Agecare head office Essay

Key issues

The chief cardinal issues of AgeCare are to supply regular study to all funders. It besides shows how to utilize money on the undertaking. AgeCare caput office is responsible to demo these events. But, AgeCare ca n’t bring forth effectual study to all funders.

All centres are running different manner and different handle depend on the undertaking. As a consequence, if all centres informations are come out different formats, inconsistent, confusion and incorrect information. And so, it has a batch of activities for managing the AgeCare ‘s undertakings. Therefore, it is hard to compare to each undertaking.

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AgeCare Executive Committee wants all centres use standard format for all running undertaking. Therefore, ACEC is deicide to develop Management Information System. ACEC hope MIS can assist to do strategic determination for legal guardians or authorities bureaus.

Other cardinal issues contain wasting clip, blowing money, make full incorrect information, inaccurate information, non secured informations, afraid to utilize computing machine and afraid to descrying.

And so, some of the AgeCare ‘s undertaking ca n’t utilize resource efficaciously. This is besides one of the cardinal issues of AgeCare.

Area of struggle

The first struggle takes topographic point with Patience Mbewe ( Education Coordinator ) . Patience Mbewe worry to losing AgeCare ‘s nucleus value. Patience Mbewe is besides afraid to losing sight for AgeCare.

Second struggle is take topographic point between Syed Faisal ( Director of Central Administrative ) and AgeCare ‘s undertaking. Syed Faisal worry to fly or non and does n’t desire to driven like pilot undertaking to the whole organisation.

Third struggle is take topographic point Center Manger of Basingstoke and Finance Director of Head Office. Finance Director wants to develop new finance system and centralise finance system. On the other manus, Center Manager of Basingstoke besides hope local finance ( ain finance ) system. AgeCare ca n’t develop single demands of each AgeCare ‘s member. Own finance system is non possible for Management Information System.

The concluding struggle is take topographic point Administrative Department and Hastings Center. Administrative section have force per unit areas over Hastings Center ‘s staff.

The chief focal point of AgeCare is Management Information System ( MIS ) . If AgeCare fill up single demands of each member, that will be lost sight for MIS. MIS is requires centralize direction system.

All centres are cod informations to different formats. AgeCare must be cod informations to standard format and informations will be utile and accurately. This is besides chief focal point of MIS. All centres must be used standard format and that will command under the regulation mechanism by AgeCare caput office.

The intent of MIS is produce study where necessary. For illustration, how many undertaking success and how many exhausted resources in success undertaking. Furthermore, MIS can besides bring forth success undertakings report within two old ages. The chief focal point is study can bring forth easy and when needed.

After that, all of the AgeCare ‘s undertakings are different measurement procedure. These have n’t standard measuring procedure. So, AgeCare ‘s should hold standard public presentation index to mensurate undertakings. This can assist to shown to be effectual or non and AgeCare will better mensurating efficiency. Standard public presentation index can assist to MIS and how much pass money and how many resources efficaciously or inefficaciously.

AgeCare ‘s boundary can better or cut down. That cans besides failure unluckily. AgeCare ‘s MIS should hold recovered from any other perturbations. And so, AgeCare have many other subsystems such as finance system, diary system, HR and so on. These all subsystem is interrelating with each other. Finance section already used finance system. Other centre besides used ain system. MIS can let easy to import informations from bing system to new system. This is besides one of the focal points of AgeCare. If the boundary is improve, bing system allow to do extra characteristics in the hereafter.

Most of the centre ‘s staff concerns to utilize computing machine and does n’t desire to alter from traditional system. In engineering point of position, all of the GUI designs are same and that will easy to utilize for AgeCare system such as finance system and HR. Furthermore, all centres web interface are same and easy to utilize. If preparation needed, that will do.

Other chief focal point is besides like this. First centre already run originative composing class last 6 month at one country. This class besides runs now in 2nd centre at different country. First centre have information about how much pass money and how many resources used. This information can portion to back centre. All centres allow sharing informations if needed from other centre.

All funders want to grounds cost effectual. So, terminal undertaking study will necessitate for all funders. The study must be standard format for each funder. AgeCare should besides attending to this. Furthermore, all informations are accurately and standard informations.

All above descriptions are of import demands for AgeCare and chief focal point of AgeCare environments. MIS can assist to the whole organisation of AgeCare. If the AgeCare supply accurate information for funders, that can better organisation in charity sector.

Rich image is a 1 of the technique of Soft Approaches. It based on human activity. Rich image diagram are drawn when issues are taken into consideration. Rich images can assist to understanding demands analysts at an early phase in the development procedure. It can besides understand what needed of people, what fears of people and what aspiration of people. Rich image is fundamentally look at to societal, human ethical, morale and human facets of system development. Furthermore, one of the intents of rich image is understands the about of AgeCare by stand foring diagrammatic signifier.

This rich image is help to pull pictural imitation of AgeCare environment and explicate what the AgeCare ‘s about. Therefore, it is easy to understand. It can assist to cognize possible job state of affairs for people in that state of affairs.

The big ‘bubble ‘ represents concern of the analysis and concerns of each people. Other symbol is draft for things and people which interrelate inside or outside the AgeCare. Therefore, Arrow is represented relationship in the AgeCare ‘s environments. Rich image ca n’t already place what symbol used. That can utilize any symbol where appropriate based on specific state of affairs. Crossed blades represent struggle between AgeCare members.

Furthermore, rich image helps to visualise and discourse the people function in the AgeCare. That can besides demo up the single individual concerns and possible struggle in the AgeCare. Rich image can easy to understand what are truly of import for AgeCare environment.

In this rich image, that can assist jobs work outing the basicss of the state of affairs. It can besides explicate to each single members believing and determination devising. The requirement analyst ‘s technique of rich image will be moved from thought of the job state of affairs ( system believing actions ) to believing about how to work out the job state of affairs ( existent universe actions ) .

For illustration, one of the jobs shown in rich image is Center Manger of Basingstoke. That job can be found struggle between Finance Director and Basingstoke ‘s Center Manager. Finance Director wants to implement centralizes finance system. But, Basingstoke ‘s Center Manager wants to implement local finance system for each centre. That ‘s opposite side with finance manager. But, finance manager is chief of import function of AgeCare in this AgeCare environment rich image and more powerful than Basingstoke ‘s Center Manager. Therefore, finance manager will go the client of Finance Department and chief of import function in this rich image.

In the rich, two edifice form are represent the caput office of AgeCare and 15 centres. The first edifice form is drawn in the top of the rich image and other edifice form is drawn in the center of the rich image. This rich image is drawn attending to necessitate Management Information System ( MIS ) . Because of AgeCare ca n’t do strategic determination and determination devising procedure for future. Furthermore, AgeCare ca n’t bring forth effectual study to outside the funders, legal guardian and authorities bureaus. The funders bubble contains ‘effective usage of money and success the undertakings ‘ .

The of import histrion of this rich image is Information Quality Office ( Christos Papadimitriou ) . The function of IQO is cod informations from the AgeCare ‘s undertakings. The bubble of IQO contains ‘what undertaking are efficient or non, different informations format and inconsistent, AgeCare requires cardinal database and new system, that system will be used easy, all centres are used standard informations format and procedure make via the Internet ‘ .

Other of import histrion is Finance Director ( Jayne Harrison ) . JH allocates money to each centre for running undertaking from donates money. The bubble of JH contains ‘require new finance system and centralise finance system ‘ . But, some of the centre trough wants to implement local finance system. In world, AgeCare is besides required centralize finance system. JH can look at to the hereafter.

Chief Executive Officer ( Keith Brooks ) and Administrative Director ( Syed Faisal ) are besides contains of import function of rich image. The bubble of CEO contains about standard measuring public presentation index, strategic determination for future, unafraid informations and bring forth study accurately for funding organic structures.

Administrative Director, underside right of the caput office edifice, is bubble contains ‘to give more better service to aged people, afraid to lose sight of AgeCare, must be required cardinal support, portion information between each centres ( subdivision ) , link into the finance system and necessitate individual administrative squad ‘ .

Center Manager of the Basingstoke is one of the histrions of rich image. This individual is like to utilize with computing machine. But, the bubble contains ‘require local finance system and make full incorrect informations ‘ . In world, local finance system is non possible to implement MIS.

Education coordinator ( Folkestone Center ) underside of the edifice form is one of the histrions of rich image. This individual concern is afraid losing sight of AgeCare value.

Eye form is represented to external interested party. The funders are besides of import histrion of the AgeCare. Most of the money will acquire from these funders by contribution. Their bubble contains ‘effective usage of money, success undertaking and want to see grounds used of efficaciously ‘ .

Rich image is really utile for many analysts. But, it is non really utile that informations flow diagram or entity relationship diagram. Sometime rich image can be obscure. But, it is non pass a batch of clip and money. Furthermore, it can besides quickly implement design and development. And so, rich image is easy to understand comparison with other requirement analysis technique. For illustration, usage instance diagram is non easy to understand by non-technical individual. But, if non-technical individual is seen to rich image, that can easy to visualise the whole organisation or environment.

Part B

Two cardinal issues of usage instance diagram are ;

  1. Record note
  2. Record coach item

Record note is more of import than other usage instance. Because of, AgeCare is support to aged people. This usage instance has to supply aged people. One extends and two utilizations ( include ) are of import for aged people. These merely aid to supply aged people.

Another of import 1 is record coach item. Because of, all of funders provide money to AgeCare. The funders want to see grounds i.e. how much spent money and all are cost effectual. This usage instance must be record money sum for purchase fuel. Therefore, this is besides cardinal of the GreenDrive undertaking. For illustration, after buying fuel, the reception receives by the driver. That receive contains informations for study procedure. Furthermore, that informations provide Management Information System for AgeCare centre.

For arrange timetable

Primary Scenario

Step1. Assistant director arranges passenger list

Step2. Assistant director cheques vehicle list.

Step3. Assistant director arranges the vehicle.

Step4. Assistant director checks the drive list.

Step5. Assistant director arranges the driver

Step6. Assistant director cheques path for trip.

Step7. Assistant director arrange for paths.

Step8. Assistant director calculate the estimations mile for paths.

Step9. Assistant director calculates fuel sum for trip.

Step10. Assistant director calculates money for buying fuel.

Step11. Assistant director wage advanced money to the driver

Secondary Scenario

Step2. If the vehicle is non available

  • The vehicle sends to workshop for fix.
  • Step4. If the thrust non available

  • Assistant director arranges next available individual.
  • Step6. If the path has any jobs, for illustration ; traffic

  • Assistant director arranges next paths for trip
  • Step10. If the money is non plenty,

  • Request financess to funders.

For record driver position

Primary Scenario

Step1. Assistant director look into the record for driver.

Step2. Assistant director input the driver position record into the system

Secondary Scenario

Step1. If the record is non valid

Assistant director return the drivers position record

For record event of trip

Primary Scenario

Step1. Assistant director take rider list from the driver.

Step2. Assistant director compares with original rider list.

Step3. Assistant director input rider list into a system

Step4. Assistant director input exigency record into a system.

Step5. Assistant director input the job that take topographic point within the trip

Secondary Scenario

Step1. If the rider list is non valid

  • Assistant director returns the list to the driver
  • Step5. If the job occurs

  • Assistant director checks the job
  • Assistant director kind out the job

For record coach item

Primary Scenario

Step1. Assistant director checks the driven stat mis

Step2. Assistant director compares with estimations stat mis and driven stat mis

Step3. Assistant director checks the reception for purchase fuel

Step4. Assistant director checks the money from advanced payment

Secondary Scenario

Step2. If the driven stat mis is more than estimations stat mis

Assistant director petition solution for excess stat mis

Assistant director records solution for excess stat mis

Step3. If the reception does non fit with purchase fuel sum

Assistant director petition solution for this instance

Assistant director records solution for this instance

Step4. If the money does non fit

Assistant director petition solution for this instance

Assistant director records solution for this instance

For green goodss study

Primary Scenario

Step1. Assistant director input informations for green goods study

Step2. Assistant director checks the study

Step3. Assistant director direct study to centre director

Step4. Assistant director frontward study to finance section

Step5. Assistant director frontward study to administrative section

Secondary Scenario

Step2. If the study does non fit with utilizing resource

Assistant director recheck the information

Use instance is of import technique of requirement analysis. Because of, design and execution are based on demand analysis. But, all of the demands did n’t come from merely usage instance diagram.

This usage instance describes the functionality of Greendrive undertakings process from the histrion in the system. Use instance is fundamentally user-oriented diagram and shows the high degree demand of system. Use instance can besides demo the boundary of the Greendrive. That can be seen indispensable demands of GreenDrive undertaking.

Actor is of import for the system. Actor must be straight or indirectly related with the system. Therefore, happen histrion procedure is of import 1 for usage instance diagram. Assistant director ( Doris ) is primary histrion for the GreenDrive.

Second is tried to happen out the indispensable usage instance for GreenDrive undertaking. Use instance will besides happen out what reusability of the GreenDrive undertaking is. i.e extends and includes.

The intent of extends is show how the usage instance extends the functionality of other usage instance. The intent of include is that can be break down from complex one into several simpler one.

After that, all of the usage instance text is verb-noun signifier. Finally, it draws out the boundary of the GreenDrive. Flow or relationship describes how use instance are relates with users.

Use instance is diagrammatic position of the user demands. Use instance can be make fulling up user demands. It is a bosom of a system. It can besides demo what the demands of a system. Basically, use instance can give construction manner of the behavior demand of a system. And so, that can be drawn sensible design for the proposed system.

Use instance can assist to understanding the demands of GreenDrive undertaking. That can besides assist who are the chief histrion of the GreenDrive and what are the boundary of the GreenDrive. Use instance can easy to understand user. Because of, it is a procedure of virtualized by diagrammatic position to a system. Therefore, all of the demands are run intoing with user needed.


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