is a multinational ecommerce company Essay is a transnational Ecommerce company, which was founded by Jeff Bezos who is considered to be one of the universe ‘s top advanced executives. started as an online bookshop and expanded with clip to sell about everything. The function of information system in this company is a prima function, because the company is an on-line retail merchant. The company started as an online shop for books to quickly spread out to sell everything such us beauty points, car parts, dress, electronics and food markets.

Amazon has started as an on-line book retail merchant and subsequently on has grown to sell merchandises such as VHS, DVD, Computer package, furniture, nutrient, music Cadmiums and playthings. The company has besides been able to establish web sites in different states such as United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan and Germany. By 2001 the market topographic point of Amazon has been launched to enable Amazon ‘s clients to sell used books, DVD ‘s and CD ‘s

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Amazon ‘s logo shows an pointer that stretches from A to Z, which besides forms a smiling to bespeak Amazon ‘s attention for clients ‘ satisfaction.

eBay on the other manus is one of Amazon ‘s rival online companies. has been an advanced company in its sphere ; therefore it attracted tonss of competition from different companies. eBay as an illustration is a really strong rival. It is the figure one online auction web site. It recruited more than 15000 employees. Just like Amazon, eBay provides clients with comprehensive web services such as:

Search via keyword or phrase.

Submit new points.

Re-list points.

Provides information about certain marketer or bidder.

eBay is considered to be the largest online trading company in the universe. It was founded in 1995 to go one of the most popular online shopping sites in the universe. It has over 100 million registered users internationally. It allows purchasers and Sellerss from the around the word to ease gross revenues of services and merchandises and organize a diverse international community.

In order for users to be able to reassign money to Sellerss, eBay started up Pay Pal, which became the universe ‘s largest online bank. Until 2005, eBay has enjoyed a decennary of on-line auction monopoly. Right now it is challenged by Google and it is no longer the universe ‘s lone on-line auction community.

Information system:

Amazon uses an information system ( MIS ) that focuses on the client provider relationship. It focuses on increasing familiarity between clients and providers. Amazon uses a sophisticated Information system and sophisticated techniques that allow Amazon to standardise the procedures it uses in order to give clients high fulfilling experiences. The web site opens up with a hunt saloon where clients can type down their coveted point and so be able to sift through the information base where the point and similar points can be found. The client one time happening the coveted point can give the option of telling the point and purchase it through recognition card or gift verifiers that can be purchased through cashu. Once the point is shipped, the client can have it within few yearss up to few hebdomads depending on the finish required. Unlike its rivals, does non ship points through warehouses owned by the company. Books for illustration are shipped straight from publishing houses ; hence, warehouses are non needed. These systems are managed by different technological appliers in order to assist Amazon ‘s employees work with efficiency. Once a client places an order, the direction system would get down working on reserving the point, schedule the cargo, do bills and update the client ‘s history and record. Amazon uses TPS ( Transaction Processing Systems ) in the procedure of the dealing done, as in one time picking up the figure of points needed the web site calculates the entire sum. It can besides be seen in the readying of bills. DSS ( Decision Support System ) in Amazon can be seen in how Amazon presents its clients with the opportunity to take points from a best merchandising list added to the place page. It is besides implemented in a service provided by the web site called “Look inside the book” . Customers are left with the pick to do a determination in purchasing a specific book or non by taking a expression at random pages of the content of the book. It can besides be seen in the type of cargo that is considered appropriate for the client. ESS ( Executive support system ) is seen in the executives managing of questions and replying inquiries of clients. Amazon uses its ain customized database called Amazon S3 ( Amazon Simple Storage Service ) . It is predicted that with clip, this system will take the topographic point of Prophet databases because it is simple and less expensive.

On the other manus, eBay utilizations Business 2 Business ( B2B ) information system. eBay works through a individual 2 individual procedure. Customers can seek for points via eBay and so straight reach the marketer by negociating the monetary value with other purchasers. B2B can be seen through the manner procedures are made. Customers are in direct contact with purchasers and the dealing and money transportation occurs through PayPal, which is an single web site by itself-though it is to the full owned by eBay- . eBay has a monolithic prophet database that includes over 200 million registered users, two PBs of informations,


Amazon takes the privateness of its clients really earnestly. It is true that it keeps a profile about its clients harmonizing to what they buy and what points they are interested in, but it does non sell information about its clients to other companies. It besides verifies the monetary value of the point ordered to guarantee points are non mispriced. This is done to guarantee the satisfaction of the clients.

Amazon manages knowledge through leting clients to be able to see pages of the books desired for purchase. On the other manus, clients can non reexamine a whole book nor can they publish the pages. Customers are merely allowed to reexamine images of the reviewed pages and non the existent page. This method has been used by Amazon to forestall misdemeanor of right of first publications every bit good as manage cognition.

E-CRM ( E-Customer Relationship Management ) can be easy seen on ‘s web page. Amazon uses E-CRM by proposing points to the clients based on old purchases. As an illustration, antecedently I have bought the Kindle reading device through This image shows recommended points other clients with similar purchases have bought. The 2nd portion besides shows books that I might be interested in. 2010. Today ‘s Recommendations For You. [ ONLINE ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // ie=UTF8 & A ; ref_=pd_irl_gw & A ; signIn=1. [ Accessed 05 May 10 ] .

Amazon has besides provided its clients with particular characteristics. They are:

  • Merchandises and pricing information retrieval.
  • Customer reappraisals.
  • Wish lists retrieval.
  • Performing simple and advanced hunts.
  • Updating Shoping carts.

eBay ‘s repute of being the biggest on-line auction house in the universe has attracted hackers and fraudsters who find it easier to entree illegal information about clients and their histories. This led felons to sell fraud and sell knock-off and bogus points. eBay works difficult on observing fraud activities on its web site and considers this as its nucleus activity of its concern in order to supply its clients with safety and security. eBay uses whois sphere in order to supply its clients with the highest security system. wikipedia. 2010. WHOIS. [ ONLINE ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // [ Accessed 23 May 10 ]

eBay uses whois to contend cozenage and phishing issues because of an epidemic cozenage that occurred few old ages back. The swindlers used phishing electronic mails that seemed to come from a trusty companies inquiring for clients ‘ fiscal information. With whois system, eBay was able to observe 1000s of phishing onslaughts ( 1125 in 2005 ) .

Management challenges:

Amazon has a competitory border that shows its concern with its clients. This can be seen through doing the shopping experience merriment and easy for Amazon ‘s clients. Most of the online shopping criterions were innovated by Amazon. One of the most obvious illustrations is the 1 chink system, which allows returning clients to shop utilizing one chink alternatively of being forced to re-enter their information and payment method. has thought of a very intelligent thought to increase gross revenues on the web site. This has been done through contriving Kindle. Customers can buy books for their kindle merely through the web site, and this can increase the gross revenues of books sold on

eBay has a celebrated issue with “glitches” on its web site. Many clients have been kicking about this issue for old ages. In 2009, the web site had a whole twenty-four hours bug and Sellerss suffered from losingss. What these bugs do is that they disable hunt for points for a period of clip. At some point, a bug was responsible to cancel an 11 old ages old history of a dependable user. Dan Goodin. 2007. The Register. [ on-line ] Available at: hypertext transfer protocol: // . [ Accessed May 25th 10 ]

Online/offline communicating:

It seems that takes it clients ‘ demands and satisfaction really earnestly. Amazon controls all operations between clients and sellers. Customers order the needed merchandises through Amazon, while Amazon contacts the specific seller for the merchandise, the client does non hold a direct connexion with the seller. This type of communicating is an on-line communicating, because the client ‘s whole dealing occurs through Customers are non transferred to the seller ‘s home page. The dealing does non happen through the seller ‘s home page every bit good. The whole procedure is done to the full via, even the concluding payments and bringing systems. Even though cargos are done through sellers, has given instructions that all packaging happens in a specific manner. Hence, the bundles and boxes. Cargos can besides be tracked through Amazon alternatively of pass oning with the seller straight. This proves that uses in on-line communicating service with its clients, because it controls all the dealing get downing from giving the client picks for a merchandise and stoping with the merchandise ‘s bringing, exchange and refunding.

eBay works as a agent between Sellerss and purchasers. Buyers and bidders can put their orders via eBay. Sellers ship points to the highest bidder, which means that eBay does non command the procedure of cargo or money dealing. Money is transferred straight to the marketer through PayPal. This means that eBay is non involved in the procedure, because Sellerss control the procedure get downing from make up one’s minding the monetary value of the merchandise and stoping with the transportation of the merchandise.

Knowledge Management:

There are two types of cognition direction, the usual cognition direction and Customers ‘ cognition direction. Amazon uses Customers ‘ cognition direction, because it is more efficient and advanced. Directors in are cognizant of the fact that clients are more knowing than the company can recognize. Knowledge is a cardinal to competitiveness. Knowledge is managed through Amazon by actuating clients to portion their cognition by supplying merchandises reappraisals, clients order histories, suggestions based on client ‘s anterior orders. Amazon allows cognition to be exchanged through its clients instead than maintaining it within the company. The cognition does non acquire lost this manner because the more clients the company has, the more cognition it additions.

eBay manages knowledge through supplying directors with the playbook construct and supplying eBay clients with Whois. Playbook construct is about cognizing the stairss needed for success. It allows directors to take the necessary stairss that would let eBay to turn every bit fast as the directors want. Playbook works in puting the suited conditions of electronic trading in order to let certain countries to boom and turn. Playbook consists of 100s of web pages that include information that are considered to be a corporate of wisdom for all eBay directors worldwide. It consists of updated subjects about on-line selling and direction classs.

eBay has besides provided its clients with free available Whois informations base so they can look into the legitimacy of web sites that are forwarded to them that may be portion of a phishing cozenage. This database provides them with information about web sites, if the information is wrong, so it means that this web site is portion of a phishing cozenage. This comes under both eCRM and knowledge direction, because it is a service presented to the clients that allow them to place swindlers while at the same clip it provides them with the cognition about which web site is secure and which website is a fraud.


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