Albert Einstein from Start to Finish

Albert Einstien was born on March 14, 1879 in Alum, Germany. He was born with extreme deformities, however he out grew them except for his misshapen head. He was a late talker to add to his problems. He was branded as a loner because he had no love for anyone but his mother who he spent all of his childhood with. He was also considered a Jeckell and Hide. Albert Einstein was considered mentally retarded as a young child. This was because he simply chose to do what he wanted to do, in terms of schoolwork. He didnt like school too well, except for Math.

In his classes he daydreamed constantly because he was so board with the lesson. His teachers came to the conclusion that he was mentally retarded and his classmates thought he was a stupid freak. How could a freak be known to every person in the world today for his extravagant contributions to Math and Science? He began high school at the age 12. He was only interested in Mathematics and Philosophy. Therefore he made no effort to work in his other classes. His father, Hermann Einstein, didnt want him to study Philosophy. He wanted him to take over the family business and study electrical engineering.

He and his mother would practice the piano for hours. He mastered it! He then moved on the violin. He took his violin to school and everywhere he went. Alberts father had business problems as he was growing up. His father was never around to love or help Albert. When he was home he drank and had no patience for poor Einstein. When Albert was going through high school he had many problems. He didnt get any recognition for his efforts in math or science. He felt hopeless. He did not do the subjects he fell to be pointless. In 1896, he entered the Federal Institute of Technology, in Zurich, Switzerland.

Here Albert received his first recognition for his abilities. Albert was supposed to take an entrance exam for the school, but he was only 16, and most were 18. A professor at the school named Hornet Webbed, saw his incredibly high scores in Math and Physics that he was admitted to the school without taking the exam, and honors credit from Hornet. During his time at the school Alberts interest for Physics became larger than ever. While in school, Albert Einstein read out libraries that had sections about physics. With his reading came publications and he began to write.

He had two papers that were famous, they were, The Quantum Theory to Light and the second was called Brownie Notions, and the third was not said. In 1905 Albert received his Ph. D. from University of Zurich. Later he began a career as an academic lecturer. Albert was in Germany when WW I broke out. At this time he was concentrating on the problem of gravity and the theory of relativity. Albert was not at all interested in The War. He hated it. In 1922, Albert received the Nobel Prize in Physics for the Photo Electric Law and his work in the field of Theoretical Physics. This was also the year that he came to the United States.

In 1934, Germany took away his citizenship, simply because he was in the US and he hated war! Later in his life Albert switched his focus to To Atto Hahn, who discovered what great power an atom contains. Of all times Hahn made his discovery just before Christmas. He thought this technology might help Hitler dominate the world. Albert was greeted by two scientists from Princeton. When they arrived Albert showed no sign of suprise, as if he expected them. They both rammbled about the an atomic bomb and said they needed him to help them to find the solution to split an atom. He came to the conclusion that, Well….

I guess Id better get it before they do. He was now working on total payment and funding by the government. After almost working non-stop he discovered what people had tried to figure out for years. Although discovering the way to split the atom correctly he told no one for days. His reasoning was that if he told them, people would die. If he didnt tell them America would be overthrown by Hitler and his rein would go on. Then with no warning he reviled all his figures. In the next few months the first test-version of the A-bomb was released in Southern NewMexico. Many watched the horizon in total secrecy.

Now with the Germans defeated, the Allies focused all their power on Japan. Japan was warned that we had something up our sleeves. Albert prayed that they would surrender, because if people died it would be under his name forever. When the first bomb was sent Albert was stunned, because no one knew the exact power of the bomb! They knew almost nothing compared to him. President Truman ordered that the Bomb be sent at once because of the resistance of the Japanese. The bomb hit Hiroshima and there was mass distruction. The whole city was leveled. Two weeks later with still no sign of surrender of Japan, and the second was sent to Nagasaki.

Then the Japanese surrendered. The bombs were sent on August 6th. Albert Einstein lived a mediocre life. He lived a long and painful life, but his death was not on natural terms. He was thought to be a potential terrorist by the FBI so they watched him 24/7. During that time he became very sick. He was diagnosed Anemia. Later he seemed to start recovering, but it got worse and never recovered. Albert had the option of having surgery, and living, but he replied that he could not except the fact of artificial life. A nurse at the hospital that he was at noticed that he was not breathing properly normally.

While the nurse was propping him up to breathe he, mumbled something in German and took his last deep breath and was there pronounced dead. Albert Einstien contributed so much to the world. Some not so good and some the greatest. He was abused by the American government though. They used their enemy to make th em a weapon. I feel that Hitler would still be alive today if he had not helped us though. He lived a unhappy life. This unhappy man contributed so much to the human race. If his Math and Science skills were not so high, he would be no one. He helped us so much. We owe him the fact that he won WWII for us.


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