Aligning HR and IT Strategy: ARAM CO and ABV Rock Essay


Whenever a company is assessed, the first thing which is noticed is that how capable it is of supplying the service or the merchandise which it is assuring. Capabilities of a company can be defined as complex packages of professional accomplishments and accumulated cognition which are merely possible if exercised through organisational processs, due to this a house is able to co-ordinate activities and do application of the assets.

The word scheme is originated from Grecian linguistic communication but was non used in the same significances as it is being used presents. Today, dictionary defines scheme as a “ systematic program of action ” or “ an action program that has been intended to achieve a peculiar end ”. Here, the significance shows the importance of this scheme in assorted Fieldss of life and concern is among one of them. A concern besides requires scheme based planning to run its operations in a smooth mode. As we know that big houses divide their concern into different operational parts like Human Resource, Marketing, Finance and IT etc. each of that operational portion besides requires an single scheme to assist add some value for the concern overall.

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Aligning HR and IT Strategy: ARAM CO and ABV Rock Essay
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First of wholly, a strategic analysis is to done for this intent whose purpose is to garner the relevant information. This procedure consists of internal and external strategic analysis for the categorization of primary issues and later measuring options and choice among one of the option that fits best with the organisational scene ( Campbell, Stonehouse and Houston, 2002 ).

There are three basic capablenesss which influence a client and client relationship which are as follows

Human Resources

Information Technology

Selling Knowledge

Human Resources

Human resource helps when public presentation and associating issues of a company are concerned. For illustration directors prefer to acquire information from general populace and this public adds value by construing and adding context as feedback in to the natural information already obtained. For the Human resource capableness DeLone and McLean in the twelvemonth 1992 developed legion steps to cipher system quality measuring properties such as system dependability, response clip and system handiness ( Delone and Meclean, 1992 ). Ravichandran and Lertwongsatien in 2005 deliberate human capital by personal accomplishment and human resource specificity ( Ravichandaran and lertwongsatien, 2005 ). Byrd and Turner in the twelvemonth 2000 had the method of utilizing human capableness as the constituent of forces accomplishments and competences, engineering cognition, concern cognition, direction cognition, and proficient accomplishments ( Byrd and Turner, 2000 ).

Human Resources sometimes besides referred to as forces sections, are responsible for managing any company ‘s full human quota. It is the duty of this section to add value to any company. Some sections are successful in accomplishing this while others may non be able to make so. Typical human resource sections presents have a bid and follow apparatus. This kind of set up demands to be changed as the responsibility of any human resource section is to assist the employees and increase their productiveness ; this can be easy and rapidly achieved by integrating certain facets of IT into this country.

Information Technology

The capableness of holding information engineering for a company helps in lending towards the concern value and besides it affects the public presentation of a company. The tools of information engineering aid in recognizing how fast the market moves and besides response harmonizing to the rapid alterations in the selling environment. IT substructure flexibleness can be defined as “ the capablenesss to easy and readily back up a wide assortment of package, hardware, informations, communications engineering, accomplishment and competence, and nucleus application ” ( Byrd and Turner, 2000 ). Their instrument measuring IT capableness consists of three factors:



IT personnel flexibleness.

The integrating factors refer to the respondents who consider that transparent entree into all organisational platforms contributes to the flexibleness of the IT substructure. The modularity factor is the proficient IT substructure, which is associated with hardware, package, and informations in the organisation. IT personnel flexibleness refers to the human constituent of the bing IT substructure.

Selling Knowledge

It is a mechanism for administering cognition resources. There are two positions on cognition and how cognition markets can work. One position uses a legal concept of rational belongings to do knowledge a typical scarce resource, so that traditional trade good market mechanism can be applied straight to administer it. An alternate theoretical account is based on handling cognition as a public good and hence encouraging free sharing of cognition. The constituents of “ organisational acquisition, includes information acquisition, information airing, shared reading, declaratory memory, and procedural memory ” ( Tippins and Sohi, 2003 ). It is besides possible that cognition direction can be measured by the substructure potency of engineering, construction, civilization and the procedure capableness of acquisition, transition, application, and protection ( Gold, Malhotra and Seagers, 2001 ).

If a flow chart of these three capablenesss has to be shown it would look like this:

Here one can see that three major stairss are of import. First it is of import to place the capablenesss in the company so it is of import that the control variables, that are satisfaction and trust, are present between both the client and the company. If either one is absent there could be major jobs at both terminals. As every one knows that satisfaction is something that the company has to present to the client either in the signifier of merchandise or in the signifier of services, the variable satisfaction besides should loosely include tangibles, dependability, reactivity, competency, courtesy, credibleness, a feeling of security, entree, communicating, and apprehension, all these points do hold a cogency under the header of satisfaction ( Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry, 1988 ). Whereas trust is something which comes from the client ‘s terminal, if there is trust towards the company one is seeking to near so for certain half work is already in the bracket of top quality. Trust contains elements like power, expertness, similarity, likeability, extent of societal interaction, frequent contact, and length of relationship which are the key to assist place a sales representative trust. So both trust and satisfaction goes manus in manus and are needed for a successful venture.

The most of import thing which is compulsory to be discussed is the ICT scheme taken by the two companies which have been assigned to us. Besides as discussed above a two manner scheme can be followed that is utilizing Human Resources and Information engineering. Why we are non utilizing the selling capableness is due to the ground that both of the companies are at the degrees where selling is non necessary. ARAM CO and ABV Rock Group are companies which are non selling their services or merchandises at consumer degrees, at which the selling techniques are much more of import, so here merely two techniques that is HR and ICT capablenesss would be plenty for us to look upon. It would be easier when both techniques are discussed individually and so discussed together in order to recognize what are the chief ends which could be achieved by them. First the HR schemes would be discussed so IT schemes are traveling to be evaluated.

HR Schemes

Human resource means the human capital available for work on the assorted organisational places. Human resources are the people with capablenesss, accomplishments and experiences that are good for the organisation. The field with the aid of which human capital of an organisation is managed is called Human Resource Management ( HRM ). Human Resource Management is defined as developing systems to do certain that human resources of an organisation are being used efficaciously to achieve the ends and aims of the organisation ( Jackson and Mathis, 2008 ).

Therefore, the procedure of pull offing human capital in an organisation besides requires developing of crisp programs that are utile to efficaciously use the accomplishments and expertness possessed by the human capital. Developing the action program is the nucleus aim of scheme as elaborated through its definition. We can configure that developing an HR scheme is indispensable for the organisation in order to enroll, use and retain adept employees that in the long tally, would be able to assist organisation accomplish its long term aims. In this subdivision we will discourse in item, the procedure of strategic planning, HR procedure and theoretical accounts and how an organisation can develop and use HR scheme to accomplish long term success.

The strategic procedure

Mintzberg and Quinn ( 1992 ) defined schemes in the signifier of five Ps that are program, play, form of behaviours, place as compared to that of rivals and position. In add-on, Chandler ( 1962 ) defines scheme as the procedure of developing the action program to acknowledge and accomplish long term ends and aims of an organisation. The procedure of developing an action program can non be accomplished without resources. A concern house can hold four types of resources that are categorized as fiscal resources, human resources, physical resources and rational resources ( Campbell et al, 2002 ). There are five commonly used and most agreed upon attacks to scheme:

Planing attack requires a long term planning to make a tantrum between scheme and external environment ( Andrews, 1987 ). The competitory placement attack is developing a strategic tantrum between organisation and environment and taking advantage of it through a five forces theoretical account of competitory schemes ( Porter, 1985 ). Learning attack believes that there is ever a spread between planned and existent state of affairs so the organisation should be dynamic and favour acquisition due to the volatility of the environment in which it operates ( Mintzberg et al 1995 ). Knowledge based attack is considered as a portion of competitory schemes most of the clip.

The procedure of strategic direction involves four stairss that are scanning of internal and external environment, scheme preparation in form of mission, nonsubjective and policies, execution of the scheme through standard operating processs, plans and budgets and later commanding and rating of public presentation consequences. Feedback is taken from all cardinal stakeholders throughout the class of procedure. Environmental scanning is done through scanning the of import variables present in the undertaking and social environment of the endeavor e.g. societal, technological, political, etc. Issue precedence matrix, Porter ‘s attack to industry analysis, industry matrix, value concatenation analysis and PEST analysis are tools largely used to scan internal and external environment of the house. SWOT analysis, reappraisal of organisational mission and aims, SFAS matrix, TOWS matrix, BCG matrix attack, GE concern screen and portfolio analysis are considered in the scheme preparation phase. Directors of the house implement the scheme through processs, budgets and plans.

Structure of the organisation plays a critical function in finding who should implement what degree of scheme. Enrolling the director so developing him harmonizing to scheme execution accomplishments is important. In rating and control, directors of the house find what needs to be measured and develop public presentation criterions. They monitor the public presentation, place the spread between existent and coveted public presentation and seek to make full out the spread by taking disciplinary actions like preparation and development of the employees or human capital of the house in order to fit them with indispensable accomplishments that are required to finish the undertaking. Control can be implemented in the signifier of input and behaviour control. Feedback plays an of import function in finding the appropriate steps for each phase ( Wheelen, Hunger and Rangarajan, 2004 ).

Human Resource Management

The procedure of human resource direction is related with the direction of human existences working in the house. There are five core activities of human resource direction that are recruitment, choice, preparation and development, wages and compensation and eventually public presentation assessments. A thorough occupation analysis is besides required before enrolling the people in the organisation. Transporting out human resource best direction patterns is necessary for the organisation because it is aimed to cut down the employee turnover ratio, engage best people for the places, and to cut down the opportunities of jurisprudence suits for know aparting and unjust human resource intervention. Human resource direction is germinating continuously. Thus the house needs to be aligned with current tendencies of human resource direction. Globalization for case is an emerging construct in enlisting and choice that allow selected people from distant countries to work for the house without the demand of conveying them physically to company ‘s location ( Dessler, 2008 ).

The HR Process

The human resource procedure involves assorted stairss to finish the HRM rhythm for illustration HR planning, enlisting and choice, preparation and development, compensation direction, public presentation assessment and direction and keeping relationships with employees. We discuss these elements separately below.

HR Planning

HR be aftering involves finding the demand of organisational staffing by categorising the managerial places and figure of skilled labour required. This undertaking is accomplished through making occupation analysis and fixing elaborate occupation descriptions. Job analysis undertaking is accomplished by carry oning interviews, make fulling out questionnaires, long observations and keeping logs. Some quantitative techniques are besides available. Resources available on Internet can play a positive function in carry oning occupation analysis. Job descriptions are developed after the occupation analysis. These are the statements about general undertakings and duties of a certain place. Job description besides states the public presentation criterions and working conditions. It states the relationship of place with other places in the endeavor ( Dessler, 2008 ).

Recruitment and Choice

Through the enlisting procedure, a house creates a pool of qualified campaigners. In the choice procedure, it selects the most appropriate individual from the group generated by recruitment procedure. Recruitment is a critical procedure that involves careful planning and rigorous human resource policies because it leads to the development of employer trade name. HR planning should be done in item in order to successfully travel through the enlisting procedure. There are two chief beginnings of enlisting i.e. internal enlisting and external enlisting. External enlisting can be accomplished through advertisement, employment bureaus and Internet. While internal enlisting is done through employee referrals which is the largest beginning of enlisting for concern houses in the universe. Concluding choice procedure is completed by choosing most appropriate campaigner by proving him with the aid of established tools like written trial, interviews, psychological and personality trials and physical scrutinies ( Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, and Cardy, 2009 ).

Training and Development

Training of an employee starts right after his choice. This is called orientation. Orientation is carried out at first to present the employees with civilization, nucleus concern, background and operations of the organisation. The intent of preparation and development is to better the public presentation and accomplishments of human resources of the organisation. Garavan, Costine, and Heraty ( 1995 ) categorized it into preparation, instruction and development. Training can be of any type like proficient or occupation related or interpersonal. Trainings on calling development are besides conducted for the employees. Issues related with preparation and development are nature, capable, cost and clip required for carry oning such plans. Training can be both internal and external. Online preparation plans are besides deriving rapid importance presents ( Jackson and Mathis, 2008 ).

Compensation and Wagess

Compensation and wagess are of many types. Compensation can be divided in classs of basic wage or rewards, variable wage and benefits. Reward is a wide nomenclature. It can be both pecuniary and non pecuniary. There are two chief doctrines of compensation division. One is entitlement doctrine which states that employee is entitled to pay rise if he worked another twelvemonth irrespective of the public presentation criterions that employee exhibited during last twelvemonth. Another one is public presentation doctrine which believes that wage should merely be raised merely if there is a difference between employees ‘ old and current public presentation. Maintaining internal and external equity is of import for the organisation while make up one’s minding the wage for assorted places. In add-on to pecuniary wagess, house should strategically be after giving non pecuniary wagess like grasp and employee of the month inducements. They help to increase the motive degree of employees ( Jackson and Mathis, 2008 ).

Performance Management and Appraisal

In this procedure, criterions, ends and aims are designed for the employees at the beginning. They have to run into the ends and aims staying in the certain criterions set for finishing the undertakings. At the terminal of the working twelvemonth the existent public presentation is compared with ends and aims set at the start of the twelvemonth. If the public presentation matches the set standards, new ends and public presentation criterions are established for the New Year. But if there is a spread in existent and coveted public presentation, the grounds for this spread are identified and tried to be eliminated.

There could be many grounds for the spread like deficiency of employee competences and accomplishments or deficiency of resources allocated etc. There are established methods through research to mensurate the public presentation and take the feedback from employees. Some of them are “ Paired Comparison Method, Graphic Rating Scale, Forced Distribution Method, Alternation Ranking Method, Annual confidential Report ( ACR ), Critical Incident Method, Narrative Forms, Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale and Management by Objective ( MBO ) ”. Web based and computerized public presentation assessment plans are besides deriving importance in the concern universe bit by bit. Main inquiries of assessment are presents that who should make the assessment and how to get the better of the jobs lifting from utilizing different assessment methods mentioned before ( Dessler, 2008 ).

Pull offing Employee Relationss

Most of import thing for pull offing employee relation is that the house should hold a sound know how of the employment Torahs and ordinances of the state in which the company is making concern. Laws related to rewards, work hours, industrial dealingss, torment and gender favoritism are besides of import to see. Taking attention of employee work safety and wellness issues, ethical behaviour in the workplace, subject and privateness issues and brotherhood direction issues is besides every bit imperative ( Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, and Cardy, 2009 ).

Strategic Role of HR

Consequences of the research of Yang ( 2008 ) suggested that HR capableness positively impacts the Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ). Importance of less response clip of employee to clients and good informed and right response is necessary for the house to win. Yang ( 2008 ) argued that this can be achieved by increasing HR capableness by raising the accomplishments and productive capacities of the workers. This survey shows the strategic function of pull offing human resource for organisational success. When a company gives weight to the preparation and development of the work force, it consequences in the long term benefit of the organisation. There should be a “ tantrum ” between a corporate scheme and HR scheme which is a functional degree scheme ( Holbeche, 2009 ).

Background for Strategic HR

Why houses want to strategically be after HR? Simple reply to this inquiry is that because of quickly altering concern ( economic, societal and legal ) environment, globalisation as expected by Ohmae ( 1985 ) that it will hold an consequence on all dimensions of life, volatility in consumer demands and rapid and tremendous alterations in engineering. For these grounds a house has to believe strategically on every concern facet in order to win. The organisation is in great demand of developing strategic HR because human resource is the plus who formulate and execute other schemes of the house finally taking to success or failure ( Dessler, 2008 ).

Developing HR Schemes

HR scheme is a functional degree scheme. It must be developed in conformity with concern and corporate degree schemes. From this we mean that HR scheme must be aligned with upper degree organisational schemes in order to be good for the house. This statement is consistent with that of Holbeche ( 2009 ) who besides argued that HR scheme and concern scheme must be contingent. For making the “ fit ” or fit between corporate and concern schemes and HR schemes, development procedure of HR schemes can be broken into the undermentioned stairss ( Holbeche, 2009 ).

Analyze the construction of organisation e.g. divisional or functional and find its civilization and direction manner e.g. level

Determine the accomplishments, competences and expertness of the people working in the organisation

Determine and analyse the human resource direction system and policies

The HR schemes should be developed to reflect other organisational policies and aims. HR schemes can be made on assorted HR issues like whether the house should engage low cost less skilled labour ( as of China ) or engage high cost but experienced and skilled labour. Whether it should engage persons for lasting work or engage squads on projected undertakings. Whether it should engage lasting employees or rent them from some other bureaus because periphery benefits are non to be paid to employees that are leased or hired temporarily. It is besides a important issue of present yearss due to globalization that whether a house should bring on diverse work force or people of the same race ( Wheelen, Hunger and Rangarajan, 2004 ). Harmonizing to the survey of Richard ( 2000 ), the houses with higher work force diverseness are more productive than houses with relatively low racial diverseness.

When an inimitable and effectual HR scheme is developed, it creates competitory advantage for the house. For case, in Toyota the work force diverseness is considered to be an advantage that is needfully achieved by developing competent HR scheme. Today, Strategic HR is faced with three challenges i.e. uninterrupted betterment, back uping productive corporate scheme and increasing human component in design every bit good as in executing and formation. High public presentation work systems should be established in order to carry through the strategic HR function ( Dessler, 2008 ).

Strategic direction has taken critical portion of concern planning at all degrees late. HR at lowest strategic degree requires more attending than any other functional country to develop schemes carefully because it deals with human capital which is responsible for overall success or failure of the organisation. Pull offing human resource strategically means taking every bit much benefit from them as possible and alining them with the corporate scheme. So the house should follow a sound HR scheme in order to vie in the modern concern environment.

ICT Schemes

There are dozenss of ways which could be used in drawing of an first-class IT scheme that could work for both ARAM CO and ABV Rock. There are assorted different types of ICT theoretical accounts which can lend to the effectivity of the company in many societal and economic ways which give rise to inclusion of more involvement in the human facet. An effectual scheme must be adopted to see both the hardware and package facets of the company to come up with the necessary sum of development and advancement within the substructure. The execution of the right ICT schemes can ensue in considerable advancement and the growing of leading and effectual abilities to undertake any emerging jobs head-on. There are many schemes and theoretical accounts which different companies look to worldwide on different degrees. One of the most of import schemes of this sector is the ISU theoretical account which would be discussed below

The ISU Model

The first technique which would be used is known as ISU ( Information System Use ) theoretical account. Basically this theoretical account has a set of concepts on which it works upon. There are two degrees of cringles in this theoretical account. The outer circle is on the schemes that are being implied where as the inner set works upon the tactics which would be used. Senior direction regulations the outer circle where as the proficient staff works in the interior circle and both of these cringles are inter-connected through the in-between direction and that is largely the information resource officer. The Venn diagram of those two cringles is as follows:

The cringle starts clock wise from top left and its sequence is in the undermentioned flow:

Briefing for scheme histrions. Strategy histrions can be defined as the disposal which is found in top circle.

Statement of regulations for the development of IT

Specific Strategies implied for

Information Technology

Information Systems

Information Jobs

Information resources

Design, execution and support of cardinal line and staff functions that includes:

Information Resource Manager

Information Resource Officer

Systematic acquisition, which helps us come ining the following cringle

Coming towards the following cringle which is the tactical circle, this cringle includes:

Study loops for the information staff

Design circle. This is the participative version of the design squad which is included in the outer circle

Again design, execution and support for the callings that revolve around the following occupations:

Constructive users

Everyday users


Some Detail Points about the ISU Model

Above all the major points about the ISU theoretical account have been discussed. As the 2nd cringle ends the ISU theoretical account enters the 3rd cringle so it goes on and on but merely two cringles are deserving adverting. As everyone knows that the ISU theoretical account is largely about how IT functions are fitted into a company and its desirable bounds. This is chiefly because of the ground that there is certain sum of imperialism and cultural political relations which is ever present in the information processing sections. This happens because non proficient staff defers and proficient staff claims its authorization over proficient issues, and this consequences into holding IT schemes and IT undertakings thrown into the nowhere zone. As these thoughts or undertakings are abandoned by the directors who are non good plenty to manage them to those who can merely be casted as technically qualified. And solution to this is the techie filter. In the header below this filter has been discussed in item.

The tekki filter

As the name suggests, the basic function of this is to filtrate out the people who may hold proficient accomplishments but lack the needed administrative accomplishment and so integrate the needed abilities into them by giving them developing and smoothing the abilities that they already possess. The filter can hold different results which can be looked upon. Here both proficient plus administrative accomplishments have been tried in a combination, so that the information rhythm could be complete. This measure can be achieved when choosing people for occupation or by giving them developing where they lack. Largely those occupations are of IROs or IRMs. Technical work has ne’er been the issue when it comes to this technique ; pull offing the progress and retreat of the boundary has ever been of import duty of IROs in their undertaking pull offing function.

Here both ARAM CO and ABV Rock Company have people who are extremely technically qualified in their field. It can be said that developing about pull offing a undertaking could be given to those technicians who can manage the IT sector more expeditiously so they have done in the yesteryear.

These trifles can more easy be understood by the diagram given below.

Thursday tekki domain.bmp

The Practice of ISU theoretical account

There are three major facets that are of import to be discussed when it comes to the practical execution of the ISU theoretical account. Those three facets are as follows:

Educational Development and Training: this provides a basic thought to the people working in the company about constructs and the representation for the construction of the theoretical account

Progressive, systematic and expressed polish of apprehension: acquisition this provides a methodological attack about how to implement an organisational system. “ A soft systems attack ”.

Acquisition of increased options in action: this facet provides us the cardinal note to the operative manner and some more in deepness lineations.

All these facets and some more are besides clearly explained in the figure below


Human Resource and IT strategies merged

IT and HR merged.bmp

Merging is looked upon otherwise in both IT and Human Resource sections. As Human Resource may hold to cover with the alterations which have to be made in the fiscal facet and at the same clip taken attention of the old and new employee concerns about their payment alterations. IT comes in such a state of affairs in this manner that when drastic alterations are taking topographic point in the company ; the Human Resource section has to be able to efficaciously pass on with different employees at all the degrees involved in the alterations being made. Through peculiar steps the IT section can assist pull off the communications more efficaciously, assisting the other sections in avoiding many possible fusss

As the above given illustration of the ISU theoretical account besides suggests, when IT and Human Resources are combined we come up with a whole new attack while remaining on familiar evidences. Information Resources, a combination of Human Resources and Information Technology helps the company utilizing this theoretical account to manage a broad array of facets more expeditiously and efficaciously. Through this new angle the people working behind the managerial desk become straight involved with the people behind the proficient operations.

Therefore, we come up with three extremely effectual countries of involvement. Information engineering, Information systems and information occupations are the consequences which give extremist control over the information sector every bit good as handling of the internal model of employee systems and the proficient facets of the assorted occupations the company is supplying. The occupations system can efficaciously command the employee to employee every bit good the employee to director communicating. This gives the visual aspect of a tightly knit substructure which, due to better apprehension of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done leads to faster growing and more likely work capacity and potency.

Other theoretical accounts may be considered when looking at the incorporate capablenesss of IT and Human Resources, but the ISU theoretical account particularly because of its intra concern scheme has the most desirable results.


IT capableness can associate the “ front office ” where things like gross revenues, selling, and client service are traveling to the services of an organisation with the “ back office ” where services like fiscal, operations, logistics and human resources are being commenced. Therefore, IT capableness expands the traditional client service attack which is traveling door to door for feedback of the client to a new degree by adding engineering tools such as the Internet into the overall company e-commerce applications. This will cut down costs on different degrees every bit good as employee degrees. It is no uncertainty that IT has given a new definition to the significance of communicating, interaction and the ISU theoretical account gives a really elaborate image of how to implement information engineering in the company, by unifying human resource with information engineering one can anticipate admirations from an organisation. It is apparent from all of the above given statements that this attack should be widely utilized for the fast advancement of any new or old good established company.

Both ARAM CO and ABV Rock should see the meeting of their human resources with Information engineering non merely at the administrative degree but besides at the proficient degree. If the proficient staff has the apprehension of the use of human resources plus information engineering so work of both the direction and disposal would be much easier when a undertaking that would necessitate great sum of IT aid would be in forepart of these companies


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