Advertising Appeal Essay

Advertising appeals 1) informative/rational appeal 2) Emotional appeal 3) Transformational appeal 4) Combination appeal 5) Reminder appeal 6) Teaser appeal 7) Straight sell factual appeal 8) Scientific technical evidence 9) Demonstration 10) Comparison 11) Testimonial 12) Slice of life 13) Animation 14) Personality 15) Fantasy 16) Dramatization 17) Humor 18) Combinations • Rational Appeal: These are those advertisements in which customer ask before purchasing vehicle, why should I purchase CD – Dawn only.

And ask from his friends, relatives about this. • Emotional appeal: Those advertisements in which they play with emotions of customers like. • Transformational Appeal: A transformational ad is the most powerful of the four types as it literally promises to change you from one thing to another. Some of the most compelling examples of transformational ads are found in religious advertising. The power TV evangelists have over their followers and the seeming ease with which they coax dollars from their mainly blue-collar udiences is quite astounding. At their core, religious ads promise to hurl the devil from your body, scrub your soul clean enough to allow you to enter heaven, and, in some cases, cure you of physical sickness. A very powerful claim, and one with universal and eternal appeal. Children are always receptive to transformational ads. Many successful children’s toys and publications focus on transformation; indeed, a popular line of toys in the 90s were called the “Transformers. Most successful comic books portray an ordinary individual transformed into a superhero or heroine via bites from radioactive spiders, exposure to chemicals, visitations from aliens, or something equally fantastical. And secular adults are hardly immune to the power of transformational advertising. A quick look at the plethora of ads for cosmetic potions that promise to turn the middle aged into fresh-faced youngsters, and exercise devices that will transform couch potatoes into muscular athletes, confirms this.

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The eternal appeal of these ads can be judged by shopping at any outlet or garage sale, where last year’s ab smasher, herbal panacea, and miracle cream can be picked up at a fraction of their original price, replaced by this year’s biceps pounder and miracle vitamin. Despite its undoubted power, transformational advertising has been infrequently used in business software marketing, though some Internet advertising has edged close to the promise of creating a new you via a web browser and E-commerce.

Transformational ads are more common in the gaming and entertainment markets, though they are almost always delivered with humor and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. It is interesting to note that online games such as Ultimate and Ever Quest, which allow players to literally transform themselves into heroic adventurers or mythical beings, have been solid financial successes. •


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