Alzheimer’s Disease Research Paper Essay

“Five million people in America have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. and one in three seniors will decease because of this disease of another signifier of dementia” ( Lawrence Robinson ) . Alzheimer’s is a disease that bit by bit worsens with clip. and is incurable. This atrocious disease is besides familial and can do a household much hurting.

I’ve experienced Alzheimer’s first manus. My gramps was diagnosed in April of 2007 and passed off April of 2012. It was a long a twist journey and I remember all the phases of his unwellness truly good. The first mark of Alzheimer’s is memory loss. particularly burying late learned information. I remember like it was yesterday. The first clip my grandfather did something strange that raised a ruddy flag.

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Alzheimer’s Disease Research Paper Essay
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Maine and my brother were remaining with our grandparents one weekend I was 11 and my brother 15. One dark me maw told us cats ( me. my brother and grandfather ) to acquire some nutrient she had ordered from a topographic point called Abe’s that we were oh so familiar with. We got in the truck and headed down the route. transporting on conversation we didn’t even recognize that we had passed our finish. The truck stopped at Poppies. puzzled I asked what we are making here. My grandfather looked back at me and explained that we were picking up dinner. I laughed and said we are supposed to travel to Abe’s. He gave me a existent dumfounded expression and said Lashkar-e-Taibas travel indoors. He proceeded to travel to the counter and asked for our order that me maw had placed we begged him to acquire in the auto we looked so stupid. Finally my brother got my grandma on the phone and handed it to him.

She chewed him out. like a Canis familiaris with his tail between his legs he walked out we followed suite. At that clip in my life I had non the slightest hint of any mental unwellness such Alzheimer’s but I’m reasonably certain my brother did. He stared out the window. non stating a word the whole manner back as me and grandpa laughed and giggled about the incident.

Throughout my research I have found that “Alzheimer’s is familial and in some surveies say it skips a generation” ( Mayo Clinic staff ) . In my instance could be me that inherits this disease. Knowing what I know now I’ll have check-ups yearly. non because I’m scared of deceasing but for the quality of life I may populate. “Alzheimer’s onslaughts four of the 23 chromosomes in a human’s organic structure. It is similar to Down syndrome merely go oning in a ulterior age” ( Jon Glass ) . In the drama we are speaking about. in my sentiment Willy has this disease and can be of import because one of his boies could inherit it. I find it unusual that no 1 in Willy’s household is concerned or wants to take him to a physician to happen out what’s traveling on.

Alzheimer’s disease is a really barbarous unwellness and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. I’ve seen the things that monster of a thing can make to the sick. and the loved 1s caring for the victim. I’ve learned the best thing to make is to acquire aid. be patient and love the ailment unconditionally.


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