Ambition 7 Essay

Ambition is an eager and sometimes an exorbitant desire for elevation, honor, power, supremacy or simply the achievement of something. The origin of this word comes from the word “ambicioun” and explains the yearning for money and wealth or power in general. Ambition is basically an instinct. No matter what background or age you are, you are surely ambitious in any way. This eagerness is not only a driving force for both individuals and society but could also end in a fiasco. We set our goals and try to achieve them being ambitious.

Sometimes trying to reach our goals is a risky undertaking but only through this we find our talents and get more mature. To me ambition is really important when it comes to my family and my friends. I usually don’t want to reach a goal or try to achieve something for myself but rather to make others happy. I am not a very ambitious person when concerning homework, exams or school in general and I certainly know that this is not a very good attitude but it is simply a result of my laziness. To me it is extremely important to make others happy, to see them smile and be proud of me.

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Ambition 7 Essay
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Sometimes certain things like my family or my best friend let me go far beyond my own limits and after I have achieved something, which I thought I could never get to, I feel awesome. But after this wears off I feel empty because the ambition drove me to the height of my abilities and right after I reached the top I simply lose the feeling and feel ordinary. Don’t you ever ask yourself why people who are really successful are as successful as they are? I do. And a little while ago, after my geography teacher gave us a list of the richest people in the world, I did a research on successful and rich people on the Internet.

I was really astonished after reading some of the biographies of these rich people. There were only three reasons for why they are successful! First of all, they needed an ambition, a goal, and a destination. Ambition was important because it gave them a purpose in their life. The goal was the essence of the ambition and helped them to be organized and follow a certain plan to achieve the goal and the achievement of the goal is the destination. To me, being ambitious means to visualize and actualise life. We need to see hings at first and after a short glance we exactly know what we want. The wish itself will not make it come true but it helps us to be strong and underlines our ambition to accomplish what we want. Also important is having a good friend at your side who can push you and your ambition as well. Friends who are great and prosperous, not only concerning their balance in their bank account but rather their wealth of success, will make you change and will make you great. You should stay far, far away from people who try to put you down.

To become a so-called “high flyer” you need to listen to yourself, not to others. You simply have to follow your dreams. Wanting to realize your dreams and trying to be motivated you should spend a great deal of time with people who have a positive image and attitude. Today, you should only count on yourself. Sometimes you will find somebody who you can count on but these people are rare and hard to find. Trust in yourself and be persistent. Persistence makes everything possible or at least reachable and demonstrates ambition in its essence.

Nothing can really stop us from wanting and achieving what we want. The only thing, which is in the way most of the time, is oneself. We don’t really know which goals are achievable and which are just not worth to be achieved. My mom used to say, “If you can imagine something, you can always reach it! ”. But we should always keep in mind that we, ourselves, have to reach the goal with our own powers and possibilities. Cheating on something or somebody is cheating on ourselves. Sometimes our ambition is false and we are simply not supposed to reach a certain goal.

In Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and Goethe’s “Faustus” we can see how ambition can lead to total destruction and failure. Setting a goal which can’t be reached or which is false can cause much damage to friendships, relationships and to oneself. Macbeth’s ambition for instance caused a lot of trouble and destroyed many things. His wish to become king wasn’t wrong per say but he should have won his honor truthfully. Not only Shakespeare but also Goethe described ambition within his work. Dr. Faustus’ life is a way of illustrating ambition as well. He is an exceedingly ambitious man even in today’s society.

Goethe describes him as an ordinary man and emphasizes his background and academic success throughout the book. Dr. Faustus’ ambition was fired up by his intellect and his pride. Intellect and pride are playing a main role in our ambition but not only fictional characters are driven by ambition. People like Nelson Mandela and Sojourner Truth are perfect examples for ambition as a driving influence to do good, whereas Macbeth and Dr. Faustus are role models who strive for the wrong goals. Sojourner Truth for instance was a wonderful person with a courageous mind and strong ambition.

She had a major impact on the US today concerning color barriers and challenged justice wherever she thought it should be challenged. During my exchange to the US I learned a lot about this woman and was really amazed by what she achieved. To me she is the real example for a strong-minded person who was able to change everything around her without changing herself for others. I think everybody should be ambitious. Everybody should the ambition to do good and to help others by simply treating them the way we want to be treated.


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