Alternative research methods and sampling strategies Essay

3.5.2 Alternate Research Methods

Online questionnaires have been conducted for this survey, as it turned out to be the best method to garner the information needed. This is because other informations aggregation methods such as interviews and concentrate groups were non executable as the participants had a really busy programme and couldn’t make an assignment to see them and roll up the information face to face. Harmonizing to Kahn and Cannell, ( 1957 ) cited in 2007 ) interviews are a purposeful treatment between two or more people. The usage of interviews can assist in the assemblage of valid and dependable informations that are relevant to a research inquiry. The advantage of interviews is that they allow for account ( Bryman and Burgess, 1994 ) but besides let for persons who possess particular cognition who are willing to portion their cognition with person else ( Crabtree and Miller, 1999 ; Heeley, 2003 ) . However, this method could non be implemented as the possible interviewees had a busy programme and acted as an obstruction to finish this sort of method.

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Alternative research methods and sampling strategies Essay
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On the other manus, focal point groups are groups of people who have been brought together to discourse a specific subject in deepness. A moderator normally leads the treatment of the group which is normally made up from 4-6 or 7-10 people (, 2006 ) . Focus groups are a really utile tool for roll uping relevant and dependable informations. The treatment allows the moderator to look into complex behaviors such as what different people think about a certain subject and why they hold such positions. ibid ) continues proposing that a cardinal advantage of this type of treatment is that it can be really originative with different people sitting in a relaxed environment. In add-on, for this survey, focal point groups were hard to carry on as it would be hard to convey the group together and hard to entree them

Therefore the most suited manner to carry on the research was by utilizing on-line questionnaires. The research purpose and the aims of the survey have led in the usage of questionnaires as it would assist in the assemblage of effectual and consistent informations as these questionnaires were distributed to people who possess particular cognition in the field of direction. Nevertheless, utilizing intranet-mediated questionnaires it helped in the control of the state of affairs and command the order of the inquiries and stick to the research subject as with the alternate methods, information could be irrelevant and flight from the chief topics. The procedure of carry oning the participants was by sing them in Cyprus at their offices. The research worker intended to make face to confront interview, but this was non possible due to the fact that the possible interviewees had tonss of work to make and it has been hard to happen clip and set up an assignment for the interviews to be made. Therefore, the following thing that the research worker did was by carry oning them by telephone, allowing them know who the research worker was and what was seeking to accomplish in the research survey. Then the research worker informed them that they would have a questionnaire to their electronic mails and kindly asked them to reply the questionnaire.

3.5.3 Research Instrument Design

The research instrument for this survey as stated before was intranet mediated questionnaires as the informations aggregation method. Intranet-mediated questionnaire is like an on-line questionnaire. The rise in internet use and computer-mediated communicating has had an impact on the research community ( Wright, 2005 cited in Skiadas C, 2010 ) . Possibly the most evident advantage of utilizing on-line questionnaires is cost, clip and the remotion of geographical and temporal boundaries ( Wright, 2005 ; O’Neill, 2004 ) . Harmonizing to O’Neill ( 2004 ) there is grounds to propose that on-line questionnaires obtain a higher figure of responses than paper based questionnaires. However, some of the disadvantages of utilizing on-line questionnaire are the deficiency of respondents with internet entree, non everyone has internet entree and the accomplishments to utilize the cyberspace but besides the deficiency of support of elucidation of the inquiries ( Kenneth and James, 2013 ) .

However, the employees of the administration managed to reply the intranet mediated questionnaire and direct it back to the research worker. The questionnaire was dwelling of closed inquiries ( see Appendix A ) in the signifier of multiple pick so that it would be easier for the respondents to reply. Intranet mediated questionnaires are normally directed in one of two ways via electronic mail or via a web site (, 2003 ) . For this survey the research worker chosen to direct the questionnaires via electronic mail and the assurance that the right individual would react has been achieved. Another ground for taking intranet mediated questionnaire was to make peculiar individuals as respondents. Furthermore, the questionnaire was divided into two subdivisions. First one being the Finance Sector and the 2nd 1 is the Business Performance Section. The research worker intended to make a respondent from the finance section and another from the business’s operations section. The first measure to carry on the research was to acquire in touch with the organisation’s employees and inform them that they will have an electronic mail from the research worker including some instructions on how to reply the questionnaire. After this procedure, the questionnaires have been send and the research worker allowed clip to the respondents to reply the questionnaire. In this instance, the research worker had a list of inquiries that needed to be covered and the procedure of placing these inquiries and subjects were straight linked to the research survey but besides to the literature themes. This means that from each subject ( Finance and Business Perfomance Sections ) the research worker could research different facets required in order to accomplish and run into the purpose and the aims of the survey ( Saunders, 2007 ) .The inquiries included in the intranet mediated questionnaire were based on the research aims and the first subdivision of the intranet mediated questionnaire was based on Finance. These inquiries arise from the ratio analysis and the 2nd subdivision which is the Business Performance was chiefly focused on the operations of CYTA and the competition within the Telecommunications Industry.

3.6Sampling scheme

The sampling scheme that will be implemented for this survey is purposive trying. Purposive sampling enables the research worker to utilize his judgement to choose instances that will outdo enable him to reply the research purpose and run into the aims ( Saunders, 2007 ) . Neuman ( 2000 ) cited in 2007 ) , suggests that ‘this signifier of sample is frequently used when working with really little samples and when the instances are peculiarly informative.’ Therefore the method of taking the participants will be harmonizing to the information that the research inquiries were seeking to determine. Since the instance survey is based on CYTA it is best to garner information from the organisation’s fiscal section since those people are experts in this field and will hold the cognition to portion their ideas.


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