Aline's Journey Essay

Jake’s Journey It was in the middle of july, Jake was lying in his bed trying to sleep but he couldnt, too much noise outside. A riot was in progress, everything was very loud and you could hear police sirens in the distance, Jake’s family were outside rioting with the rest of the town, Jake fell asleep till his dad rushed into his room telling him to pack up the most important stuff, they had to go. Jake was shocked and quickly packed his teddybear, he had gotten the teddybear by his grandmom before she died, it was the most important thing to him, his best friend.

Jake’s mom took him in the hand and ran outside, you could see the blue lights and hear the sirens from the police cars rushing to his neighbourhood, they ran towards the harbor. Jake was very confused and was tired, they arrived at the harbor where a boat was waiting, out the boat came Jake’s uncle Jimmy, it was his boat. They got on the boat and set sail for America, it was a long trip to the states, it was a calm night with the fullmoon shining brightly, Jake’s still dindt know why they had to go, he tried to put it out of his mind and just try to relax.

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Aline's Journey Essay
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A storm roared in the distance, his dad finally told him why they had to go, they had to go because in the middle of the riot a man was murdered and his dad was blamed, that’s why they had to go. Jake dindt understand it very well but was glad to finally have gotten away from Cuba, he was looking forward to living the american dream that his father had been talking about, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

A big bump woke up Jake, it was like the boat was hit by a bomb, his mom and dad yelled and tried to get him onto the floating debris, the boat had hit a rock and started taking in water, everyone was allright but they had no idea where they were or how they would get away, they drifted around in the sea for a while until rough winds started picking up, it got colder and they were thrown around by the big waves.

Thunder started roaring and in the middle of all the chaos Jake’s mother was thrown away from the little piece of wood that kept them afloat, they tried looking for her but she was gone, in the distance Jake’s dad saw shark fins starting to apear. The storm quiet down, but they still had a problem, shark fins kept showing up around them, they tried not to splash and just be completely silent, Jake closed his eyes for a moment and blacked out, he woke up after a couple of seconds and his uncle was gone, he started screaming and his father tried to comfort him, he still had his teddybear in his hand.

Jake dozed away in sleep, he slept for a couple of hours, woke up to the sound of seagulls and a old man asking if they were okay, he dindt understand it very well, he looked around to see if his dad was still with him but he wasnt, he was all by himself. Jake was taken by police to a local orphanage, everything had colors, everybody smiled, he was finally happy.


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