Advantages Of Women Entrepreneurs Commerce Essay

Womans constitute around half of the entire universe population. So is in India besides. They are hence regarded as the better half of the society. In traditional societies, they were confined to the four walls of houses executing family activities. In modern societies they have come out of the four walls to take part in all kinds of activities. The planetary groundss proveA A that adult females have been executing extremely good in different domains of activities like faculty members, political relations, disposal, societal work and so on. Now they have started immersing into industry besides and running their endeavors successfully. Therefore while discoursing on entrepreneurial development of adult females enterprisers in the state.

A A A A A A A A Al through little concerns owned by adult females have traditionally focused on manner, fond and other services sector, but late adult females enterprisers have been traveling quickly into fabrication, building and other industrial filed. Women owned concern are lightly increasing in the economic sciences of about all states. The concealed entrepreneurial potency of adult females have bit by bit been altering with the turning sensivity to the function and economic position in the society. It means adult females have the potencies, accomplishment, cognition and adaptability to run a concern successfully.

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Advantages Of Women Entrepreneurs Commerce Essay
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Meaning And Definitions

Womans enterpriser is a individual who accepts disputing function to run into her personal demand and go economically independent. There are economical, societal, spiritual, cultural and other factors bing in the society which responsible for the exigency of the enterprisers.

“ Womans entrepreneur refers every bit to person who has started a one adult females concern to person who is a principal in household concern or partnership or to person who is stockholder in a public company which she runs ” .

A A A A A A A The Government of India has definedA A a adult females enterpriser is “ an endeavor owned and controlled by a adult females holding a minimal fiscal involvement of 51 % of the capital and giving at least 51 % of the employment generated in the endeavor to adult females “ .

.Advantages Of Female Entrepreneurs

Social Networking.A

Let ‘s face it-women are natural networkers. They love to speak, mingle, and hang-up cubituss. This is the really ground why hubbies seldom of all time pull off the societal calendar. In today ‘s concern environment, get the hanging societal media is compulsory, and the ladies perfectly have a leg up!



They call it “ adult females ‘s intuition ” for a reason.A Women in general can size up another individual much faster than her male opposite number. In today ‘s ultra-fast paced concern environment, you need the ability to rapidly place the Alliess and the enemies. Regardless if you are a male or female, you need to swear your intestine.


Pain Tolerance.A

Okay, ab initio I would hold said this is irrelevant. But after watching my kids be born, there is no inquiry that my married woman can handleA a lotA more hurting than I can. And I am non merely speaking physical hurting, I mean emotional, excessively ( have you seen how tough kids can be on their female parents? ) . In concern, there are a batch of painful minutes. A batch. Women decidedly have an advantage in this country.



A Womans are known for beguiling many undertakings at the same clip and still being able to bring forth first-class consequences. Conversely, the cats are Masterss at concentrating on one thing. Still, the advantage in today ‘s deflecting environment goes to adult females.



A Women inherently seem to hold more forbearance. And in today ‘s concern environment, forbearance is cardinal! Aggressive concern schemes are non paying off like they one time did. Decelerate and steady wins the race in this class.



A friend of mine went to purchase a new bed at a little bedclothes shop owned by a hubby and married woman squad. The female proprietor attacks my friend and asked all sorts of inquiries about why they needed a new bed, if they could repair their old bed, what else they were sing, etc. She asked inquiries and listened closely. She clearly showed that she cared approximately assisting to run into their demands. My friend was minutes away from purchasing any bed that she recommended. But merely so, the defeated hubby on the gross revenues squad ran up and said “ allow me manage this. ” Then he merely tried to hard near the sale. He was pushful, stating them what he recommended and what they had to hold. Think what? The sale was lost the 2nd he began talking! They walked out. I am certainly he blamed her, but it was him. The key is to inquire inquiries and truly listen. Quite honestly, any great gross revenues individual knows this, adult male or adult female, it merely seems that the ladies are of course better at making it.

Problem/Disadvantages Of Female Entrepreneurs

Women Entrepreneurs encounter two sets of jobs i.e. general jobs enterprisers and jobs specific to adult females enterprisers. These are discussed follows


Finance is regarded as life blood for any endeavor be in large or little. However adult females entrepreneurs suffer from deficit of finance on two counts. First adult females do non by and large have belongings on their names to utilize them as collateral for obtaining financess from external beginnings. So that entree to the external beginnings financess is limited. Second the Bankss besides consider adult females less credit-worthy and discourage adult females barrowers on belief that they can at any clip leave their business.A A A A

Scarcity Of Raw Materials

Most of the adult females endeavors are plagued by the scarceness of natural stuffs and necessary inputs. Added to this are high monetary values of natural stuffs, on the one manus and acquiring natural stuff at the lower limit of price reduction on the other. The failure of many co-operatives in 1971

engaged in based devising is illustration how the scarceness of natural stuff sounds the decease knell of endeavors run by adult females.

A Male Dominated Society.

The fundamental law of India speaks of equality between sexes. But in pattern adult females are looked upon as abla i.e.A A Weak in all respects. In male dominated Indian society, adult females are non treated equal to work forces. This bend serves as a barrier to adult females entry into concern.

A Lack Of Education

In India around 60 % of adult females are still illiterate. Illiteracy is the root cause of socio- economic job. Due to the deficiency of instruction adult females are non cognizant of concern, engineering and market cognition. Besides deficiency of instruction causes low achievement motive among women.A

Market Oriented Risk

A figure of adult females have to confront the challenges of market because of stiff competition. Many concern adult females find it hard to capture the market and vie with their merchandise. They are non to the full cognizant of the altering market conditions.

Motivational Factors.

Successful business communities can be self motivated through puting up a head and taking up hazard and accepting societal duties on shoulder. The other factors such as household support authorities policies fiscal aid etc. are besides of import to put up concern.

Lack of Assurance

Women deficiency assurance in their strength and competency. The household members and the society and loath to stand beside their entrepreneurial growing

Training Plans

Training plans are indispensable to new rural and immature enterprisers who wish to put up a little and average graduated table unit. The plans enrich the accomplishment and potency of adult females enterpriser.

Present Position Of Women Entrepreneurs

Out of the entire 940-48 million people in India in the 1990 ‘s of the female comprise of 465 % of the entire population. There are 126.48 million adult females work force ( stand foring 28.9 % of the female population ) but as per the 1991 nose count merely 185900 adult females accounting for merely 4.5 % of entire ego employed personsA A in the state were recorded. Majority of them are engaged in the un organized in the unorganised sectors like agribusiness, agro based industries, handcrafts, handloom and bungalow based industries. As per the 2001census study, there are of adult females workers of the entire on the job population including formal every bit good as informal sector. In the epoch of L.P.G ( Liberalization, Privatization, Globalization ) theA A A Indian adult females enterprisers are really fast come ining the non -traditional sectors. Which so is in response to their greater consciousness.

Five Business Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Face and How to Get the better of them

Cultural Value

The first entrepreneurial challenge adult females entrepreneurs face is that of cultural value or tradition. This challenge is more profound on adult females enterprisers in Africa ; where the cultural value entails that the man/husband be the bread victor. A adult female exhibiting her entrepreneurial art is presumed as desiring to take over the leading function of the hubby.

This challenge besides surfaces in households where the husband/father is an enterpriser. The male kids are normally groomed onA running the household businessA and transporting on after the death of the male parent while the female kids are normally left out of this entrepreneurial training procedure.

To get the better of this entrepreneurial challenge, A you must be prepared to breakthrough this confining tradition ; you must lodge to what you believe in.

Social Discrimination

The following challenge adult females face in concern is social favoritism. Most people still live with the outlook that certain concerns or undertakings are better handled by men.A Have you of all time come across a female car machinist, pipe fitter, Mason or welder? What was your first reaction?

You must hold screamed “ what the snake pit is a adult female making with such business. ” Well, I have done it infinite times. The truth is that we frequently assume adult females are by and large unqualified in certain Fieldss of life. Peoples would instead cover with a concern adult male than a adult female. Why? The ground is because it ‘s believed that the work forces are born to make it.


You might believe this challenge is uncommon ; delay until you lose a concern trade or contract merely because you are viing with male opposite numbers. The lone solution to managing the challenge of social favoritism is to develop a tough tegument towards unfavorable judgment. Stop seeing your feminine gender as a failing ; see it as a strength, and turn out yourself by endeavoring to surpass your male rivals.

Lack Of Investor ‘s Assurance

The 3rd challenge adult females entrepreneurs face when get downing a concern is the challenge of raising capital. Investors of course give less consideration to concern adult females and I ca n’t truly nail the ground for this. It ‘s easier for concern adult male to raise capital than a adult female ; except such a adult female has proved her competency and credibleness over clip. Women entrepreneurs by and large find it hard to raise capital or obtain a bank loan because investors and bankers would instead put on the line their venture capital with male enterprisers than females.

Now how make you get the better of such challenge? The reply is continuity. You must maintain inquiring for what you want ; A irrespective of the sum of rejections you get. You must press on while selling yourself on why you should be trusted.

Balancing Business And Family

The 4th concern challenge adult females entrepreneurs face is that of equilibrating concern and household. Women of course are the anchor of the household ; they lay the edifice blocks on which the household foundation is built. So frequently times, adult females entrepreneurs normally find themselves lacerate between committedness to the household and concern.

Now how make you manage such challenge? The reply lies inA clip direction and deputation. These two keys areA indispensable to equilibrating your act and edifice a successful place alongside a household.

Stress Due To Competition And Business Routine

The last but non the least challenge adult females face in concern is the emphasis and stiff competition associated with running a business.A The entrepreneurial procedure of constructing a concern from abrasion entails difficult work, committedness and continuity. Business is a game of Canis familiaris eat Canis familiaris ; to last, you have to be tough.

As a adult female in concern, you might happen yourself traveling caput to caput with competition and carry throughing your concern undertakings ; and this might take to tire. When confronted with such challenge, A you have to utilize the art of deputation and clip direction to your advantage. Get the boring concern undertakings off your cervix and concentrate more on the nucleus issues at manus.

How to Develop Women Entrepreneurs?

A A A Right attempts on from all countries are required in the development of adult females enterprisers and their greater engagement in the entrepreneurial activities. Following attempts can be taken into history for effectual development of adult females enterprisers.

See adult females as specific mark group for all developmental coders.

Better educational installations and strategies should be extended to adult females common people from authorities portion.

Adequate preparation programmed on direction accomplishments to be provided to womenA A community.

Encourage adult females ‘s engagement in decision-making.A

Vocational preparation to be extended to adult females community that enables them to understand the production procedure and production management.A

Skill development to be done in adult females ‘s engineering schools and industrial preparation institutes. Skills are put to work in training-cum-production workshops.A

Training on professional competency and leading accomplishment to be extended to adult females entrepreneurs.A

Training and reding on a big graduated table of bing adult females enterprisers to take psychological causes like deficiency of assurance and fright of success.A

Reding through the assistance of committed NGOs, psychologists, managerial experts and proficient forces should be provided to bing and emerging adult females entrepreneurs.A

Continuous monitoring and betterment of preparation programmers.A

Activities in which adult females are trained should concentrate on their marketability and profitableness.

Making proviso of selling and gross revenues aid from authorities part.A

To promote more inactive adult females entrepreneurs the Women preparation programmed should be organized that taught to acknowledge her ain psychological demands and show them.

A A Leading Business Women In India








Chanda Kapoor

Executive Director




EktaA A Kapoor

Creative Director

Balaji Telefilms



Jyoti Naik


Lijjat Papad



Lalita.D. Gupte

Jt.ManagingA A A A A A A A A A Director ( MD )




Preeta Reddy

Pull offing Director

A A A A A A A ( MD )

Apollo Hospital



Rashree Pathy


Rashree Sugar and Chemicals Ltd.



Ravina Raj Kohli

Media Personality and Ex- President

Star News



Renuka Ramanath

A Chief executive officer

ICICI Ventures



Tarajani Vakil

Former Chairman and MD

EXIM Bank.



Ritu Nanda

Chief executive officer



Schemes for Women Entrepreneurs

1. Seed Capital Scheme

2. National Equity Fund

3. Prime Minister ‘s Employment Guarantee Scheme

4. Single Window Scheme.

5. Bank Schemes for Women Entrepreneur

6. Mahila Artik Vikas Mahamandal


What Makes Women Entrepreneurs Different from Men?

Over the past few old ages, there has been a rush in concern startups by female enterprisers. Today I ‘m traveling to discourse how the manner adult females run things may be a spot different from how work forces play the game.

Strong Focus On Valuess

It ‘s non that work forces do n’t set values in the front lines of their company, but most adult females enterprisers make it the figure one precedence over everything else. Harmonizing to Margaret Heffernan, who late wrote How She Does It: How Women Entrepreneurs Are Changing the Rules of Business, adult females think about what their concern will stand for before they start be aftering anything else.

Will Ask For Aid

Many work forces ( non all ) have trouble inquiring for aid when it comes to something like their really ain concern. Pride can sometimes acquire in the manner. But most adult females do n’t hold a job acknowledging that they ‘re non certain how to carry through a certain undertaking or what needs to be done following in the building-a-business game. This can sometimes supply an advantage in a well-spring of cognition from beginnings that help anchor their concern more rapidly.

Focused On The Working Environment

Harmonizing to Heffernan, male enterprisers see their concerns as a machine, while female enterprisers see it as a life being. I can see where she ‘s coming from. Work force may be more likely to take the place that “ bad parts ” ( employees ) can easy be replaced with new and better working 1s. Many male enterprisers may overlook the fact that the “ parts ” are traveling bad because the machine as a whole is non in great status. Some may take the place that a new employee here or at that place will assist to do the concern map better, instead than analyzing the whole concern under a microscope to see if there may be underlying jobs.

Women enterprisers tend to be on the other terminal of the spectrum with the position that, if the environment their employees are in is n’t working, so the full “ ecosystem ” of the concern, if you will, could fall in. Basically, adult females entrepreneurs focus more on doing certain the work environment is comfy to obtain the best public presentation from their employees, instead than anticipating the best from their employees despite the work environment.

Strength Of The Business

Women enterprisers tend to concentrate on constructing a concern so strong that it could work wholly and successfully without them. Men construct strong concerns, but frequently want to do certain they are ever portion of the cardinal component that keeps things traveling. Harmonizing to Heffernan, adult females enterprisers are more like the “ music director of the symphonic music – the individual who does n’t do the noise, but pulls it all together. ”



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