Alcohol vs drugs Essay

Herman D. Hopkins Eng. 121 Composition 1 Lindsay Ludvigsen September 5, 2012 Running Ahead: Alcohol vs. Drugs Alcohol vs. Drugs This essay is about the use of alcohol and/or drugs that can be harmful and deadly to an individual. Alcohol can be used for different reasons, like for a special occasion or you can be on a casual date, but it can also be used for depression in which most cases people abuse it by going over the limit.

People who abuse alcohol use it to over up personal problems that have occurred in their life or there is some other things going on either at home or at work which causes them to either become stressed out or depressed. In most case the drinker will drink as to not face the real problem at hand or that’s around them and their lives, but not realizing that it is only a temporary relief but most are aware of the outcome of drinking. There are some drinkers who will take it too far to the point it is too late because you either end up ith health problems or death.

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Drugs on the other hand are used differently. Prescription drugs and illegal drugs are different. Prescription drugs is prescribe to a person by a doctor for health issues and/ or because a person is sick. But some people abuse the prescription drug by taking more than what was prescribe to them causes them to become dependent and so that they can feel better and not deal with better as “Street Drugs”, cocaine, heroin, and meth are all illegal drugs.

Using these rugs only can amount to, you can either end up in Jail or prison, or basically on the street which can lead to severe damaged to the body and mind or death. In most cases people use illegal drugs because they was either pressure into doing it or they wanted to try it Just to be popular, but some use it for other reason such as wanting to rid their mind away from society but not knowing that it’s temporary. Once a person has taken a drug for so long, they become addicted and rely on it and it ecomes hard for them to walk away and it can lead to death.

Both alcohol and drugs are used as a healing method to people who don’t care about their life. Some people really need to realize that there is only one high that last forever and that is Jesus Christ. If you know of someone who has an alcohol or drug problem please refer them to Alcohol and Drug anonymous hotline so that they can get the proper help before it’s to late. Reference Alcohol Anonymous 1-800-314-8174 Drug Anonymous 1-800-729-6686


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