Agecare charity centre Essay

Introduction to AgeCare background

AgeCare Centre is situated on the south E of England, provide for aged people by funded undertakings. It was started from 1982 with rebuff of voluntaries groups. AgeCare charity Centre provided transit services to aged people by dissimilar ways ago. But now service is expended and besides offers shopping trips, traveling to topographic points of interesting, conveyance to infirmary, clinic when aged people are ill. However, AgeCare provide non lone transit but besides lunches in bead in Centres, educational class as originative authorship, and etc programme for aged people. These services are provided by belonging in AgeCare or Local Community Halls.

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Section A

A1. Rich Picture A1. Rich Picture

A2. Result of developing rich image

As a consequence of developing rich image for AgeCare is to assist their interaction with the crisis holder. In excess, he or she will inform the struggle he witness on people or intent. The rich image is employ to acknowledge jobs and advise the problem proprietor of the topographic point reasonably than give likely consequence.

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A2.1. Identify cardinal histrions

1. Sayed Faisal ( Director of Central Administrative Support )

He is a manager of cardinal forces of administrative aid and is new absolute in the centre of AgeCare and joint six months to face. Previously, that functioned in the sector of the charity during the 12 last old ages and disturbance with the mode of which the unprofessional they are because it estimates that AgeCare does non work really good of the whole.

It is chiefly personal in the centre of AgeCare which is why I defined the first chief histrion.

2. Jayne Harrison ( Finance Director )

Jayne Harrison work in the centre of AgeCare which is a manager of fundss. It wants to use to purchase a new system of fundss because current system is non work bargain by last twelvemonth. A certain figure of undertakings deal with their ain fundss so that it should be them in the squad of fundss which treats any sort of fundss. The direction of fundss is a sort of important in each section, if it does n’t hold, nil can go on. Thus, I mark out of the 2nd histrion of cardinal to it.

3. Jose Rodriguez ( Centre Manager – Basingstoke )

He is a manager of centre as Basingstoke, AgeCare. He makes writes about their database in MS Excel. She removed ages with the sort. He thinks why Jayne Harrison is wants to utilize new fundss system and why do n’t she copy of it. He is 3rd cardinal histrion or AgeCare.

4. Christos Papadimitriou ( Information Quality Officer, Administrative Services Department )

He is responsible for roll uping informations from each of the undertakings and seeking to do sense of it to happen out which 1s are running expeditiously and which are non. It is presently an about impossible occupation as all of the information comes in different formats and none of it is consistent. His study is that we need a cardinal database which people can come in information to through the cyberspace. Then everyone would be making the same thing and my occupation would be a whole batch easier. Fourth cardinal histrion he is.

5. Claire Garaham ( Project Leader )

She is a undertaking leader in GreenDrive system. She is strongly force on to arrangement this 1. She is non included in old system of AgeCare. She is work with Doris who is portion clip occupation of GreenDrive, AgeCare Centre. And she believes this new system is better than old one. I identify 5th cardinal histrion.

6. Patience Mbewe ( Education Coordinator – Folkestone Centre )

He is education coordinator come from Folkestone Centre. He love his occupation because it give cognition and more aid to people. He is 6th cardinal histrion of AgeCare.

7. Keith Brooks ( Chief Executive Officer – AgeCare )

She is CEO of AgeCare and joined four old ages ago. However, running objects are really easy in the charity, really hard to acquire objects with any rate. She welcome to make direction information system MIS and she can make up one’s mind finding of fact and feasible program for the upcoming. Although she is a Chief executive officer and manage to the whole undertaking but non excessively much contain in AgeCare work. So, I defined 7th key of histrion in AgeCare.

A2.2. Identify cardinal issues and are of struggle

Every work with cardinal issues and struggles is natural agencies same things but have different thoughts. I reference these facts form instance surveies, their interviews, etc.

In AgeCare, the chief cardinal issue of the charity which is provided transit to aged people by different ways ongoing in 1982, established with bantam group individual who is voluntaries. Transportation system agencies take people on shopping trips, infirmary, etc.

AgeCare offers non lone transit but besides educational classs, originative authorship, art and picture taking, etc. All of these services are suitableness for aged people and belonging to AgeCare or local community halls.

AgeCare ‘s charity is grown by auxiliary support contributions and through local authorities and other bureaus. AgeCare extended other 15 comparable Centres across South of England and besides run a figure of undertakings in smaller community and small towns utilizing by small town and community. These undertakings are usually run by one or more voluntaries and managed by AgeCare.

Every AgeCare Centres has managed by a Centre Manager and Assistant Manager and they must run the Centres and other undertakings in their topographic points. Administrative support staffs are managed undertakings at each Centre. But in some status, undertaking is run include full clip staff depend on size of undertaking.

Even though undertaking size is large or little working included with Lead worker who is responsible to run it and might be a voluntary or rewarded staff. Several exterior foundation which are local authorities, other local bureaus or concern and persons, are funding or contribution for each undertakings. And so, AgeCare provided regular studies which are how much pass money on undertakings, etc. , to these charity squads as funder.

When funders are donating money to AgeCare supply by contract. AgeCare is running by independent technique. Consequences like several broad activities are held different thought for each direction undertaking. At that clip, some problems merge up which is dependability and puzzling and about how things are done. Means of problems it must transport out false information being given outside. It is besides complex to contrast undertakings in assorted sectors because each centre gathers its ain information, frequently using a certain figure of assorted formats. These points are begin from country of struggles between staffs mean same things on have different thoughts.

Time came to show a direction information system ( MIS ) to assist to command charity more expeditiously decided by AgeCare Executive Committee. They want to use manners of criterions of garnering information on each undertaking and of the services which are offered for all Centres. And besides they believe that the system can be reports/ratios of merchandise for Trustees and directors like the organic structures of arrangement to assist them to do strategic determinations. They estimate that there are some undertakings which efficaciously do non use resources and they want to cognize what they are.

Syed Faisal to believe as that which they must make attending nevertheless, AgeCare is truly good charity and genuinely cared for people. He thinks unless a good system, they ca n’t keep right kind of information and it will assist them offer better service but lose sight of what they do. And besides, GreenDrive undertaking is become pilot undertaking or non precisely. First, it would be make the database because manage the information is indispensable. And he thinks it is one of key for when people forceful this pilot undertaking because he worked and managed in another charity squad and could do critical where staffs are needed right support, they gave and maintaining staff on board. So, he hopes this pilot undertaking is suited for them.

I think he should necessitate to assist to Claire and bury about old system of AgeCare. Do n’t be worry and merely fall in them. Every undertaking has different critical things and barely at Begins stage. Most of cardinal histrions are welcome to make GreenDrive undertaking.

But Claire Graham is determined to make this pilot undertaking. She thinks this pilot undertaking is truly what they want to utilize it. She is strongly actuating this pilot undertaking and work with societal services that is save to run this undertaking. In this pilot undertaking, she will make some inquire things. Means while, conveyance to supermarket by coach which is hire from Social Service with besides local/volunteer driver, etc. I recommend she is full clip staff of AgeCare and should be counter of hazard in new pilot undertaking.

Following, Jayne Harrison is wanted to purchase new finance system for AgeCare ‘s finance section. At last twelvemonth, bought one of this system but now is n’t work. Without fundss, nil can be happening so that she wants to purchase the new and to do compact with each sort if fundss. However, Jose Roeriguez wants to purchase new finance system and why they need it? He said he hold database written by MS Excel and Jayne should be ringer it. He assumes that is non critical job. The principal job is the major portion of people fill information in the information base is erroneous. And people should be more formation for work with the computing machine and he likes to make it. If they have a new system, he aspires to do good to command the system of fundss with him.

It should be because purchasing new finance system can be assist for her and finance section. I think Jose must be careful to make full information when they enter the system and should be more offer computing machine preparation to staffs.

Position of Christos Papadimitriou is they need to be database of indispensable which people can come in information to through the Internet. He besides welcomes to make GreenDrive Project and bury that is meant to be AgeCare system. And they must break make the whole organisation at all. I suggest when people are come ining their information through the Internet, it must hold database to make good.

Patience Mbewe is an instruction coordinator who loves to learn people. He worries about losing nucleus values of a lovingness charity for the aged. In GreenDrive Project, there is no learning system and merely include transit. He said Christos does n’t maintain enter figure of people and their kinds of information really good. He does non hold any thought but it ne’er had old ages to maintain a good figure of figures and Numberss. I believe learning method is necessary for all people and should be maintain it till the new system. His concerns things are right.

Keith Brooks is wanted to purchase new MIS because current things are running so easy in AgreCare. And she likes to Claire who is upset a few people with her move towards, but she is really well-organized and is truly good at offering the right sort of thought. This is good thought to make in pilot undertaking of GreenDrive. Besides, she wants Jayne and Christos to assist pull off and development of this pilot undertaking system. She is right and I have no complain about it.

A2.3. Analyst the chief focal point

The chief focal point of the AgeCare Centre is shopping trips every bit good as transit what aged people need, if aged people may be ill or their wellness is something incorrect, AgeCare offers aid to travel to hospital, clinic, etc. And besides include educational class for aged people such as originative authorship, art, etc. ) . These services are provided in the topographic points belonging to AgeCare or the local halls of the community.

A3. How helped pulling a rich image to understand complex environment

All work has many, and sometimes competition, aim. A individual user may hold the aims “to finish a occupation well” and “to get place soon.” Management may hold the aims “to cut the caput count in this department” and to “minimize the dealing times for customers.” We can name these aims are concerns.

Concerns are the high-ranking aims that significantly constrain the manner work is done. Effective systems can be designed merely by taking into history the divergent concerns of stakeholders. A interior decorator may believe of import position of job but they really act of placing the job implies a peculiar point of view. How is a interior decorator hence to ground about these divergent concerns that motivate the manner different stakeholders view the system they are planing? This paper discusses the graphical device, known as rich image that has been found to be utile in this regard.

A rich image is a cartoon-like representation that identifies all the cardinal histrions, about their concerns, and some of the construction underlying the work context. A rich image is a tool for entering and concluding about these facets of the work context. In common, how they should impact the design. It is a tool in the sense that a notation or representation is a tool.

Rich images have been used as an component of assorted methods. Rich images originated in the Soft Systems Methodology ( SSM ) in bend had its beginnings in sociotechnical attacks to system design. Within this tradition, placing multiple point of views of work state of affairss is a recurrent job. At the nucleus of SSM is a desire to understand human activity systems in a manner that is meaningful to the histrion in that system, SSM consists of seven chief phases that proceed from jointing the job state of affairs, through edifice alternate systems theoretical accounts, to doing recommendations for actions. Checkland purpose the rich image as a representation to be used at the beginning of this procedure.

Rich images are usually constructed by questioning people. It can do take topographic point at the workplace because the artefacts people use to make their work will be near at manus. They will be able to demo we paperss and merchandises, and we may even be able to detect them making their work. The rich image serves to form and ground about all the information that users provide.

The rich image is a get downing point full in the rhythm with life of the development of a choice system of screen of contact.

Adopting this place of the system and chances, other techniques can be added to the design. It can bring forth thoughts and ease the meeting of brainstorming. The concern of the stakeholder can every bit good be applied to the procedure storyboarding. This method facilitates prototyping because the design created will capture the demands for the agent. The rich image is used as common land and a method of communicating between the stakeholders and the developers and the designator.

Pulling the rich image will indicate to topographic points where we need to happen out more or to evident contradictions in the decisions we have drawn. In the missive instance you will necessitate to travel back to our sources and so do alterations based on what they tell me. Pulling the rich image so is an iterative procedure of apprehension and refinement that understanding. The rich image represents the chief cardinal histrions and their interrelatednesss and besides their concerns. It is intend to be a wide, high-gained position of the job state of affairs. There is no individual best manner of bring forthing a rich image. The same analyst will utilize different manners under different fortunes. When we pulling a rich image, the three constituents as construction, procedure and concerns.

Structure mean to facets of the work context that are slow to alter. We can acquire all people who will utilize or could perchance be assumed by the induction of the new system.

Procedure refers to the transmutation that occurs in the procedure of the work. In AgeCare, processes described are transmutations of services, funder / donator, direction.

Concerns indicate the most utile constituent, for the intent of this paper. Checkland besides calls issues.

By utilizing draw rich image, we can acquire benefit and see clearly place system and jobs of AgreCare.

  • In current system, AgeCare provide services which are transit to supermarket, infirmary, clinic, educational classs every bit good as originative authorship, art and picture taking, etc.
  • Funding from local authorities and other bureaus which are donate to AgeCare.
  • In AgeCare, current undertakings are usually run by one or more local voluntaries.
  • Each Centres has Centre Manager and Assistant Manager who are responsible for the running the Centres and run by administrative support staff.
  • In some conditions, a undertaking will be work with full clip staff depending on size of undertaking and fund available.
  • Project Lead Worker is reliable for running each undertaking.
  • Funding each undertaking from local authorities bureaus, contribution from local concern and persons.
  • AgeCare provide regular studies which are how money spends on undertaking to funders.

However, AgeCare is usually run undertaking in a reasonably independent manner by funding from local authorities and other bureaus as a consequence is broad scope of activities that are handled otherwise depending on which Centre is responsible for running a undertaking. It may because increase jobs as there are incompatibility and confusing and how to make things. Most of jobs have led to incorrect information being given out. That is why AgeCare Committee has been decided to fall in the direction information system ( MIS ) . All Centres are use to standard ways of roll uping information and bring forth studies direct to Trustee and directors.

However, if new undertaking will be start, can be occur struggles as same things on different thoughts between staffs.

We should look into CATWOE. A root definition should be incorporating explicitly.

  • Customers “Beneficiaries or vicitims”
  • Actor Stakeholder who carry out the systems chief activities
  • Transformation Process – how inputs become end products
  • Weltanschauung – the universe position that makes this human activity system a meaningful one to see
  • Ownership Of the system
  • Environment Constraints Imposition which system takes as given

Besides root definition says what the system is, the conceptual theoretical account describes the activities which the system must make in order to be system named in the root definition.

In a general manner, the rich image was a good exercising to acquire information about a different method to place constructions, their concerns and the procedures which surround their work. It can be employed with other methods of conditions roll uping and provides the great image of a system.

Section B

B1. Use instance diagram

B2. Choosing two key

I draw use instance for GreenDrive include 12 keys are provide support, supply shopping trips undertaking, arrange timetable for trips to the supermarket, directing regular study to societal services, arrange for the vehicle for trips, program to travel out on path, record clip of coach has been returned to center, Doris who is portion clip staff, record the sum of fuel purchase and figure of stat mis driven and following to direct study to Claire Graham, so, Claire send to these study to AgeCare Centre as Finance Officer and Administrator. Among them, I choose two keys. Whereas, provide shopping trips undertaking and arrange for vehicle for trips.

B2.1. Why they are keys in the system

I assume arrange timetable for trips to the supermarket is one key of GreenDrive. Because after AgeCare offers transit for shopping trips, this key is secondary key to develop a direction information ( MIS ) in GreenDirve undertaking as a pilot undertaking. AgeCare is decided to utilize it in this undertaking. And they joined societal services which is funder to back up the GreenDrive poject.

In this undertaking, they provide shopping trips and planed one hebdomad five twenty-four hours ( Monday to Friday ) in two times a twenty-four hours. This service is merely offers to aged people by utilizing green engineering. This is new thought for those people. Not like to AgeCare ‘s old services.

Second cardinal why I choose for the ground that when they are offers transit to supermarkets as trips, they take by program vehicle to aged people. They are loan dual-fuel vehicle from the societal services. After that, Doris Therefore, arrange for vehicle for trips is chiefly instance in this undertaking I assume. Doris is arrange to shopping trips mean while brand agenda to travel out this trips by utilizing vehicle how many clip, etc. Because if one trip ca n’t travel ( e.g. cause of conditions, other jobs, etc. ) , change another program trip by instantly respond.

B 2.2 Primary scenarios and secondary scenarios

Primary Scenarios

Use Case: GreenDrive Project

Precondition: arrange timetable for trips to the supermarket

Flow of events:

Primary Scenarios

  1. The usage instance starts AgeCare provide transit to shopping trips to aged people.
  2. Part clip staff records their information into the study when the aged people enter the AgeCare.
  3. Part clip staff programs for shopping trips for aged people.
  4. Part clip staff draws a timetable for trips.
  5. The services will corroborate the information, save record aged people facts into the study, program for shopping trips use instance terminal I selected two keys.

Postcondition: both of two keys are accepted and arrange timetable for trips to the supermarket and arrange for vehicle for trips are assigned

By analyzing the above, primary scenario a figure of inquiries arise:

  • What if any of the arrange timetable for trips may be something incorrect or ca n’t be arrange

By replying these inquiries we can place secondary scenarios for GreenDrive undertaking usage instance:

  • Arrange timetable for trips are wrong for aged people.

Primary Scenarios

Use Case: GreenDrive Project

Precondition: Arrange for vehicle for trips

Flow of events:

Primary Scenarios

  1. After that, portion clip staff arrange for vehicle for shopping trips.
  2. Part clip staff assigns and lists the aged people who are taking a trip.
  3. Part clip staff ever checks upkeep of vehicle.
  4. Subsequently that vehicle must return to the office.
  5. The services will corroborate the information, save record aged people facts into the study, arrange for vehicle for shopping trips, usage instance terminal I selected two keys.

Postcondition: both of two keys are accepted and arrange timetable for trips to the supermarket and arrange for vehicle for trips are assigned

By analyzing the above, primary scenario a figure of inquiries arise:

  • What if there is no vehicle available for a trip a twenty-four hours mean while vehicle may be something incorrect or something like that?
  • What if any of the senior people will be absent for traveling to shopping trips?

By replying these inquiries we can place secondary scenarios for GreenDrive undertaking usage instance:

  • AgeCare must be excess vehicle for a twenty-four hours like spare.

If the aged people may be absent, staff that is hold this program / service should be contact and inquire this people status and alteration programs for that twenty-four hours.

B 3. Developing a usage instance and how assist to understanding demands

Beginnings of usage instance patterning are developed by Ivar Jacobson in 1996 as portion of his object oriented method OOSE ( Object Oriented Software Engineering ) . His thoughts ( including Use Case patterning ) incorporated with those of Grady Booch and James Rumbaugh to make the first version of UML because of its beginnings frequently thought of as an object oriented technique besides used for interaction design. Modeling interaction is between the end-user and the system. It has become an of import technique for patterning early user demands irrespective of the methodological analysis, type of system under development.

Use Case afford a tool of communicating between the conditions and possible of recognizing which needs for organisation are. One proves that the diagram of instance of usage is a good tool with the first parts of the stage of design during the Sessionss of meeting of brainstorming where they helped to give the histrions, of the messages, the maps, the provinces of objects and their passages. To use the utilizations box will happen all the exclusions and solutions of replacing. Because the chief scenario of success is simple twelvemonth order of the hart be, inch base on balls by each preparation class and look into what still the histrion could do gold what in the border of system turns severely.

Use instance described the functionality of a system the position of users or histrions in the system. It is a high-ranking, user-oriented diagram. A usage instance is normally described as a high-ranking map of a system and in UML the usage instance diagram shows the associations or interactions ( as lines ) between histrions ( stick figures ) in the system and the usage instances ( eclipsiss ) . The diagram besides had shown the boundary of the system as a rectangle with the usage instances within.

Because the chief scenario of success is an order of the simple phases, can go through by each phase and look into what still the histrion could do or what in the can of system turns severely. The event of release which makes begin the instance of usage of the conditions of requirements, station and the associated restraints as on the executing or safety. The status of requirement and station for a instance of usage describes conditions and to eventually cut down confusion and uncertainness in the description of conditions. The decrease of confusion and misinterpretation can be really utile while bettering and by developing quality of system.

AgeCare Committee has been decided to utilize the GreenDrive undertaking for developing a direction information system. In GreenDrive undertaking as a pilot undertaking, I start to specify cardinal histrion and cardinal issues by pulling usage instance diagram.

When I start to pull a usage instance for GreenDrve undertaking, first we must make gather user demands. We can arouse user demands in a figure of ways:

  • One-to-one interview ( formal/informal )
  • Focus group treatment ( led by analyst )
  • Questionnaires
  • Ethnographic attacks
  • Watching the users as perceiver
  • Become a portion of the working squad
  • Work Flow analysis
  • May besides lead to Business Process Engineering ( BPR )
  • Prototyping
  • Need to already hold the high degree demands
  • Can polish them at a lower degree in this manner
  • Document analysis

When I seeking to understand the functional demands of users ( what they want the system to make ) we need to pattern. The interaction is between the user and the system for each map under reappraisal. Each map is step by measure point of position.

First, I should hold met this usage instance diagram before I ‘ll be experts on usage instance patterning. I ‘ll hold a inform run through of the chief constructs, but the outlook is that I understand the chief constructs as if non, revision. At this degree, we are more interested in how Use Case Modelling helps the demands analysis activity of Greendrve undertaking.

After that, I selected two cardinal utilizations of this system which is arrange timetable for trips and arrange for vehicle for shopping trips. Within this pilot undertaking, I guess these two keys will be sort of cardinal issue. If this system offers transit to shopping trips for aged people, these two keys are support and indispensable. Doris who is portion clip staff arranges vehicles and care every twenty-four hours. And so agenda program for traveling to shopping. Doris does list of aged people who are traveling to stumble, care vehicle, record clip of when vehicle come back to the Centre, etc.

By develop a usage instance ; user-oriented is developed because it considers user demands in relation to the system. It is a graphical technique and easy to understand. Specifically considers Actors and their interactions with usage instance. Use instance document the behaviour of the system from position of user. Key histrion is anything external to the system being developed which interacts with the system in same manner. Use instance provides aid with three hard facets of systems development as demands definition, be aftering / prioritizing of development, proof of system. It besides provides a structured attack toward covering with user-centred demands definition and mold. Remember we must take a systematic attack to covering with the demands we have gathered. We ca n’t trust to understand them / reexamine them / prioritise them unless we simplify them through mold and abstraction. Enables should be placing the undermentioned information about the histrions:

  • What they need from the system and what uses instances are relevant to them?
  • Any other interactions they might anticipate to hold with the system.
  • How of import usage instance in relation to the occupation / undertaking performed by the histrion.

It helps stipulate the functionality of the system as seen from the users ‘ position. It show behavior if the system and show functionality of the system but now how things are happen. We must be thinking a job. We create use instances at different degrees with different degrees of item.

Then, I can place job and understanding environment of GreenDrive undertaking by pulling usage instance diagram.


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