All about the planet Mars

Question Answer
In what position is Mars from the Sun? 4th
Mars is the _________biggest planet. 7th
Mars is ______ the size of the tip of a ball point pen. 1/10
Mars is known as the what planet? Red Planet
What is the largest volcano in the solar system? Olympus Mons
What is found on Mars' surface? craters, valleys, deserts
The atmosphere is Mars is what percent carbon dioxide? 96%
Dust storms occur when Mars is closest to what? Sun
What is the temperature at the poles of Mars? -196?F
Day-time temperatures can reach what on Mars? 70?F
Night-time temperatures on Mars can reach what? -100?F
What are the names of Mars' two moons? Deimos ; Phobos
How many Earth days does it take for Mars to revolve around the sun? 687 days
How long is a day on Mars? 24 hours, 40 minutes
There can be no life on Mars because of what 3 things? too cold, radiation, frozen surface

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