alienation Essay

What is the instance of alienation in business? Alienation is a painful feeling felt by human in several positions . Alienation is not without feelings of longing and nostalgia. It feels to many people as thought everything is new. The eyes scattered here and there to consider those steps, but humans face various items such as expression of the face that shows they are surprised and the feelings changes from time to time between Joy and sorrow, longing and pain . Ears hear strange accents. They live life. The heart is still pounding from those memorise.

They walk feet on he pavement of the streets understanding the whole system of laws and obligations. This itself makes all feel that everything we see is a beautiful and this is a nostalgic memory. They have learned that life carries a lot of surprise that the human cannot expect. The person is still fixed on the principles of the maximum alienation in the country, and on the table before them are the longings they are frozen out of. In my essay will explain these point. Firstly, I will introduce the general definition of alienation. Secondly, I will argue about what is the instance of alienation in business nd why this occurs.

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Finally, I will discuss the effects of the alienation on the person and the community. Alienation is sum of the sensations that accumulate in us from the different experiences. Also it is the total of the pain and the sensation. It is when people wake up in the morning and do not find some who is smiling at them. When their chest fills with Joy. When they talk a lot but with oneself. When they do something nice and look for people around them to cheer for them. Alienation is when a person get a new Job and they feel strange in the work environment. It is non-existent communication between staff.

And a sense of the employee in a work sense alienation which makes it undesirable living with alienation. Alienation as defined by teachers who travel to seek knowledge outside ” alienation is a total of the sensations. It mixed with yearning and nostalgia for home, friends, family, and for normal life. ‘ The economic situation of a nation and the human desire to build them self physically forms one of the most important reasons for alienation. Once away from home, humans begin to feel homesickness especially the person who gets the chance o work or study abroad.

The alienation of the individual have a negative impact on the organization’s identity. Through a set of variables, alienation and identity of the intermediary organizations was negatively related need to involve deprivation, Job satisfaction and Job involvement. More specifically, it has been speculated that the increased alienation of deprivation, thereby reducing Job satisfaction, reduce the participation of a career, thereby reducing the final regulatory determination. The study included 219 elderly service providers. Given to measures of self- etermination. Display trace data analysis.

The results confirmed that a moderate amount of work and quality of life model, and discuss the impact of the government’s . At the beginning they will start to feel loch of acceptation where there controls them. In addition, they feel hopeless and this affects the productivity of the company. Meanwhile alienation felt by the employee is reflected in their lack of warmth toward the organization. Also they believe that their mission work is not meaningful. The impact of the alienation as explain by teachers who travel to seek knowledge utside ” alienation has a significant effect on the human personality.

Always they see is full expatriate and does not feel the taste of success because there is no estimate your success” Alienation has great effects on the person in their life. That shows in their behaviors such as depression, feelings of inferiority and lack of perfection. Also no matter how successful . alienation also leads to personal selfishness that destroys and cause self-loathing. The employee feel homesickness and this impact the ability of the employee to work efficiently with a lack of desire to ork . In this case the employee cannot accept the work environment.

This includes staff and others reflected in their personality as they deal with the customers in correctly. So they gives a false image and bad reputation of the company name. Also it begins to influence the employee sense of homesickness. Alienation always make people feel inferior regardless of the level of success. Modern organization designed to reduce the alienation of employees? This is a problem, many human resource managers (and other executives) should be concerned about employee productivity nd morale, because of the direct impact of the alienation, but many executives are ignored.

Disposal of staff can refer to several different issues, business and society as a whole alienation. And how they are organized and the impact of these factors, and integrated into the corporate culture of the organization, you can decide their employees to take the high moral standards, or they feel alienated their environment and employers. Their employers to feel alienated employees who are more likely to have attendance problems, you can make a decision, it is unethical. These employees o not feel that they are an active member of an organization, but they think it is Just another “gear”, “round”.

These employees that the company might use the feeling of their organizations use. Even when these employees to work overtime, they do so reluctantly, they are subject to change or downgrade progress may increase the company’s efforts. May have alienated staff employees, most of the other affected employees alienated the minds of the employees through the company’s distribution of negative emotions Alienation also have an effect on society especially when omeone travels to another countries.

The community loses one of the human resources. Where this persons will contribute to increase the state’s economy because, they have skills and capabilities that help society progress. On the other hand it can affect the behavior of individuals in the community. This is because a person see expatriate isolated from others. Often they feel despair of the life . As a result they turning towards the wrong direction such as use of drugs. In my essay I spoke about alienation. I explained first the general definition of lienation.

I made clear the objective which is the instance of alienation in business. Finally , I explained the effects of the alienation of the person and the community. In in life. It impacts on staff in many institutions. It can affect in different ways such as between employees with others, between staff and customers, and between staff and work environment. The manager must have a solution for this problem before it has an impact on the company. I am certain in the future that feeling homesickness will not have any area in the life of employee .


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