Allegory of the Cave Expository Sample Essay

Everybody has heard the expressions with the significances of ignorance is bliss and you ne’er know what you have until you lose it. but many people have non had them really use to their lives. In Fahrenheit 451. The Truman Show. and Plato’s The Republic. the characters genuinely know the significance of the quotation marks because they live them. The characters Truman. the captive. and Montag in the three narratives who escaped the “cave” were better off in their universe prior to get awaying because they were happier. they suffered hurting go outing the bogus universe. and they were non in every bit much danger ( appositional phrase ) .

Some people could state the characters were justified in go forthing the cave. They did derive more cognition after all. They knew much more after they came into the light than earlier. They found out the truth which was positive because it is normally good to cognize what is true instead than false. And they were more independent people afterwards. They didn’t have to trust on the other people in their life such as the people doing shadows in The Republic. Christof in The Truman Show. and the authorities in Fahrenheit 451.

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Allegory of the Cave Expository Sample Essay
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Although the characters found truth and cognition. Montag and Truman were happier in their nescient life. When Montag worked as a fireman firing books. he “grinned the ferocious grin” of all work forces who liked their occupations ( 4 ) . He was satisfied with his life and his working as a fireman ( gerund phrase. object of preposition ) . After he found out books were so good. he was unhappy. aggressive. and in danger for his life. Besides. after Clarisse asked if Montag was happy or non. “he felt his smile slide away” and he realized “he was non happy” ( 10 ) . Montag was blissful before Clarisse asked that inquiry. but the inquiry made him melancholy. He merely realized he was non happy after he started his journey out of the cave. In Plato’s fable of the cave. after he escaped the cave he “will non be excessively ready to laugh” because he was unhappy and had difficultly seeking to believe anything that was being said ( Plato ) ( infinitive phrase ) . The ex-prisoner felt betrayed and mislead since he had been accidentally lied to and he found out about it ( participle ) . If he hadn’t left the cave. he would’ve still been happy. All of the characters were happy before they left their bogus universes. but they grew unhappy afterwards.

Equally good as being awfully dismal. the captive. Truman. and Montag faced hurting during their acclivity to the upper universe. Montag fought with his married woman about how “ [ Beatty ] might come and fire the house and the ‘family’” ( 73 ) . Cipher likes contending. particularly with a loved one like a partner. Montag suffered much hurting over his matrimony and how Mildred didn’t have the same beliefs as him. Truman suffered hurting when he found his male parent on the street when he was purportedly dead. He had non of all time suffered that much hurting before the acclivity because the manager controlled the sum of hurting he had to digest. The captive who escaped the cave would “suffer crisp pains” and “the blaze will straiten him” when he started the acclivity to the upper universe ( Plato ) . When he lived in a universe of darkness. he did non endure any hurting from his sight. so he should hold stayed in the cave to forestall him from any hurting. All three of them should hold stayed in their “caves” because cipher wants to endure.

A beginning of hurting was really physical hurting inflicted by environing characters to Truman. Montag. and the captive who escaped were in less danger before they escaped the “cave” . Montag had to fire the firemen and the hound because it was “burn them. or they’ll burn [ Montag ] ” ( 123 ) . In order to non acquire killed. Montag had to kill other people. Before he started to support books. he was non in danger of being killed on intent. In another case. Montag was shot at by constabulary and random people including a shooting “fired by an unseeable rifle” ( 127 ) . This put his life in hazard. He ne’er would hold been shot at before he was marked a felon for happening out the truth about books. Truman was about killed by Christof when he was seeking to get away the cave. Truman was sailing to the wall and Christof sent a immense storm tumbling Truman off the border of the boat and about submerging him. Christof ne’er would hold done that before Truman had tried to get away the set of the show. The characters could hold been unnecessarily killed or injured for seeking to happen out the truth when they would hold been safe in their bogus universe.

In all three narratives. the characters get awaying their bogus universe should hold stayed in their bogus universe. They would hold been happier. would non hold had to endure hurting. or be in unsafe state of affairss. In general. a individual is better off remaining where they came from. The characters should’ve followed the stating “bloom where you’re planted. ”


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