Advertising is such an important thing for a business

Advertising is such an important thing for a business to do, advertising is not just important for businesses but for things that offer services for e.g. Car boot sale, without advertisement no one would know that there is a car boot sale. Advertising tells people about your product or products so they can be sold. Big companies such as McDonalds and Mars don’t need to advertise because their products are already known throughout the world, but when these two first came out they would have had to have spent millions of pounds on advertising to get them to the stage where they are now.

I have been studying an advertisement for a packet of Halls cherry sweets that unblock your nose, soothe your throat and clear your head.

I think that having a man on a mountain bike on top of a steep hill is a great way to get the message across. Everybody knows what it’s like to go down a steep hill really fast; it takes your breath away. I think the audience will look at the picture straight away and think wow. I think it’s eye catching because of the way just to the left of it, it has TAKE A DEEP BREATH in big letters, so now this tells me that the man on the bike is going to ride down the hill, the audience at first glance might look at the picture and think he is stationary or might not have a clue in what the man is doing, but as soon as you see the big letters to the left you get the full impact that the picture gives off.

I think the way the bike has been filmed very close to the camera is a good thing because it makes the picture so much clearer than if it was filmed further away. The way the whole picture has been shot is very thoughtful because they make sure they get in the whole hill, the river and what the background looks like. By doing this, the audience has a picture of where the bike is heading to, where as if you couldn’t see the river you would just think that the bike is going down a huge mountain for a very long time.

I think the advert hoped to get the reader to feel as if they were on the edge of a cliff on a bike and they were just about to roll down. Then the advert says TAKE A DEEP BREATH, which really does make you feel like you know what the feeling is like when you go down a steep hill.

The slogan grabs my attention by basically the bike looking like it’s going down a steep hill really fast and then feeling like you’ve got to take a deep breath.

The advert speaks to its audience by telling them what Hall’s do and that they will benefit you if you have a blocked nose.

The fonts in this advertisement are really interesting because straight away it doesn’t tell you about Halls it tells you to take a deep breath, gets you hooked and then tells you about Halls and what they do. The fonts aren’t really big either, they’re only big when the audience doesn’t know about the advertisement and aren’t hooked, this is TAKE MY BREATH AWAY, then after this when the audience is hooked the fonts are small enough for you to find out for yourself.

The pictures and words relate to each other by having the right font and right colour next to the picture, because people read from top to bottom, left to right, the picture looks exactly like the words relate to it. The picture is designed like this to get the message across.


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