Ambition to Aspiration Essay

Ambition Many people have different ambitions in life so the word ambition would have different definitions, depending on whom you ask. To me ambition is a burning (urge) desire to achieve your goals or succeed. Ambition is related to dedication, motivation and time. I have many ambitions to achieve in a set period of time. For example my education, I would like to complete my Bachelor’s in nursing (BSN) within three years. So time motivates me to achieve my ambitions.

Ambition in other words is the motive force needed to propel all of us to work towards our set cherished goals. It is the dynamic inner force that has led people from all walks of life to cleave to a new path, set a neAmbition can both make a person achieve things wonderful and beyond one’s natural abilities, and also have the power to corrupt and completely alter one’s sense of reality and morality. No where is this shown better and more apparent than in the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare.

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Ambition to Aspiration Essay
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The main theme of the play is the destruction that is brought about when ambition goes unchecked by moral constraints and is allowed to grow into an uncontrollable force of devastation. Ambition, in the play, is shown and reflected through the reoccurring image and motif of blood either in an honorable situation, which is more common in Macbeth’s early virtuousness and incorruptibility, or in a disturbing show of self-destructive and amoral character and behavior later in his experience.

The first display of ambition in the play is an extremely positive and honorable display among honorable men. This early sign is greatly exemplified by the image of blood. It is first touched upon in the second scene of the play when a hurt and mangled man rides up to King Duncan to report the state of a great warrior and the protagonist of the play, Macbeth. The King exclaims, “What bloody man is that? He can report, as seemeth by his plight, o w vision a


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