Advantages of the Internet can be represented by the fact, that it’s a place where you can speak, consult, share experiences, communicate with people.

-One of the internet advantages is that creating sites has become incredibly simple – just a few clicks and a good site is ready.

-You can download games, photos, melodies, songs, videos, documents through the Internet.

-As the main advantages of the Internet serve the fact, that you can always find like-minded people or just a fun company.

-Internet advantages are in making a person more educated and prudent. Many useful things, can be learned without leaving the monitor. Much useful information for a different kind of essay can be available for children, students, and teachers due to the advantages of the Internet.

-One of the advantages of the internet is for earning money. An essay writer, designer, programmer, and many others will find a good stable income due to it.

-Advantages of the Internet are in feeling freer than in the real world, and you can watch the latest news about the whole planet.

-Advantages of the Internet are in advertising your corporation, engaging in business, taking part in auctions, playing auctions and stock exchanges.


Disadvantages of the Internet

Despite all the advantages of the Internet, there are disadvantages to the Internet as well. Internet disadvantages can be represented by:

-There are trap sites, non-content sites with ads and infected sites, that can break your computer.

-There is censorship in some segments of the Internet.

-Children can find inappropriate for the information available.

-Internet disadvantages are in having an unprecedented number of porn sites, sites for anonymous suicides and other negative elements.

-You can offend, humiliate, provoke an inadequate response.

-Earning money due to the Internet can serve as advantages and disadvantages of the Internet, because there are many sites, offering a job, but refuse to pay afterward.

-In some countries, Internet prices are exaggeratedly overweight.

-A lot of information, for example, essay papers, are stolen from the other sites.

All disadvantages of the Internet you see below are constant. We, users, have to resist every measure of transforming the Internet from a place where ideas exist freely, into one more instrument of world governments.

Don’t be afraid of Internet disadvantages; it has a lot of resources, where a friendly atmosphere and people are provided with quality services. All you need is to search and be acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet.


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