African Children with Lack of Education Essay

Education toy. Between November 4 and December 29, for every KEA soft toy or children’s book purchased the KEA Foundation will donate $1. 20 (1 Euro) to help fund education projects supported by EUNICE and Save the Children. Your purchase helps EUNICE build schools that are safe and there is access to clean drinking water. Your arches of an KEA Soft Toy helps ensure no child faces gender barriers to education.

Your soft toy gives children basic health services like ammunitions and regular check-ups and helps disadvantaged children stay in school longer. Your purchase of an KEA Soft Toy helps children like 12-year-old African girl Sofia, of Barking Fast, achieve her dream of becoming “a teacher, a doctor… Or something even better”. A decade ago, 29 per cent of girls in Barking Fast went to school. Today, because of the KEA Foundation’s support of Schools for Africa, EUNICE has built school blocks with separate toilets for boys and girls, trained teachers and equipped classrooms.

Now, 75 per cent of this African nation’s girls go to school. “l am glad that I am able to go to school,” Sofia said. “Those who don’t go to school have to work in the fields with their parents,” she said. About the KEA Foundation The KEA Foundation aims to improve the opportunities for children and youth by funding holistic, long-term programmer that can create substantial, lasting change, and enable them to take charge of their own future. We work with strong strategic ratters applying innovative approaches to achieve large-scale results in four fundamental areas of a child’s life.

The KEA Foundation funds EUNICE and Save the Children education programs. KEA Soft Toys fund the KEA Foundation’s contributions to Schools for Africa. In 2012, the KEA Foundation funded EUNICE education projects in Barking Fast, Niger, Mali, South Africa, Macaque, Madagascar and Ethiopia. Concept Map: TASK 3 People I How are they affected by the lack of education in Africa I * The future generation of Africa I * The future of Africa depends on what the current enervation does at current.

Meanly Tanat ten Impact AT no actuation Walton Trace can lead a continuous effect of poverty and what is most important is breaking that cycle positively by educating today’s generation to break the line of poverty I TASK 4 Can be seen on the task sheet attached. TASK 5 1 . What goods or human rights are involved? * This problem involves the basic human right of being educated to have to best lease on life so therefore they are not at any disadvantage to other countries. 2. What are the key aspects of this issue from a moral/ethical perspective? This sue provides the many opinions of the moral aspect of this issue. This means that the public have a very strong personal view on the issue stating that all children deserve to have some sort of education otherwise it put them at risk of being behind many other countries that Just because they are richer, they can afford a higher education. Morally this is wrong as money should not determine the chances that children have on life but unfortunately it does. 3. If there are a number of social Justice principles or human rights or human good involved, how do these relate to each other?

Which is most important? Can all be achieved? * Of course most social Justice principals can be achieved but it all requires hard work and dedication which in fact can take many of years * I believe the most important principals that we can achieve are: * Access (greater equality of access to goods and services and education) * Equity (overcoming unfairness caused by unequal access to education, economic resources and power) * Rights (equal effective legal, industrial and political rights) * Participation (expanded opportunities for real participation in the decisions which over their lives). 4.

Examine the responses of others to this issue, including what the church has said on this issue: what reasons are given for these other ideas, opinions and traditions? Are these ideas, opinions and reasons valid and well-supported with evidence or logic? * The response to this issue is astounding, catholic organizations such as EUNICE and CARACAS as realizing there is a problem and morally they feel that it is their responsibility to try and help overcome this issue, these companies have reached out to other organizations to help raise as much money as possible such as CARACAS targeting schools to help raise money 5.

What creative or new solutions could be found for this issue? What positive options are there? Are there solutions that could suit all parties involved? * There are many companies starting to take a stand in raising money and awareness of the disadvantage that African children are currently facing * In doing this companies such as KEA have taken a step further in working with Eunice with a special program that raises money for Eunice to create schools in Africa 6 Having consolable all AT tens International, want are your conclusions tout t sue?

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