Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Communications Essay

From day to day, our world has been changed gradually form one condition to another. The revolution of new ideas always comes up to the minds of every person, especially the idea to improve technology which people need to make the living better. As the result, modern technology has been bringing people certain advantages such as ways for fast communication, the improvement of traveling, and good health care medical treatment. However, loneliness, world destruction weapons, pollution, and sameness of lifestyle are brought by modern technology, too.

For the plus side, we can get the fast ways of communication through modern technology, without it everything will be the same. Modern communication technology ties humanity together like a nervous system ties the parts of an organism together. Today we are connected with every other human being on the planet in a way people never have been before. This has profound implications for friends, family, lovers, employers and civil authorities Nowadays, people can get hot news from any parts of the world very quickly, pay their bills, by using E-mail and Internet. lso, the internet can be seen in aiding the spread of culture, because all of the communication made possible by the internet. Moreover, telephone-local or/and oversea is playing a key role for people to communicate to with each other. Although it is extremely useful, there are some downsides to the modern communication. first of all, as the other poster stated, there are dangers of the internet, like viruses and people that pose as others or try to take advantage of others. The internet allows for an array of crimes that essentially were harder to commit before.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Communications Essay
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Such as identity theft, since no one can check your id and verify that you are the person purchasing something, for example. Also, with increased internet use, it seems that more and more people take for granted the value of actual, face to face conversation or even all human contact. we could end up with more and more people who simply stay at home and do everything–take classes, work a job, pay their bills, shop for things–and years from now, if everyone, say shops for everything online and it is no longer purposeful or profitable to keep stores open, that would eliminate countless jobs.

Next is cellphones. The explosion of cell phone use in the last few decades has been astounding. Cell phones use microwave radiation to communicate. Consequently, our landscapes and cities are covered by ‘base stations’ that relay the microwave signals used for communication. Both the base stations and the cell phones emit microwave radiation. Consequently, safety standards have been established to limit the microwave radiation exposure from cell phones and base stations. The safety standards only protect from the heating effect of the microwave radiation, also called the ‘thermal effect’.

If the microwave radiation does not cause a temperature increase in your head of more than one degree, the microwave exposure is deemed to be safe. The underlying assumption is that there cannot be cell damage without heating. And without cell damage, there is no health risk. Furthermore, cell phones are not allowed in hospitals and on airplanes due to the concern that the microwave radiation might interfere with the electronics. It does not make sense to acknowledge that there might be interference on sensitive electronic equipment due to the microwaves, but exclude the possibility that these same microwaves might have an impact on our body.

After all, the human body is an extremely sensitive electrochemical instrument that uses various wave-based electrical processes (e. g. brain waves), each characterized by a specific frequency. Concluding, the current safety standards for microwave radiation emitted by cell phones only take thermal heating into account: microwave radiation is considered to be safe if your body temperature does not increase by more than one degree. The non-thermal effects are not taken into account, making the ’safety standards’ a mockery of public health.

Many research studies have shown that non-heating, or non-thermal, microwave radiation has a profoundly negative effect on the human body. Also, [Cell] phones damage key brain cells and could trigger the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. …Researchers have found that radiation from cell phone handsets damages areas of the brain associated with learning, memory and movement. Therefore, new communication technology has some advantages and disadvantages. So ,I think we should use them as better as we can and attempt to make the disadvantages into advantages .


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