All the important dates in the Astronomy Timeline Booklet

Term Definition
1920-1929 Robert H. Goddard experimented wit liquid fuels, and showed that liquid could provide continuous power.
1950-1959 & 1960-1969 (50's&60's) The development of multistage rockets made it possible to send rockets to the moon and farther into space.
1950-1959 Soviet Union launched the 1st artificial satellite in orbit around Earth.
1950-1959 Thousands of artificial satellites have been in orbit
1950-1959 USA launched Explorer 1 into orbit.
1960-1969 Yuri Gagarin, a Soviet cosmonaut orbited Earth becoming the 1st person in space.
1960-1969 The USA and Soviet Union sent dozens of rockets to explore the moon.
1970-1979 Developed 1st reusable space shuttles.
1970-1979 Soviet Union launched Salyut
1970-1979 USA launched Skylab
1970-1979 NASA developed the reusable space shuttle
(National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
1970-1979 The USA and Soviet Union sent rockets to the moon to explore
1980-1989 Launched the 1st space station
1980-1989 Launched Mir space stations

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