Advantages: Shopping Online Essay

Advantages: Shopping Online BY PHUNGANH Advantage & disadvantage of shopping online Today, shopping is simple and convenient. Now you’re in door you can buy everything: from candles to cars only by clicking. The big advantage of shopping online is to save time. You don’t take time to drive around the streets, the shops… You spent this time for other investment. The secondly, you have a shop never close. It’s always open throughout holidays. You can buy in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Thirdly, you can compare price and quality of product. Some commercial online center provide review of the customers of each product. Therefore, you can easily find out what other customer think about your product or sevice before buying it. You can use these facilities to decide to buy a product or service. If you’re lucky, you’ll be providing the necessary information from other online store and you’ll purchase the product with better Pice and better quality. However, one of the biggest disadvantage of online shopping is can’t see a direct product.

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Advantages: Shopping Online Essay
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You only see their product through electronic catalog, so you can buy products of poor quality or not according to the product that you order. Online hopping has some disadvantage but with its advantage shopping online will develop and become a popular method in modern business. Nowaday, The information technology is more and more development and only a click will have all goods. It’s wonderful, isn’t it? As for me, there are three advantages in online shopping: The firstly, you will save a lot of time to go shopping and use time for another problems which u see more important.

The secondly, you can buy all online goods which Vietnam don’t have through online shopping if u have a lot of money The thirdly, you can compare the price and quality of same goods through describing etailed in another websites to choose to the best goods And there are three disadvantages: The firstly, Due to you can’t see the goods so you sometime can receive the goods that their quality are not same your mind The secondly, You will become lazier The thirdly, the shopping sometime help you to reduce your stress. If you use online shopping a lot, you will disappear the one of all ways to decrease stress.

Finally, I think that if you are busy or so busy, you can use online shopping. But you should give a litle time to go shopping, it will be very interesting and useful for you The hopping online is as popular as in the business market over the world, with the development of technology, connecting internet everywhere, shopping online will become the most modern trading method. To day, all most seller also choose the internet means to transmit information and advertize about their products, so, you will save a lot of time when you want to buy something, you can find everything about it such as: shape, colour, size, price, etc. ct… on the searching websites or the own their website or call for them, you dont waste one’s time to go to the center shopping, supper market or any shops. nternet, you can compare easily price between supplier to seclect the cheapest product. On the other hand, you don’t worry about the shop close, you always order products anytime and anywhere with the computer be connected to network. Besides, the shopping online has some disadvantages. The firstly, because you only know information through pruducer’s description, so, you don’t know exactly how the quality of goods. hen you receive the goods, it could be not the product you chosen. The secondly, you will take time to wait for delivering, it could be a hour, a day, a eek or more, it depend on the distance between you and supplier. if you order a product from oversea, you will take several weeks and have to pay delivery fee, tax and other fee less price, all of this fee could be bigger than your saving money compare with you buy it in country. In my opinion, now adays, the peope have many ways for shopping. And one of the kind of shopping which is enjoyed that is shopping online.

Firstly, shopping online give us the convenience. We able to shop 24 hours a day for any type of product imaginable. We can also shop from home. It allows to save many time for the other hings. The second advantage of it is that goods are often cheaper as the seller does not have the costs of running a shop and having to pay wages to salepeope. And the thirdly, shopping online is that we have the opportunity to compare as many product and prices as we want without having to spend the time and money to travel between several different shops. Besides, there are also many disadvantage from this kind of shopping.

We can only see the product from their picture in internet, so u cannot feel or see the item u want to buy, so sometimes u don’t feel comfortable with the product which u bought. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF SHOPPING ONLINE Today as the online shopping grows in popularity more people are turning to online shopping for all their needs. Clothes, shoes, products, even groceries can now are purchased via the internet. A lot of pros have come from this; no waiting in lines or in traffic, you can shop from the convenience of your home in your PJs, easier to do comparison shopping, discounts and you can shop at ANY time without restrictions.

Online furniture stores are also increasing in popularity, and will continue to increase as the internet grows. Many people are choosing to skip the trip and urchase their sofas and other home furnishing from the comfort of their home. With that said, here is some food for thought before you shop online. ADVANTAGES: stores who specialize in a certain type of sofa or style that you may be looking for and a quick google search will bring you to that site. If you love knowing the newest styles, or having unique pieces then online shopping makes it easier to do so. Instead of driving around wasting gas or spending hours on the bus in travel time you can visit all the stores that you’re interested in at once. This eliminates time going from store to store to see what is available and at what price. Easier to find discounts on the sofa you’re looking for by “Googling”, going on Ebay, Amazon and many other websites out there offering deals. Online stores usually offer online specials as well, and there are multiple websites dedicated to sharing these deals with you.

DISADVANTAGES: – You usually have to wait long periods of time to receive your sofa. Sometimes, this can even take up to a month or longer if being shipped from overseas. There could be delays on the delivery, or miscommunication and you can’t go to the store or get in contact with someone face to face. Usually, there is no one to ease your frustration bout any delays that occur. – Shipping costs on your item can be extremely high in comparison to what you paid for the sofa, sometimes making the purchase not worth it. – Sometimes looks can be deceiving.

You don’t get to test the product before you buy it. What might have looked beautiful to you in picture might not live up to your expectations once received. Then what? – If it’s an online store that doesn’t have a local store in your area, returning the sofa will be a HUGE hassle. Make sure before you purchase online that you are clear on the stores return policies. Make sure that no matter how good the deal is that you ave the option to return if need be. You wouldn’t want to spend 500+ dollars on furniture you can’t bring back. – Another factor to remember about returns.

You will have to pay the charge for shipping it back, repackaging, and stocking in most cases, unless it’s a manufacturing problem. – People worry about fraud or theft with credit cards purchases. Make sure every website you shop from is security verified secure and protected and has this information displayed clearly on their website. Also, read the privacy policy on the website to see what they will do with your information. Do anything to make you feel ecure, and know you’re dealing with a reputable business. If something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t.

Hit your home button and restart your search. I think online shopping is great. IVe recently caught the online shopping bug and do most my shopping online. As a new mom I dont always have time to go do the store. I love the convenience of being able to shop at 2 in the morning and the ease of comparision shopping and knowing that I’m getting the best prices. Buying furniture online is also great for that exact reason, multiple furniture stores at the click of a button. However, I think getting the feel for your sofa is VERY important.

At Modern Sensibility we always encourage everyone to come to the store and sit on the sofas to see if they like them or not. Many people are pickier than others and seeing the furniture online may seem like a good idea to them at first, but then they receive it and it’s a big disaster. Now, add the frustration of exchange/returns on a sofa you’re not happy with spells bigger disaster! I think that’s the only drawback. Other than that, online shopping is a fun convenient way to shop. My only advice is be safe, be smart and make sure you’re buying from a reputable website. Do your research Just like you would any other store.


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