Age and gender influences on fashion Essay

Manner orientation

In our modern-day society, we may non understand manner, you may non wish manner, but most of us can non non come into contact with manner. Craik ( 1994 ) said that manner is confounding, interesting, exciting, obsessive-compulsive. Whether we like it or non, it has greatly influenced with people even those who want to avoid it.

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Age and gender influences on fashion Essay
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What is the manner?

Manner have experienced a serious of manner popular during a specfic period of clip ( Nystrom,1928 ) .Craik ( 1994 ) can divided into two ways: West High Fashion and Everyday Fashion ; High Fashion refers haute coutureor elect interior decorator manner, Everyday Fashion is people mundane vesture, so mundane Fashion Street Fashion another similar statement. Manner can be explained as psychological science, sociology, and consumer behavior surveies. manner will be described as a societal and psychological response to the external environment ( Wester’s,1966 ) .

What is the manner orientation?

Fashion Orientation defined have oning different manner of vesture points make a gorgeous overall expression ( Evelyn,2005 ) . Fashion orientation can be describes when consumer go shopping, they ever look for stylish points ( Ko and Kincade 2007 ) . consumer do non lost interested in manner even clip goes by. manner orientation represents when it come out with manner consciousness, it can non disregard how of import people’s life-style are. Because manner comes from human day-to-day life, life manner includes people populating and spending clip and money” ( Engel, Blackwell, & A ; Miniard, 1990, p. 342 ) . Peoples can be non mentioned about their values in their life styles and a life manner has great impact on manner orientation. Furthermore, harmonizing to Gutman & A ; Mills ( 1982 ) survey, it described manner orientation comprised of four dimensions: manner involvement, importance of being good dressed and anti-fashion attitude and manner leading. Darley & A ; Johnson ( 1993 ) mentioned that manner orientation is manner innovativeness together with manner leading. Both Jonathan and William defined manner orientation is in relation to shopping orientation. a few surveies analysis that manner orientation should be separated from shopping orientation together. In this survey, it consist of four dimensions based on Gunman ‘s survey: manner involvement, manner leading and importance of being good dressed and anti manner attitude.

Gutman and Mill theory

Harmonizing to Gutman and Mills ( 1982 ) mail study with 6,261 female respondents, it created a manner graduated table with its four dimensions: 1 ) manner leading, 2 ) manner involvement, 3 ) importance of being well-groomed, and 4 ) anti manner attitude. This survey was cited in many researches presently.

Manner Leadership

The character of Fashion leading is a good sense of manner tendencies, cognition of manner tendencies and a ego witting construct of clothing.Many people think that if person is really familiar for a merchandise, and frequently inquire them related questionsto this individual can be called sentiment leaders, the advantages of manner leader is that they can act upon people ‘ attitudes or behavior toward manner due to the wealth of cognition, adept ability and right filtrating assortment of merchandise information. Because the new manner manners need to be adopted for a period of clip ( Barber & A ; Lobel, 1952 ) , manner leaders should be really active in societal activities and near to other people, they play a critical function in the community and do people accept manner invention by influential power. ( Workman & A ; Johnson, 1993 ) . Furthermore, because manner leaders affect non merely client purchase determination but besides give the sellers manner thoughts and advice. Summers and King ( 1969 ) defined female vesture manner sentiment leaders are attention about seeking new merchandises and constructing up manner cognition about new vesture aggregation. Similarly, Myers and Robertson ( 1972 ) examined sentiment leading should hold broad scope of manner cognition such as women’s vesture, manner, cosmetics, and personal attention and are willing to discourse manner thing with people and spend batch of clip women’s vesture and manners. Because manner leaders prefer portion new manner aggregation and suggest a alone sentiment, these characteristics of manner leader can good to develop the other facets of manner orientations such as manner involvement, importance of being-well dressed, and antifashion attitude ( Evan, 1989 ; Morganosky & A ; Vreeman, 1986 ; Wilkie, 1990 ) .

Manner involvement

Harmonizing to Katz & A ; Lazarsfield ( 1960 ) , the definition of manner involvement is that a individual who is interested in apparels, make-up and hair manners. High degree of manner involvement people prefer spend a big sum of clip on researching the latest manner aggregations and tendencies such as reading manner magazine and buying lastest apparels aggregation. Besides, they collect widely assorted apparels associated with different events.

The Importance of Being Well Dressed

Importance of being well-groomed refers that standing out group with appropriate dressing, reflecting one’s good life, and dressing stand foring their sentiment of themselves ( Summers, Belleau & A ; Wozniak 992 ) . For illustration, when people go to interview with a well frock, they think the apparels make people have good feeling on them. Another illustration is that people with high garb believe their apparels show that the self-image is. The of import portion of ends is their self- satisfaction. When it is low, people do non care about their outfit. In other word, they think there is no correlativity between their vesture and their self image.

Anti-fashion attitude

Anti-fashion attitude means that people do non care about manner and non purchase so-fashionable vesture. They think that purchasing manner vesture is a manner to blow money and they do non like listening alleged manner expert what to have on. In other word, in term of their shopping procedure and attitudes, they are frequently apathetic.

people who have the antifashion attitude do non see current manner and manner leaders’ sentiments when they make a determination on their apparels. Therefore, those with antifashion attitudes tend to expose unfavourable attitudes toward manner. Manner is a ocular communicating of one to others, and manner orientation as a theory of manner expresses the psychological facets of ego through a self-concept. An individual’s ain thoughts of ego develop self-concept theory, and self-concept influences manner orientation.

Relevant surveies on manner orientation

In this survey, the writers intend to prove the graduated table, originally developed for females, with current male and female manner shoppers.

Gender functions have greatly impact on manner shopper in societal environment. ( Otnes and McGrath, 2001 ) . Harmonizing to Kwon ( 1987 ) research, it found that current male and female manner shoppers.are affected by different actuating factors. For adult female, their construct of vesture may in relation to self-enhancement, whereas adult male may hold positive relationship between the construct of entreaty and societal position. Another research is that Kwon ( 1991 ) found that when adult female chose their manner vesture, they will impact by temper provinces more than adult male do. There are many conflict findings about manner consciousness. Kinley, Conrad and Brown ( 2001 ) found that adult female are more manner consciousness than work forces counterpart, other research findings show that immature male shoppers are more manner consciousness than female immature shoppers ( Manrai et al. 2001 ) . Another similar research is that manner witting for coevals Y male shoppers in the UK were of import but there is non clear relationship between manner consciousness and new manner manner ( Bakewell, Mitchell, and Rothwell2000 ) .

In footings of clothing-fashion life style section, Gutman and Mills ( 1982 ) proposed that there is correlativity between the construct of manner orientation and shopping orientation. Harmonizing to some surveies, it examined that people purchase merchandise, shopping orientations will bring forth different penchants ( Darden & A ; Reynolds, 1972 ) . Gutman and Mills ( 1982 ) reported that manner orientations consist of four major dimensions: manner leading, manner involvement, importance of being good dressed, and antifashion attitude which connect with shopping behaviour, clothing-fashion lifestylesegment, and compulsive consumer purchase behavior. ( Chung, 1996 ; Darley & A ; Johnson, 1993 ; Huddleston, Ford, & A ; Bickle, 1993 ; Lee, Park, & A ; Chung, 2004 ; Park & A ; Burns, 2005 ) .

Gutman & A ; Mills ( 1982 ) defined that manner orientation to hold three dimensions: manner precedence ( manner involvement, importance of being good dressed and anti-fashion attitude ) , clip frame and enterprise ( manner leading ) . Darley & A ; Johnson ( 1993 ) defined manner orientation to consist of manner innovativeness and manner sentiment leading. Both Jonathan and William analyzed manner orientation together with shopping orientation. Small work has been done on manner orientation individually since many bookmans consider manner orientation and shopping orientation together. Although Huddleston ( 1993 ) used manner orientation to place lifestyle features that straight related to shopping behaviour and Lumpkin ( 1985 ) included it as a variable in placing shopping orientation sections, it might still be necessary to indentify shopping orientation and fashionOrientation individually. In this thesis we define manner orientation to dwell of three dimensions based on Gunman ‘s elimitation: manner involvement, manner leading and importance of being good dressed.

The younger, the more stylish

Rose ( 1989 ) indicated that in the 19th century, the difference between kids and grownup was officially appeared on legal and societal, before that kids are populating with what grownups think such as kids dressing follow the footfalls of grownup vesture. plan the kids wear was non particular in the yesteryear. Equally long as grownup vesture are immersed in manner construct, they will be extended to the field of kids ‘s vesture. This phenomenon from a historical point of position is rather sensible.

How do manner come in the field of kids ‘s vesture? First, it is common planetary phenomenon that our birth rate is bit by bit dropping. In competitory society, people are busy and busier, the population are acquiring married at a more and more subsequently age. Under the fortunes, salary figures are is out of proportion to the figure of kids.

Harmonizing to United Nations appraisal, the universe ‘s entire birthrate rate from 1950 to 1955 of 4.92 people, down to 2000 to 2005 of 2.67 people ( United NationsPopulation Division, 2009 ) ; lower entire birthrate rate in Taiwan, Taiwan ‘s birthrate rate of adult females in 2006 merely 1.115 people, compared to 2.515 in 1980, and bountifully reduced by about 56 % ( Ministry of the Interior Department of Justice, 2007 ) .

Whether or non in Taiwan or other developing or developed states, falling birth rates might take to kids ‘s merchandises a considerable alteration on supply and demand market. In term of consumer demand, after the rise of quality of life the awaking of single consciousness, parent are focus more on all facets of their day-to-day life quality for illustration, they see the kids as their ain alone hoarded wealth and they expect give them gratifying ilfe in the stuff and religious life. In modern times, parents are willing to pass the money on their babe ; therefore kids ‘s vesture demand will be more and more stigmatization and stylish, meanwhile and besides promote the development of trade name direction on kids ‘s vesture.

Furthermore, traveling out with the well appareled kids do non merely demo their parents ain gustatory sensation, but besides run into their alone personal manner. and even some parents want kids travel to school have oning interior decorator vesture to care about their ain and their kids feeling.

Consumer demand for kids ‘s wear has entered emotional consumptionthe phase, high buying power household toward kids ‘s wear is to run into kids ‘s emotional and religious life. When parents chose the kids wear, the vesture which is to run into societal position of the household or to reflect the manner and personality is really of import factors for parents.

trade name vesture in Japan is expensive, but it is ever able to interrupt record of high gross revenues figures in the one-year Golden Week in Japan. Those stylish and immature Nipponese female consumers who have kids normally pursuit manner, it will non halt because of the female parent ‘s individuality, and even want to have on the same manner of vesture as their kids. These state of affairs has expanded kids ‘s wear market.

In the market of “ supply ” facet, due to a little figure of kids, the sum of consumers are of course neglecting. In this instance, the kids industry wants to last and seek to present costly goods to the market to acquire client ‘s attending who has a little figure of kids and good economic system.

In Taiwan, there are tonss of epicurean kids ‘s wear studies, it refers a market phenomenon that in many states costly grownup vesture trade names are get downing to hold to fall in with kids ‘s wear. For case, harmonizing to the Apple Daily intelligence, it reported the celebrated Taiwan trade name “ les Enphants ” decided to get down selling Armani Junior kids ‘s vesture ; besides liberty Timess Holiday introduced many Hollywood famous persons ‘s kids ‘s manner wear.

Changes in consumer attitude and buying power lead high disbursement power on kids ‘s market the of import ground is that manner construct battles into kids ‘s market. Children ‘s vesture industry holdsof high disbursement power parents and focal point on parent head that attention about kids ‘s visual aspect so the industry introduce fashionable vesture to kids ‘s wear market. Manner in modern-day universe demo how influential on kids ‘s vesture. Furthermore the word “ manner ” a bit by bit emerges by many foreign magazines, interior decorators and consumer society and alleged Kids ‘Fashion Expertappears in response to kids ‘s manner tendencies. For illustration, a New York kids ‘s manner expert Michelle Kouzmine ( 2005 ) indicated that kids manner has begun to earnestly attending in today.


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