All about the planet Venus

Question Answer
What position from the sun is the planet Venus? 2nd
Venus is the ___________ biggest planet. 6th
If the sun were the size of a golf ball, what would the size of Venus be? 1/4 the tip of a ball point pen
The surface of Venus has many _________ and __________. craters ; volcanoes
The atmosphere of Venus is… very dense
What is the largest volcano on Venus called? Maat Mons
Venus' pressure is ______ times of the Earth's atmosphere 93%
What can day-time temperatures reach on Venus? 864?F
Night-time temperatures are the same as day-time temperatures due to what? strong winds
Why is Venus known as the hottest planet? its atmosphere traps in heat
How many moons does Venus have? zero
How many Earth days does it take Venus to orbit the sun? 225
How many Earth days is equal to one day on Venus? 243
What makes is difficult for Venus to sustain life? dense atmosphere ; volcanoes

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