Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World: Contemporary America to Utopia Sample Essay

How would one respond exchanging from modern-day America to utopia? How would one feel trusting on a drug called haoma to populate life. to be happy? The perfect universe is what is Aldous Huxley brings to world in his novel Brave New World. He uses assorted types of characters to walk one through the glamourous side of the courageous new universe. every bit good as its battles. He besides uses John. a barbarian who represents modern-day America. to stress the battles of this universe. One might fantasy about eternal felicity. and life full of all merriment and drama. but as the barbarian finds out all can non be merriment and games.

Soma came into being after the Nine Year’s war and the world-wide economic prostration. The accountants knew they had to stabilise society. to take all hurting out of life. So. they created the perfect drug. it is described as “Christianity without tears’” ( 244 ) by Mustapha Mond. Get downing off as babies people are exposed to this “euphoric. narcotic. cheerily hallucinant. ” ( 53 ) . They are conditioned to take it whenever they feel anything other than felicity. This perfect drug non merely impairs one’s judgement but besides gives one a holiday from world. Take half a gm for half a vacation. a gm for a week-end. two gms for a trip to the East. and three for a dark infinity on the Moon ( 55 ) . Although being considered the perfect drug. it does hold its defects.

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Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World: Contemporary America to Utopia Sample Essay
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Lenina. a civilian of this new universe. seems to be wholly reliant on haoma as seen when. Bernard Marx and her take a trip to a Savage Reservation. While on this trip Lenina forgets her haoma in the remainder house. go forthing her to confront the horrors of the Reservation unaided. She is horrified and disgusted when she sees a female parent suckling her kid. when she sees an old adult male losing dentitions. and even a immature male child being whipped. Faced with these horrors she continues to wine and kick about he non holding her haoma. invariably stating “I want I had my haoma. ” ( 117 ) . Later on they came across a male child named John. when he took them to his female parent. Linda. Lenina was wholly revolted by her visual aspect. Linda was born in a bottle. conditioned. and raised in the courageous new universe but on her trip to the barbarian reserve she fell and got left buttocks. After life and holding a babe at the reserve. she had merely missed one thing about utopia and that was her haoma. She could non take any holidaies. and was forced to populate in this atrocious topographic point.

Turning up in the reserve would give one wholly different positions on haoma. John had ever fantasized about what it might be like life in the courageous new universe based on his mom’s narratives of life at that place. Bernard offered to take John and his female parent back. and present them to the manager who was John’s male parent. When they got at that place. Linda lay in bed and easy killed herself off of her haoma holidaies. While John participated in feelies. parties. and dances but he refused to partake in haoma. After being exposed to it several times he realized how hapless people acted when they were on haoma. He was determined to do people see the incorrect in haoma. but the accountant did non hold with this. So. John was sent to the beacon to avoid any interactions with him and the civilians so he could non poison their heads any farther. At the beacon John whipped himself because he could non be happy due to his mom’s decease. A group of civilians came to watch the spectacle. which aroused them and caused them to riot. The accountants. in an attempt to incorporate this. sprayed haoma turning the public violence into a public binge. John ends up unwillingly partaking in this due to an inadvertent consumption of haoma. When the haoma wears off he realizes what he did and with an overpowering feeling of guilt he hung himself because of what he did.

One can see that there is no such thing as a perfect drug. there will be some defects. Such as the addictiveness of this drug. one becomes reliant on it whenever they feel disquieted or angry or even merely because they feel like they need it. This drug messes with your caput every bit good. if you were non raised on it your head acted otherwise on it as seen by John. These shows how the writer believes that these barbarians. besides known as modern-day America. would non be able to last this perfect and if exposed would finally destruct themselves.


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