Alain Robbe-Grillet and The Secret Room

On page 2032 of the classs anthology, there is a work by Alain Robbe-Grillet entitled The Secret Room. What interests me about this work is that I thought that this topic or story is deep and hard to get the idea. So, I wanted to know about Alain Robbe-Grillet and wanted to get the idea. In this connection, the question that I want to research is who Alain Robbe-Grillet is and what is this story about. First of all, Robbe-grillet, he was born in Brittany, France, where was the place for scientists and engineers.

At first, he was not a writer. He earned the degree in mathematics and natural science. He started working at National Institute of Statistics and published an article on livestock possibilities before deciding to work part time in his sisters biology laboratory and write a novel. The first novel he wrote was A Regicide in 1949. But, it didnt published until 1978 which was the time after he became a successful novelist. Robbe-Grillet was one of the foremost filmmakers and the novelists of the French new novel, of the twentieth century.

Frustrated about the lack of progress and innovation in the art of the novel since the nineteenth century, Robbe-Grillet and Nathalie Saurrate began to write complex novels that interrogated and challenged conventional narrative modes, novels that altered or abolished fictional elements such as character, plot, setting, point of view, and chronological time in favor of repetitions, an absence of emotion, minute objective and sometimes geometric descriptions, the lack of authorial analysis, and the deconstruction of time.

His films also reflect his desire to challenge the conventions of filmmaking, but he is recognized principally as a novelist. The novels of Robbe-Grillet all challenge their readers to reevaluate the way they read, the way they think, and the way they visualize the world around them. The novels are vastly different from each other. The Erasers concerns a police inspector, Wallas, and his search for a man who has supposedly killed another man who, in actuality, was not killed.

The novel is set in a small Belgian city, a city with a considerable network of canals and bridges and boulevards that all look the same; throughout the novel, the city becomes a type of labyrinth, adding an ambiguous complexity of space to the novel’s non linear chronology. The Erasers is more accessible than his later novels like Jealousy and In The Labyrinth, both penultimate examples of the New Novel. The erratic chronology, suggested symbols, circular repetitions, and stylized description deconstruct time and space in these novels forcing the reader to reconstruct the plot.

These writerly texts transport readers to complex fictional, hence illusory, universes. The visual nature of Robbe-Grillet’s books continue in his later novels, of which the collaborative novel La Belle Captive, a novel written by Robbe-Grillet with paintings and illustrations by the surrealist Ren Margritte, is a perfect example where art informs art and the two mediums color the “reading” of each other. Recently, in 1995, Robbe-Grillet finished a trilogy: a fictional autobiography.

Embracing the vogue genre of the autobiography and foregrounding its inherently subjective nature, Robbe-Grillet continues to brave the edge of his art in the same spirit of innovation that has marked all his work. Robbe-Grillet, he is very good at describing scenes. He describes the room, the victim, and also light and smoke. So, we can imagine what happened in this room even though he didnt mention what was happened in this room. The title, The Secret Room, it is about the dark, basement room where the murder is taken place. This room has so weak light which is not known where is comes from, and also its hard to determine the dimension is.

I think it represents the mystery. Also, the first scene which the man appears is just a silhouette which is also mysterious. The girl who is killed, she lies down without cloth. The narrator says that shes completely nude. It represents the eroticism. The author said her body is completely nude. It represents the eroticism. The author said her body is rounded but not heavy. And its no longer useful. He emphasizes that she is dead. And, her body is described beautiful. However, her face is: her eyes are opened largely like staring, and her mouth is also opened like screaming. It means that the incident is so scary.

Her body, which is milk white, is rounded but not heavy. She bleeds so much and turns pale. In the beginning of this story, the murderer was near the top of the stairs. He is about to get out of this room. But, in the middle of the story, he is almost bottom of the stairs. Why? I think he was afraid. He looks like impassive. But, the narrator says that he is something tense. In my opinion, he has some emotion to he. Im not sure but it might be love. And he is afraid of killing her. After this research, I learned that Robbe-Grillet is very good at describing scene. I read some summary of his works, but I want to read some his whole novel.


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