Alexander The Great’s Struggles

Alexander the Great was most likely the greatest leader ever. His tactics and reasoning are still studied all over the world even after 2,000 years ago. Being a teenager from a divorced family and forced to rule at such a young age intensely impacted Alexander’s Life. According to records, he was said to be a heavy drinker and because of his mother’s excessive praise, believed himself to be a god. His loyalty, ego, and ambitions are a few of his life struggles that are still scrutinized today.

Alexander was very loyal to his country and parents. When he was still a young teenager, his father gave him the task of ruling the small region of Pella. This allowed Alexander to prove to his father that he could be a competent ruler. When Alexander and his father, Philip, fought Macedonia, Philip was surrounded. Alexander bravely jumped in and saved his father from sure death. Alexander demonstrated loyalty to his mother by staying with her through her exile from Philip.

This showed how much pulling and tugging went on to win Alexander’ favor that enviably killed Phillip by not knowing who to be loyal to. Upon their return three years later, Alexander’s mother requested to be allowed to rule with him, once Alexander became king. She knew that would be the only way she could regain power. When Alexander turned twenty, his father was brutally murdered by Alexander’s friend. This demonstrated once again how loyal Alexander was to his father, and how difficult a decision it was to pick sides between his father and mother.

Alexander had a strong ego beginning at birth. Even from the cradle, his mother taught him that he was a god, so he grew up believing it was true. There were many reasons why Alexander’s mother believed him to be a god. When he was born, earthquakes shook the ground, there was a comet, two eagles perched, and lightning a temple and burned it to the ground. She believed those were signs from the gods. When Alexander was just a young buy, he went into the woods and killed a mountain lion with his bare hands to prove he was a god.

This act convinced almost everyone that was Alexander indeed, was a god. Aristotle, his teacher for many years, said that Alexander had one of the greatest minds ever. He taught Alexander to trust no one and to learn how to be alone because one day, he would. As an adult, another example of Alexander’s ego was that he sought to conquer huge empires and armies, and knowing he would always win. Alexander never had to face defeat and wanted to continue conquering, but his men were tired and wanted to return home.

After ten years of destruction Alexander and his men returned home. Alexander the Great had huge ambitions. His goal in life was to be better at everything than his father. He was tutored by Aristotle to be the best student in philosophy, leadership, science and mathematics. Alexander excelled in every area except patience. He was taught that he could rule the world if he wished and spent most of his life doing so. When Alexander conquered a city, he burned it to the ground.

He then rebuilt the city and renamed it to Alexandria. When he arrived at Hellesport, Alexander was noted to have said, “From here I will conquer the continent. ” Once his man had conquered India, Alexander still wanted to continue, but his men refused. They said they were tired and wanted to return home. Alexander agreed and returned back to Greece with the same army that he had begun his conquest ten years earlier. Once at home, he became sick from dysentery, malaria, exhaustion, but most likely alcohol poisoning.

It is unclear which ailment caused his death, but it is known he died shortly after he arrived home. Alexander the Great’s life had been studied for almost 2,000 years. His loyalty, ego, and ambitions have puzzled many people, but have also provided explanations for his actions. Anyone brought up thinking that they were a god would have some differences in the way they comprehend and handle situations. Alexander believed he could unite the world, but failed just short of his goal. Alexander will continue to be a main figure in the study of the history of the world.


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