American jail Essay

Prejudice is defined as “a fondness that prevents nonsubjective consideration of an issue ( “Prejudice. ” 2005 ) . ” A individual may presume. for illustration. that all persons enduring from AIDS are foul and must be ignored ; or all Africans are stupid. The Nazis had likewise supposed that all Hebrews are worthless and stupid. and hence must be killed. As a affair of fact. bias can be based on gender. faiths. civilizations. geographical backgrounds. every bit good as race. Social psychologists define it as an attitude. It could be positive every bit good as negative. The positive type of bias is understood to ensue in the white privilege.

It may besides be directed at beautiful or rich people irrespective of colour. The negative attitude could likewise be directed at an person or an full society. Regardless. our attitudes known as biass are normally non founded in ground. Peoples who foster biass usually believe that they are right to hold negative attitudes toward certain persons or groups of people. Such people justify their biass by offering assorted illustrations to demo that they are right. A white adult male who has visited an American gaol may state that he knows that all African Americans are bad people because most of the people in gaol are African Americans.

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American jail Essay
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Racism – which is a signifier of a bias – therefore intellectualizes the negative attitude of people toward people. Racism is really defined as a belief system which states that persons can be superior to others on the footing of race. This theory has led to much force and race murder in the universe. Still. most people have preconceived impressions about other people with regard to their races. It takes a high degree of instruction. possibly. to believe in the indispensable equality of world.


Prejudice. ( 2005 ) . Wordnet: Princeton University Cognitive Science Lab.


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