All about the planet Mercury

Question Answer
What position is Mercury from the sun? 1st
Mercury is the __________ biggest planet. 8th
If the sun were the size of a golf ball, what would the size of Mercury be? 1/10 the size of the tip of a ball point pen
The surface of Mercury is covered with what? craters
What is the name of Mercury's atmosphere? exosphere
What do day-time temperatures on Mercury reach? 800?F
What do night-time temperatures on Mercury reach? -280?F
How many moons does Mercury have? zero
In the northern hemisphere, when can you see Mercury? right after sunset
About how many Earth days does it take for Mercury to revolve around the sun? 88 days
About how many Earth days are equal to one day on Mercury? 59 days
Why can Mercury not have life on its planet? there is no water, extreme temperatures, and asteroids

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