Africa Essay

In present day Africa, people are constantly reminded that the countries within are still plaqued with chaos and disorder. However, the residents of this country still believe that where there is a will, there is a way. Africa is a country where many think that nothing works. A country filled with poverty, corruption rule, war, famine, and pestilence, Africa still remains instable. The aid from other countries, which the nations beg for, is just not enough to help. No help results in over 740 million residents to erase their vision of hope.

The countries of Mozambique, Mali, Eritrea, Ghana, Uganda, Benin, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, and Tanzania are trying to find new ways to stabilize the human and natural resources that are so important. They are trying to make models of development despite the crumbling of the other countries. With the hard work that these countries have put forth, they are building a nation based on the prosperity and the security that they are willing to work hard for, and building a nation based on political and economic advances.

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U.S. President, Bill Clinton, visited Africa on April 3, 1998, to give spotlight to the efforts of this continent to reform their democracies, to give praise on their efforts in social and economic growth, and to ultimately promote a new relationship with Africa. The residents of Africa are hoping that with the President visiting, a new world of opportunities will be opened to them and that they will be partners insead of patros with the U.S.

Although the residents of Mozambique, Eritrea, Mali, and Ghana are nations with high poverty rates, much illiteracy, much mortality, few jobs, few schools, few hospitals, and no money, they have been able to strive to overcome the obstacles in front of them. They each have been able to share in some economic success, have higher growth rates, and lower inflation. In Mozambique, they have strived for an overall people’s peach by refusing to put themselves down because they do not live a normal life. They believe that the best thing for Africa to do is to take a complete step back from the brink of famine.

In the country of Eritrea, the people have very little debt and refuse to take any kind of assistance from foreigners. They feel that accepting aid from countries other than their own corrupts government, and hampers possible solutions to their problems. Eritrea and its people are in a world all of there own because they posses the quality of willingness. They sacrifice anything that they can just to make their country a better place. They are also devoted to making sure that they welfare of the residents is well taken care of. Another country, Mali, is marked by trust. Mali was the largest, wealthiest empire in West Africa during the 14th century. However, 700 years later, Mali has been labled as the fourth poorest country in the world. Their lands have been destroyed by wars between trives and religion. Also, colonialism, falling commodity prices, rising fuel prices, bad weather, and bad government have attributed to their downfall.

There are still many lessons that the residents of Africa must be willing to learn before their countries will be stable and self-sufficient. The people must realize that it is going to take lots of work for them to be able to adopt the practices of a capitalist democracy. The many lessons that they need to learn ranges from agricultural sufficiency to free-market economic work.


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